LA County Democratic Party Passes Genocide Resolution

Southern California Armenian Democrats

LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles County Democratic Party voted and passed a resolution on the Armenian Genocide authored by the Southern California Armenian Democrats – an LACDP Chartered club. The resolution received widespread support from various organizations and clubs on its way to final consideration by the LA County Democratic Party executive committee and a copy of it will be sent to the White House, Representatives Adam Schiff, Brad Sherman, Howard Barman, Henry Waxman, and the California Democratic Party.

The vote came on the eve of the 97th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide – the World War 1 massacre and deportation of over 1.5 million Armenians from their ancestral homelands in present day Eastern Turkey. Despite numerous official reports, eye witness testimony and scholarly research, the Turkish government renounces culpability regarding the genocide and engages in an active worldwide campaign of denial.

The Resolution passed by the LACDP primarily calls for members of the Democratic Party State Central Committee to be educated and made aware of the Armenian Genocide and its subsequent denial by Turkish authorities. The resolution was authored by the Southern California Armenian Democrats – the first ever LA County chartered Armenian Democratic organization. Earlier in the year, members of SCAD had traveled to San Diego to participate in and attend the California State Democratic Party’s annual convention. At the convention, they organized and carried out a peaceful protest at an event organized by the California Democratic Party’s Progressive Caucus who had invited commentator and host of the Young Turks program, Cenk Uygur. Mr. Uygur is founder and host of the ill-named program and has made denialist statements about the Genocide on his program website.

Many democrats in attendance were not aware of Mr. Uygur’s comments. The Chair of the Caucus reaffirmed the Caucus’s support of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide but allowed Mr. Uygur to take the stage despite protests.

“We have to educate members of the Democratic Party about the Armenian Genocide and not assume that everyone knows about this issue as well as we do,” said SCAD Chair Armond Aghakhanian. “We will work on this issue and see it through. We owe it to all Armenians regardless of party affiliation. It’s an issue of basic human rights and the Democratic Party will reaffirm its moral stance.”

The Resolution will next be considered at the Party’s quarterly Executive Board meeting in July.

Southern California Armenian Democrats (SCAD) is the largest regional Armenian-American Democratic Club in Southern California, working in coordination with a network of offices, chapters and supporters throughout California. For more information please visit or on face book or call 866-609-4999.

Below is the text of resolution passed by LACDP

Whereas, between 1915 and 1923, the government of Turkey and the Young Turk Party launched a premeditated campaign of extermination against the indigenous Armenian population of Asia Minor by massacres, death marches, rapes, and looting, causing the death of one and a half million persons and scattering survivors around the world in a global Diaspora; and

Whereas, the California Democratic Party is on record joining Armenian-Americans, the international community and all people who care about justice, in their remembrance of the Armenian Genocide and their desire to ensure that the crime of genocide must never be legitimized or forgotten, wherever and whenever it occurs; and

Whereas, the California Democratic Party has called upon the United States Congress and the President of the United States to recognize that the horrific crimes against humanity committed by the Ottoman government from 1915 to 1923 must accurately and unequivocally be characterized as genocide.

Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, on this ninety-seventh anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, commend the Armenian community for bringing awareness to the genocide and crimes against humanity and to ask the California Democratic Party to publicly endorse efforts to educate DSCC members about the Armenian Genocide and reject efforts to deny this crime; and,

Be It Further Resolved, that the Los Angeles County Democratic Party send a copy of this resolution to President Barack Obama, to Congressmembers Adam Schiff, Brad Sherman, Howard Barman, Henry Waxman, and the California Democratic Party.


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  1. Zareh said:

    Another futile attempt by the treasonous Democratic Party along with their treasonous Armenian members to woo for the Armenian votes for the November election.
    I never read anywhere by the Southern California Armenian Democrats of any critisism of the President about his utter failure to keep his campaign promise to officially and publicly recognize the Armenian Genocide.
    Shame on those Armenians who align themselves with such despicable Democrats who have betrayed the trust of American Armenians of all walks of life who gave their time, effort, money and vote for the election of the current President who against all promises became an ardent protector of the Turkish State.
    Miayn Zenkov Gah Hayots Pergoutyoun

  2. christo said:

    What was the purpose? Why don’t they turn their back like Obama, Biden, Clinton, Albright, etc… Still pandering for my vote, NEVER AGAIN !