Hollande Unseats Sarkozy in French Vote

France's president-elect Francois Hollande

PARIS (Combined Sources)—French Socialist candidate Francois Hollande beat incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy during Sunday’s elections.

With 95 per cent of the vote counted, official results showed Hollande with 51.6 per cent of the vote compared with Sarkozy’s 48.4 per cent, the Interior Ministry said. The turnout was a strong 81 per cent.

Hollande’s win signals a popular shift in Europe as the Continent has struggled with the Global Economic Crisis.

On the Armenian front, both Hollande and Sarkozy pledged that they would introduce new legislation that would criminalize the denial of the Armenian Genocide after the country’s high court deemed a bill approved by both houses of the parliament to be unconstitutional.

The Armenian community was embroiled in a campaign for the bill for most of the beginning of 2012, with each candidate expressing support for this measure.

Both Hollande and Sarkozy joined thousands of French-Armenians last month to mark the Armenian Genocide anniversary and both urged Turkey to recognize the slaughter of some 1.5 million Armenians as genocide. They also said that a new bill making it a crime to deny that the massacres constituted genocide would be brought before the French parliament already in June.

During his address during the Genocide commemoration, Hollande said he would make sure that the new law is drafted with “utmost legal security” in order to ensure its approval by the country’s highest court. “We can no longer commit an imprecision that would again leave us with the impossibility of having the text validated,” he said.

Hollande is scheduled to take office on May 15.


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  1. Kevork said:

    Looks like Sarkozy’s underhanded plan backfired. He promised the Armenians one thing then gave it enough time to be challenged instead of immediately signing the genocide bill into law. Join the Pinocchio club, with Obama at the helm.

    • Jack said:

      I thought the law criminalizing Armenian Genocide denial in France was passed? I remember hearing that on the news, Armenians were celebrating and I was very happy to hear the news. So the French immediately revoked the law they just passed??

      • Kevork said:

        Yep, that’s what happened. Sarkozy’s party knew the bill was going to be challenged because it was Sarkozy’s party doing the challenging of the bill, so after it passed it had to be signed into law within a week or something to that effect. So Sarkozy waited it out… enough so that the bill could be placed into question legally whether it was “constitutional” – if he was truly serious, I’m guessing he would have signed it the next day. As it stands, it is not a criminal offense to deny the Armenian Genocide in France, unlike the Jewish Genocide. Hypocrisy in plain sight.

  2. M.S.K. said:

    As an American-Armenian, wish to congratulate President elected, Hollande, and hope he will fulfill his pledge to draft a new legislation that would criminalize the denial of the Armenian Genocide (perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire).

  3. John Markarian said:

    Mitterand and Chirac were also good friends of the Armenians. Sarkozy’s family were Ottoman Jews from Salonica and were neighbors of Ataturk.Salonica was a major hub of Ottoman Turks. He obviously was only interested in the Armenian vote.

  4. Peter said:

    Armenia should negotiate with Mr. Hollands to buy French weapons in exchange for criminalizing the Armenian Genocide.

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