An Open Letter On the Shoushi Liberation Anniversary

Karabakh Self-Defense Forces after the liberation of Shoushi in 1992 (Asbarez Archive)


My fellow Armenians,

Turkey and Azerbaijan are using their wealth and power to lie about our history, crush our homeland, and destroy our future.

The attack that they have launched is against all of us.

Not just those in the Diaspora or in Armenia or Artsakh.

They are targeting each and every Armenian.

Me and you.  Our sisters and brothers.  The young and old.

From all parties and every political point of view.

From all corners of the earth – from Armenia, Artsakh and Javakhk to America, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.

No exceptions.

Just like 1915.  Just like 1988.

Theirs is a modern, multi-million dollar campaign to finish the work of the Genocide.

Their weapons have changed, but not their aims.  They seek – as did their forefathers:

To crush Armenia.

To capture Artsakh.

To empty our homeland.

And to destroy our Diaspora.

They have vast resources, and they are not holding any in reserve.

We don’t have their government revenues or oil dollars, but we do have something more powerful:

Our honor.

Our pride.

Our faith.

And our will.

We are each an ambassador for our nation.

We are – every man, woman, and child – a soldier for our cause.

Together, as a Diaspora, we represent the second Army of the Armenian nation – an unmatched international legion – protecting our homeland, preserving our heritage, and advancing our rights.

An Army of identity, of ideas, of inspiration.

As citizen soldiers, we are not called upon the make the sacrifices of those brave sentinels who stand guard today along the frontiers of Armenian freedom

But the enemies we face are just as dangerous. The stakes of our struggle just as high.

This is our generation’s Avarayr.  Our Sardarabad.  Our Shushi.

Khrimyan Hyrig, in honoring St. Vartan, wrote: “You perished, and Armenia arose.”

So too is it for each of us.

All of us Vartans, struggling on our own Vaspurakan, striving, searching, and sacrificing for a better tomorrow.  Not for only ourselves, but for all our brothers and sisters.  Not simply for today, but for all our tomorrows.

That is the price of Armenia’s survival.

For, as Mer Hayrenik teaches us, “death is the same everywhere; A man dies but once; but blessed is he who gives his life for the freedom of his nation.”

So much has changed, but that simple truth has not.

Our nation calls to us today, as she has so often through the centuries.

The words of Charents echo in our hearts:

“Ov Hye Zhoghovourd, ko miak prkootyune ko havakakan uzhi mej eh.”

“Oh! Armenian People, Your Salvation Lies Only in Your Collective power.”

The songs of our youth still stirs our souls:

“Zartir Lao, mrnem kzi.”

Awake, my son, I would die for you.

A mother awakening her son for battle, just as our mother, Mayr Hairenik, tearfully summons us, her children, to her defense.

Let us rally to the call of our nation.

Let us rise together to the challenge of our age.

Let us unite, and show our true power.

Working with and for and through the Hai Tahd movement, as the proud sons and daughters of one Armenian Nation – one Armenian Cause – we will, as we must, defend the Armenian people in this hour of danger.

It is the devotion we owe to our past.

The determination we owe to our future.

And the debt we owe to ourselves.

Support ANCA Telethon 2012.

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  1. Kevork said:

    What an incredibly accurate letter. Never trust any Turk and especially any Azeri. Today’s Turkey is the same pig with lipstick on.

  2. ohannes said:

    Mr. Hamparian
    I am 100% with you every thing you are saying in your open letter.i am ready to kill or die for my nation my question is to you which one is more danger for a nation enemy from out side or enemy from inside
    you know and i know the answer enemy from inside this is the problem of Armenian nation
    our inside enemy busy stealing the Armenian nation every day our out side enemy busy destroying
    our nation pic by pic from out side every day i am a solder for my nation i am ambassador for my nation but where is my commander of chef where is my General’s any one home the answer is no one home for my nation just foll’s like you and me i am sorry Mr Hamaprian
    God bless Armenian

  3. Partajanach Hay said:

    Haye shun Turkin, lini Osmanakan Turk lini Azeri sudits Turk, bid havata miayn yerp vor: Turki glkhin 10 pampusht dadarki, 10 metr getni dag taghi, mek shapat heto veradarna shun Turki sadkaz diakin 20 pampusht dadarki, 20 metr getni dag taghi.

    • amb said:

      Use Armenian letters please, if you don’t know how, please look and ask around and find out.

    • GB said:

      Pampushe aveli arjek ooni kan te shun Turkin, mek pampush, bav A!! 20 pampushov kareli e vor 20 Turki glookh jakhjakhel!!

  4. Pongo said:

    Italy is with you!
    Long life to Armenia! Long life to Artasakh!

  5. Tankdown said:

    Actions speal ouder than words. If we truly want to win the the “war”, we need more youth to come to Armenia. Not just to visit for 2 weeks and sing songs and wave flags(which is useful in its own right), but to help build the infrastructure of our fragile homeland. Their is a real urgency for any educated person with the ability to get out of Armenia to leave, and thats what has to be reversed. We need to give our educated and motivated youth a reason to stay here, and furthermore, get our youth from the diaspora to come to Armenia and help. Any form of help is appreciated, but we need mouch more than “weekend warriors”. We need people to stay true to their beliefs, leave the comfort of their adopted homes, and come to Armenia. Then, as Ohannes wrote, we can start to battle the enemy within. Take it from someone who lives here, some of our elected officials are doing a lot more to harm our country and our future than those animals across the border.

  6. Sahin said:

    Wrong Mr. Hamparian, you guys want to wipe us off via territorial demads. You are wrong again my friend. What about how 1.000.000 people got expelled from the Karabagh war (meaning non-ethnic Armenians), or what about teaming up with Akbhazian terrorists to ethnically cleanse Georgians from Abkhazia. Territorial demands against your neighbors isn’t fighting for survival, it is just a lucrative plot to wipe your neighbors off the map and you guys know it.

  7. Ara said:

    If you want to be taken seriously, why not start with helping your fellow Armenians first? I had to leave Armenia because of the government sponsored terrorism against its own citizens, and when I came to the US a fellow Armenian, who was our “sponsor” treated us like slaves and offered to sponsor our Green Cards in exchange to 2 years of slave labor.
    So to all those who claim our lands and speak loudly about the greatness of Armenia, how many fellow Armenians have you helped to have better lives? If yes, then let’s make that our first and foremost Agenda, if not, then just shut up and do not waste everybody’s time.