Azeris Kill 3 Soldiers Ahead of Clinton Visit

At the line of contact

ANCA Calls On Clinton To Condemn Azerbaijan’s Fatal Attacks Into Armenia

YEREVAN—Azeri soldiers violated the cease fire on Monday when they fired at positions in the direction of the Berdavan and Chinari villages in the Tavush region killing three Armenian soldiers, hours before US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Armenia.

The Armenian Defense Ministry released the names of the three soldiers—Hrach Sargsyan, Zohrab Balabekyan and Karen Davtyan—and offered condolences to the families.

The Defense Ministry called the incident “an act of sabotage” and announced that an investigation has been launched. A special investigative group of the Armenian Military Prosecutor’s Office and the Defense Ministry was dispatched to the site.

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia have the situation under control, said a Defense Ministry statement.

Armenian National Committee of America chairman Ken Hachikian sent an urgent letter to Secretary Clinton urging her to “clearly, publicly and unequivocally condemn this aggression.”

He also asked Clinton, more broadly “to stake out a strong American stand against Baku’s open threats and escalating acts of belligerence against both Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh.”

“Azerbaijan’s aggression, on the very day of your arrival in the Caucasus, represents, in addition, of course, to a painful human tragedy for those young men who were killed and injured, a brazen attack upon the prospects for a fair and lasting peace in this region. It is long past time that the Obama Administration abandon its practice of artificial equivalence – a failed policy whose only response to Azerbaijani aggression and threats of renewed war has been to issue generically-formulated and transparently toothless calls on all parties to refrain from violence,” Hachikian told Clinton.

“It is in this spirit that we call upon you to forcefully criticize Azerbaijan’s aggression during your upcoming visit with President Ilham Aliyev in Baku. We ask, as well, that you give substance to our nation’s condemnation of Baku’s march toward war by suspending all proposed, pending, or future sales or transfers to Azerbaijan of military equipment and dual-use items (including the proposed sale of advanced helicopter-based surveillance equipment – DDTC 12-002). We also request that the Administration immediately enforce Section 907 of the FREEDOM Support Act, and decline to waive this provision of law until Azerbaijan has stopped its threats of war, ceased all acts of aggression, and demonstrated a commitment to a lasting peace with Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh through solely non-violent means,” urged Hachikian.


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  1. Dvo said:


  2. Dvo said:

    After killing many Armenian soldiers Armenia still remains silents what is this shit
    Et ura et mer vrej vor etqan hay zinvornerits spaneluts heto asumeyq amen or ishkan entaniq hele petqa khandevi shatem tsavum zovatsneri mayreri yev hayreri hamar chi kareli

    etqan spaneluts heto eli anpatasxan toxetsik

  3. Krikor said:

    Does the Ministry of Defense sit on its hand and do nothing to neutralize thses criminals?
    Complains to Clinton is like talking to the bare walls . She is useless

    • Tsayt said:

      She…is not the problem, He….is the problem. Sarkissian, not having legitimacy in being the people’s choice, has to lick every other rulers’ behind to “earn” legitimacy, and every other ruler in turn is telling him “behave or else”, of course the word “behave” conforms first and foremost to the interests of foreign countries and not to the Armenian notional interests, and be damned if Armenian morale is destroyed in the process.

    • zareh said:

      absolutely, i actually think she is on their side…HER VISIT TODAY CAUSED 3 DEATHS !!! THINK ABOUT IT …..

      • sako said:

        yes you are right tsayt and we must remember that if they (as states ) were serious about us the armenian genocide bill was passed LONG TIME AGO

  4. Aram Suren Hamparian (ANCA) said:

    Call the “Azerbaijan Desk” @ the State Department: (202) 647-9677 and ask why our government’s only response to Baku’s every step toward all-out war is to issue toothless, blanket calls on all parties to refrain from violence. – Aram

  5. Hagop D said:

    The Defense Ministry: “an investigation has been launched” – why? It’s obvious you don’t know how to stop these terrorist acts for good, so why are you wasting time with an “investigation”? Just say your usual “we will retaliate” and we can all go on as usual. Pathetic.

  6. Tsayt said:

    Yerevan must have orders from the Kremlin not to respond to Azeri provocations…. OR ….. Yerevan is too weak and scared to respond (and make Azerbaijan regret killing Armenian soldiers, pretty much at will). IN BOTH CASES…. Armenia is in the hole! There is no third reason why we are so quiet in both in political and military response, if there are other explanations I (along with many others I suspect) would love to be educated.

  7. world PEACE said:


    they truly are Turkey’s minions and that’s not a complement. STOP KILLING! STOP BREAKING RULES! STOP BREAKING YOUR PROMISES!

  8. GB said:

    I have noticed, that every time an official from US or Europe, or Russia visit Armenia, the dictator jump out of his horse, ordering his coward terrorist mercenaries to sabotage and attack Armenia’s border line, this man really feels insecure in his sheikhdom, his time is coming to be ended with a bloody coup!!

  9. Beki said:

    We must kill their soldiers too .. enough .. when they wish they are killing!!!!! what a justice ! where is America and human rights? Is Armenian soldiers don’t have any value … they like Turkish the same … they hate Armenians…They want 1915 come again…

  10. ohannes said:

    the best way to stop this killing every time they kill one Armenian solder you go and kill
    20 Azerbaijan solder this is the only way you stop the killing and send them real massage
    do not F with Armenian any more and will be and off killing with out any question

    • edward Demian said:

      Killing more of theirs in retaliation is not the best policy. One hectar of land for every Armenian death. Count how many of our soldiers have been killed since the armistice, and overrun that many hectars at a useful strategig point and keep it. That they will understand.

  11. Garo said:

    U.S money buying Armenian submissive silence… there is bigger games in the arena.. can you spell I.R.A.N.?

  12. arziv said:

    Our authorities keep promissinng us appropriate response and retaliation. So war the Mongol Azeri talk with their firepower taking our youth down. We seem to have entrapped ourselves is responding with declarations. I am getting tired of these snipers and dead soldiers. Retaliate now..

  13. ARMENIAN said:


  14. Ron said:

    azeris should not be allowed to get one more cent from gas and oil sales, which directly result in loss of innocent armenian lives. Armenians need to make it very clear that as long as Armenia’s and Artsakh’s security is threatened, azeris should not be able to use or profit from any pipelines. This must be priority number one. This situation cannot be allowed to go on any longer without serious strategic responses to weaken their ability to arm.

  15. Harry B. said:

    Here we go again! Azeris take the precious lives of three young Armenian solders and all the Defense Ministry can do is launch an investigation. A statement by the same Ministry says:” The situation is under control”. Yeah,right! The situation is under complete control of Azeri armed forces, who are picking off Armenian solders at will, while the often repeated treats of “appropriate response” never seem to materialize. I doubt that the Armenian Armed Forces are incapable to respond to these murders in the most appropriate way, rather, it seems that, as has been suggested in other comments, they are under orders not to retaliate.If that’s the case, and frankly there can be no other logical explanation for this sort of submissive inaction, the Armenian Government is playing a dangerous game in which the lives of the county’s bravest sons are devalued, the fighting spirit of the military is demoralized and ultimately, the prestige and reputation of the Nation is debased.If the Armenian officials believe that by “playing nice” they will be rewarded with the goodwill of their paymasters, be they the Russians, the Americans or the Europeans, they are sorely mistaken. In that part of the world,”nice” means “weak”. And everybody knows what happens to the weak when they are surrounded by wolves.How many times have Armenians played nice to the aforementioned powers in the not so distant past and instead of being rewarded, as promised, got sold down the river?

    Armenians in the Homeland and Artsakh valiantly proved twenty years ago that they had learned from history,our history, by decisively defeating the Azeri aggressors in the battlefield and securing their independence. Have they forgotten that?

    One last question: what’s the point of accompanying this article with a file photo of what seems like an Armenian sniper, when the story is about Azeri snipers killing Armenian solders?

    Harry B.

  16. Ararat said:

    The fake, artificial and terrorist state of Azerbaijan is suffering from the defeat syndrome and it is unable to deal with it. The Azerbaijanis are like a bunch of caged animals who will try to scratch every chance they get. No amount of verbal condemnation is going to deter these defeated and sadistic criminals from acts of violent provocations. The only language the Turks and pseudo-Turkish Azerbaijanis understand and respect is the language of force.

    The way to deal with these animals is to retaliate right away and in the outmost savage manner by killing 100 Azerbaijanis for every Armenian killed. We should also form a secret commando unit to assassinate Aliyev, the donkey behind these deliberate criminal attacks.

  17. bayrakiniyakan said:

    this morning on Jun 5 in the same area of yesterday incident the Armenian army
    shot 5 azeri solider
    Այսօր առավոտյան` Ադրբեջանի ժամանակով ժամը 06.30-ին, շփման գծում` Տավուշի մարզի հատվածում, հայկական զինված ուժերը ոչնչացրել է 4 ադրբեջանցի զինծառայողի: Եվս մեկ ադրբեջանցի մահացու վիրավորում է ստացել և ավելի ուշ մահացել:…Tert am

  18. derek said:

    For the time being we have to keep qiuet, but let Hillary knows that she & her team will regret it one day.

  19. George said:

    It’s of Turkeys interest to stop this war, in the end IF A WAR STARTS IN THE REGION the only country that has TOO MUCH TO LOOSE AND LITTLE TO GAIN IS TURKEY

  20. ARA said:

    Might makes right- so time to blow them away- so they shut off-the gn at their head will silence them-we MUST- forget Clinton-she has family problems-Y is she even visiting us? get her home-she should go bake cookies- Das zeit- Azeris-u will pay-ur day is near- 100 for every 1 of us-better still 200-

  21. Saaten Maagar said:

    Maybe if all those who are commenting from the US go and live in their homeland or do something concrete for their country then these tragedies might stop. Talk is cheap especially from far away, telling people what to do but they themselves do not want to do a single thing for their country except to criticize. First and foremost ask what you can do for your country except bitch and moan.

  22. ARARADE Mer ne! said:

    1 armenian soldier = 10 Azeris
    This is how we should respond…

  23. Onnik K. said:

    What we are dealing with here are subhumans who call themselves Azeris, who understand only the language of force and violence. In such cases, the Armenian side’s response should be to eliminate at least 20 Azeri soldiers for every Armenian soldier killed by them. This is the only language that such a barbaric tribe can understand. It is useless to ask Hillary Rodent Clinton (yugh!), or any nation in this world to condemn such killings. The ball is in Armenia’s court, and our side’s response should be very decisive and painfull for the enemy, otherwise such deplorable incidents will not cease to reoccur.

  24. Nubar said:

    The best defense is a good offense. Give them the same medicine. Be more generous. Double or triple the dosage.

  25. John-Emmanuel Shirajian said:

    It is indeed a sad day . We have lost three soldiers and our thoughts and wishes are with those injured heroes and their families. We wish them a speedy recovery. I ask our readers not to vent their anger on the President of Armenia nor on the Secretary of State . Also I urge you to refrain from using profane language. I am sure all of us can express our anger in a dignified manner. Now back to the issue at hand.
    Our enemies – many in the region- wish us ill. They will succeed some times but should fail most of the times. That is the nature of war and conflict. Our policy must be that any form of aggression against the Republic and the Diaspora will be met and defeated. Retaliation should be forthcoming and disproportional. This demands that our elected leaders in Yerevan expand Armenia’s ” Special Operations” capabilities. In the Armenian Armed Forces we have the talent, the determination and the courage to execute” impossible missions”. The political leadership must commit to this objective so the blood of our martyrs would not have been spilled in vain. Glory to our martyred soldiers. We hope that you will be avenged soon!