Biden Raises $500K from Turks, Azeris

Vice President Biden attended a funraiser hosted by Turks and Azeris Friday

Vice President Joe Biden attended a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee and the Obama campaign Friday in Washington where 200 Turkish and Azeri donors turned out for the $2,500 a ticket event, reported The Hill.

According to The Hill, Biden extolled “Azerbaijan as country with tremendous potential. We want Azerbaijan to succeed in its goal of developing a modern democracy and becoming a regional leader,” he said before wrapping up his comments.

Read the entire article from The Hill.


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    • Tsayt said:

      Worse than an enemy you know is a friend you don’t know.


  1. Janine said:

    “Modern democracy” hahahaha….
    As in all these years he’s been supported by Armenian and Greek communities but now “modern democracy” will somehow magically appear in Azerbaijian

  2. Armanen said:

    Does this surprise anyone? Washington is full of political wh*res. And the Citizens United case only made things worse.

  3. Tsayt said:

    Someone should investigate wether the Azeri embassy bankrolled this fundraising party.

  4. Sultan Suleyman said:

    Great news! Keep up the good work Turkish and Azeri brothers!

  5. Wally the Robot said:

    “Going once, going twice, going three times! One soul sold to Lucifer for $500,000!”

    Interesting. What is new? What are they going to do? Sell military hardware and drone factories to Azerbaijan via Israeli firms using dual-use-technology? Oh…wait…they already did that. We caught them red handed.

    Do you pretend to ignore this or just do it to save face? Clearly, it is the latter, but at what point do you make the realization that it is not just a Armenian and Turkish problem, but a Armenian and Turkish problem that is purposely left unresolved to benefit economic growth? When is this evident? It seems clear as day what is going on.

  6. George said:

    Armenian’s NOW you know what’s going on, NO secret. Money Talks BS walks

  7. facts said:

    He is going to spent the blood money to pay $250 000 debt (at least) of Hilary Clinton´s campaign. H.C. being secretary of state is not able to ask for money but she is in the position to do other favors.. such as denial of historic facts and so on
    Since Clintons did everything to please Turkish lobby and Turkish government, Turks would be the only ´group willing to offer money to pay the debts of H. Clinton, who failed to become president candidate in 2009

  8. Hagop said:

    if this is the prize to not to mention the word genocide, Obama and Biden are cheap

  9. Haik Azad said:

    Aah,bad bad bidden,how could he do that???And please,dear Asbarez ungerner can you report how many millions of shamerican `armenians`s taxes go to help the wild turkeys and the azeris?Shnorhavor em!!!

  10. John Ahmaranian said:

    A major leader? Come on! Mr. Biden. A regional killer! Haven’t you heard about the killing of three Armenian
    soldiers by this regional leader?

    Fund raising? Why? Giving Turkey 3 trillion a year isn’t enough? You gave them a check of $ to get from them a plate of fish and ravioli for $ 2,500 to finance your campaign and … allow them to kill more Armenian and Kurds.Frankly speaking, I did not admire your outfit that day. A fez or a turban would have a better impact on our “Allies”.

  11. Jack said:

    These people they have no friends they have interest only

  12. john said:

    He just doing what all the political whores do in Washington DC. Is anyone really surprised.?!?

  13. MK said:

    Is anyone investigating as to how deep the Azeri/Turkish Embassies are involved in this fund raising effort?

  14. Janine said:

    Actually, read the whole article at the original site. It’s hilarious and should tell us more about what went on there. It has a completely different angle than this headline. But it does mean we have to keep up our involvement