Armenian Army Thwarts Azeri Incursion

Armenian border troops

Five Azeri soldiers killed; no Armenian casulaties

YEREVAN—Azeri Armed Forces attempted to breach the Armenia-Azerbaijan border early Tuesday morning when 15 to 20 Azeri soldiers attacked the border positions at the Voskepar village in the Tavush region, reported Armenia’s Defense Ministry press service.

Armenian Armed forces immediately retaliated and neutralized the Azeris incursion by what the Defense Ministry is calling an Azeri “sabotage group.”

Preliminary reports indicate that five Azeri soldiers were killed with many more wounded. The remaining Azeri troops retreated back to their positions, carrying with them the dead and the wounded.

“Nobody was killed or wounded on the Armenian side,” said the Defense Ministry press service.

This incident follows an earlier Azeri incursion that resulted in the death of three Armenian soldiers on Monday, ahead of a visit by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Armenia.

In Yerevan on Monday Clinton pledged that she will press Azerbaijan with “serious questions.”

“I was saddened to hear the latest news,” Clinton told a news conference at the Presidential Palace in Yerevan, commenting on the ceasefire violation by Azerbaijan recorded on Monday.

Clinton expressed concern over death of soldiers. “Force cannot resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, force must be ruled out.”

“I will visit Baku the day after tomorrow, and I have serious questions to ask the Azerbaijani leader. Both me and the Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group are convinced that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict can be resolved exclusively by peaceful means, and a way should be found in this direction,” the senior U.S. official noted.

She called on the sides to refrain from use of force, because there is no military solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

“The only path for a solution is through the negotiating table,” Clinton added.

Armenia’s Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian also spoke about the cease fire violations at the press conference.

“We strongly condemn the violent provocations that are organized by the Azerbaijani side on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border which, unfortunately, resulted in victims and wounded, and that Azerbaijan is not satisfied by the fact that every day there are violations by Azerbaijanis on the line of contact of Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh. They are trying to transfer the tension, to sharpen the situation onto the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan which greatly undermines the negotiation process, as well as it is threatening the regional stability. The responsibility of all the possible consequences of all this lies on Azerbaijan,” said Nalbandian.


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  1. Zareh Sahakian said:

    Had the Armenian army destroyed 20 Azeri soldier for each Armenian killed, we would not have this situation today. Four Armenian soldiers died (three plus one the following day) because of the continued (inexplicable) no-action on the part of the Armenian military leadership. It would not be too much to ask the President and the Defence Minister of Armenia to explain this inaction. We have let 15-20 enemy soldiers cross the Armenian border, what would stop 150-200 enemy soldiers from doing the same?

    • Vahe Y said:

      Zareh – what makes you believe there was inaction on the Armenian part? Were you on the ground in Armenia and saw the inaction? Have seen the borderline areas? Do you understand how difficult it is to guard and protect that terrain? The U.S. has a very difficult time protecting its desert, non-mountainous border with Mexico.

      Talk is cheap my friend…at least commend our brave soldiers and commanders for fending off an Azeri commando attack. The Armenian side is doing a fine job…you dont have to be unreasonably critical, especially without any concrete facts.

      Good job Armenian soldiers!

      • Zareh Sahakian said:

        Vahe, that the Armenian soldiers are brave and doing a fine job is in no way questioned. I believe in their ability to defend the borders and even inflict a lot of damage. My criticism is for the very obvious inaction on the part of the government. How do I know this? facts speak for themselves.

        a) When was the last time we had concrete evidence (and declarations from the Defence Ministry) about the casualties of the other side, with a specific number of enemy casualties? They would only say in the past that the enemy was pushed back…whatever that meant!

        b) The last time we had such an incursion (during the weeks prior to the parliamentary elections) Serj Sarkissian promised proper and devastating response would be rendered to the Azeri side for the killing of Armenian soldiers viciously, with some reports saying that their throats were slit.

        …we heard absolutely nothing, because there was absolutely nothing done.

        c) just imagine what would have happened if a similar attack had occurred across teh Israeli lines and Israeli soldiers were murdered in similar fashion, I think you would agree that no less that the whole of south Lebanon would have burned to crisp.

        d) How do I know that Serj Sarkissian’s “promise of retaliation” was a hollow talk or hot air? Yesterday four Armenian soldiers were killed INSIDE Armenia, AGAIN, by an enemy unit of 15-20 soldiers infiltrating across the border. While only in a second wave, just yesterday, were the Armenians successful in killing five enemy soldiers. Now the defence ministry is boasting of killing five against our four.

        …now hopefully you understand my indignation towards such an amateur leadership that the Armenian side is demonstrating….at the expense of our young and brave soldiers.

        I repeat, had 20 enemy soldiers been killed for each one of our soldiers, the enemy would think twice before “playing” with such freewill.

        • Avery said:

          Why don’t you, Zareh Sahakian, go to Armenia or Artsakh, enlist and show professional leadership – if you can.

          Who are you, a keyboard warrior, to call it “amateur leadership” ?

          Defense Minister Colonel General Seyran Ohanian is a war hero.
          He lost a leg during the war, actually fighting – instead of writing flaming posts.
          He was one of the company commanders in the impossible victory of Liberation of Shushi.
          Most of the leadership in Artsakh and RoA were involved in a real war, one way or another.
          How many wars have you been involved in ?
          Have you even been to a war zone ?
          If you are that good, go the RoA or Artsakh border and show your excellence.
          Don’t sit in your safe, air conditioned computer room and criticize those who are actually putting their lives in danger

          • Zareh Sahakian said:

            Serj Sarkissian today has promised ” Azeri actions will receive proper response” but then he says he has ordered for the Armenian troops to show extreme restrain”

            Sarkissan: “Հայաստանի Հանրապետության Զինված ուժերը ստացել են խիստ հրահանգ ցուցաբերել զսպվածություն եւ զգոնություն` միեւնույն ժամանակ կանխել եւ պատժել հակառակորդի ցանկացած սադրանք:”

            Contradictions and weakness abound in the above presidential statement.

            And since you asked: the only way Armenians of Bourj-Hammoud guarantied the safety of Armenian citizens was to engage in a massive and a devastating attack on Palestino-Muslim alliance of Nabaa in 1978. This powerful Armenian action not only guarantied the safety of ALL Armenians of Lebanon, but it created precedence for the enemy to see and feel on their skins the consequences to their violent attacks. Throughout the remainder of the civil war, which ended in 1990, the Armenian quarters remained safe.

            Up until 1978 the mentality of our leadership was to be cautious and avoid aggravating the situation, the result of their inaction was continuous appalling attacks on Armenian civilians, growing nastier after each unanswered act, then they learned a lesson they never forgot.

            The reality is cowards run away faced with power, and grow “stronger” faced with perceived weakness of the opponent. This has been proven time and again. If you want to be respected you have to show AND apply force.

            Avery, telling a critic “who are you?? etc….” and preferring to hide behind a facade of past heroism is dangerous and a childish approach, especially when criticism is due.

        • Hayk said:

          Zare, I see where your frustration  is coming from. It is frustrating to see our borders being attacked on regular basis and that there is nothing being done about it. Unfortunately,  there is nothing that CAN be done besides what is already being done – defending our borders by fighting back the aggressors.
          Azeris have been investing heavily in their military for past decade and currently posses a very capable military force with modern weaponry. Their attacks are simply taunting tactics to draw us into another war, which they are hoping they will win with their new army and make up for their humiliating defeat. 

          Perusing the Azeri commandos into their territory for a retaliatory strike will give the Azeris the excuse to reignite large scale fighting, which we do not need. 

          Also the difference between us and Israil is that we do not have the military capability and the backing of the entire Western world. Our only “allie” would be Russia who will not interfere in the conflict with any military action.

          • Zareh Sahakian said:

            Our problem is not military but political. When politically one feels weak, as is the case with the President of Armenia, then he has to bow to the wishes of those who keep him in power. A legitimate president of Armenia can strike the enemy with a punishing attack AND commend respect from those who’s interests might be hurt in doing so.

            Otherwise, we will forever console ourselves singing “Miyain zenkov ga Hayots pergoutioun” in our air-conditioned barahantess halls.

    • Hay said:

      There isn’t much you can expect from the GOA. Inaction is the only option Serzh Sargsyan has. If he dares to act, the U.S. and the Russian governments will always blackmail him for the October-27 incident. Unless this criminal regime is gone, Armenia is gonna yield to all the external pressures.

  2. Varant said:

    Aliyev’s zeal to abstain from negotiations in favour of force has cost him 5 state funerals. Has he learned his lesson yet or is he willing to raise the stakes and sacrifice more of his men for his failed publicity stunt?

    • edward Demian said:

      We all need to understand that the Islamic mentality in regards to “death” is different from ours. While we cherish life, and see death as a failure, the Muslim mentality is that death in the battlefield is an honor. Ilham would have sacrificed 50 men just as well. These are psychological incursions. Not so much for us, but for the West. It was no accident, but a subtle message. Serve us the Armenians on a platter, and we’ll do business. The Armenians need to take control of the pipeline, even a small section, so they could exercise “some” influence in the outcome of the negociations. Next time there is a provocation, retaliate and take territory. The Russians would love that. After all. Azerbaidjian benefits from all that water that originates in our mountains. They are drinking our water fro free. And the oil that lies under all the Caucasus belongs to all the Caucasians, but none but a priviledged few in Azerbaijian benefit. We need to negotiate Oil for Water, or we will pipe and divert all the water to irrigate Northern Iran, our friends, who will gladly repay us in Oil and gas. “Ackera chiornan” Tatarneru. Let Azerbaijian dry up like a bone in the desert. Let them drink salt water.

      • said:

        Edward, it is a big mistake to think of Azeri Turks as Muslims. Your claim that they have Islamic mentality is baseless.

        What they have is a Nomadic Mongol mentality. It doesn’t change with religions they claim to follow. The result is always the same – killing and maiming the weak and unarmed and kissing hands of the strong ones until they can cut them off.

        According to this mentality the Azeri Turks don’t send their own soldiers to die. They prefer to send young Lezgi, Tolysh and other non-Turk native minorities youth to fight and die for the Great Turan.

  3. Elchin said:

    These two nations cannot live together anymore, both sides should deal on building huge walls to permanently seperate two states. Karabakh can remain within Armenia i do not care. Only soldiers of poor family pay the price.

    • Garo said:

      Would you be kind enough to tell that to your fascist peyghamber Aliyev to begin funding it instead of sending Azeris to die for nothing? Did Azerbaijan gain one inch of land in 20 years?

    • GB said:

      SOLUTION: Overthrown oil man Aliev, where he is sucking ordinary people’s blood to justify his superiority over his sheikhdom!! I bet his father Heidar Aliev would have never done a stupid thing like this!! This man definitely is mental and needs Cesar Millan as a psychologist in his oily Palace …for the last 20 years he keep preaching that “Gharabgh” is ours, and nobody cares now…the Sultan still shipping oil to outside world and makes his friends and family fatter, I bet if the first bomb explode in Baku he will be gone for hiding somewhere in N. Caucasus with Chechen rebels for the sake of his life!! Does any smart Azeri person ask, where their hero president was hiding during NKR war??

    • Zareh said:

      It is not the time for the wall yet. First we have to liberate Kantzag and the rest of the occupied territories. Gur river is next. No need to hurry Elchin. If you want to save your soldiers you need to send your Sheikh Aliev to Monaco for permanent retirement first, then your government should sign a peace treaty with the NEW borders. If not your oil pipelines will be next and your country will go back to the bronze age.

      • Roger said:

        While you are dreaming about Ganca, you may find yourselves in your five star resorts in Der E Zor again, be carefull.period

        • john said:

          We would eliminate you BARBARIC tatar threat ONCE AND FOR ALL. Armenia, Iran and Russia will accomplish this sooner or later.

        • john said:

          we will drive you back in the caspian see next time we will destroy baku like we destroyed aghdam.

          sooner or later Russia Armenia and Iran will put an end to you tatars!

          don’t rforget what we did to you last time.

        • Voices of the forest said:

          How dare you threaten us with another genocide ! Roger , or whoever you are . You be careful . Double period.

        • john said:

          Tatar Turks human life, and slaughtering livestock, such as donkeys have same meaning…if they lose 100 shahid just for one Armenian soldier is a victory for them, especially for azerbaboon dictator, he collect all those shahid bodies and force his faithful people to cry in front of his palace and ask them to hate Armenians… then he goes to his palace to celebrate his victory, toast with his comrade MPs, wife, Mehraban, raise his Turkish raki, with Cuban cigar, Swiss chocolate, and Russian made porno movies!!

        • Varujan said:

          It looks like once you have the genocidal genes in you nurtured in central Asian steps, nothing can erase them. Even if you take a western name like Roger or for that matter call yourself ataturk.

        • john said:

          Remember what happen to you monkey tatars in Aghdam? “ganja” is NEXT!

          Remember what happen to you monkey tatars in shushi? “ganja” is NEXT!

          Remember what happen to you monkey tatars in lachin? “ganja” is NEXT!

          Remember what happen to you monkey atars in “kebajar”? “ganja” is NEXT!

    • Jack Kalpakian said:

      Wise words. Unfortunately, the dispute over the region is very valuable for the Aliyev dictatorship — it uses it to retain power. They have taken the Syrian textbook to heart in so many ways.

    • john said:

      We would eliminate BARBARIC tatar threat ONCE AND FOR ALL. Armenia, Iran and Russia will accomplish this sooner or later.

    • David Holobian said:

      Elchin Armenia has huge cement production and skilfully workforce. Are you agree to pend all Azerbaijani oil revenues for building that wall?

    • turk said:

      Ogrash why you say that you don’t care about Garabag, ay nesilsiz !!!Karabagh always will remain part of Azerbaijan.

      • Voices of the forest said:

        And Azerbaijan will be returned to Iran , where it belonged . Note : without Artsakh.

    • Vazken said:

      Elchin, no need for walls, Armenians and forward thiking Azeris can live as neighbors once the present repressive regime in Baku is given a taste of one beautiful Azeri spring, the same way fellow dictators in some Arab countries experienced the rude awakening. All we want is the return of our ancestral lands that were brutally stolen from us. Subsequently, Azeri money and Armenian business acumen can turn the South Caucasus into a peaceful and prosperous region.

  4. Ray said:

    Armenia has the right to defend itself Azerbaijan is playing with fire that will give there nation the final blow!
    If Azerbaijan thinks that money can win wars he is making a big mistake! It is soilders who win wars as proven, only a coward signs a ceasefire and tries to fight back years later with snipers and sneak attacks
    with there deafeated army of fools!

  5. Dvo said:

    indead we shud create huge walls and reconize karbakh as an independed state those 5 azeris are nothing compared of how many armenian they killed in our border they killed far more armenian this year

    everytime they kill one of us 20 of them must pay the price

  6. Christo said:

    I don’t get it why is she “calling both sides to refrain from using force” That comment seems to blame both sides.

    • Voices of the forest said:

      It’s like when you have two of your children fighting each other and you know who started the fight, but you want to play the thought one , so you say ”silence around here”

  7. David said:

    No worries. In ~10 years Azeri oil will run out and Armenia will leave nothing standing in its advance to Baku.

    RIP Hrach Sargsyan, Zohrab Balabekyan, and Karen Davtyan.

  8. Armanen said:

    Zareh speak not about issues that you have little to no knowledge of. The Armenian military is doing its part and so are the political leaders. Do you expect them to send you classified info every time you think they are not acting?

  9. arziv said:

    5 state funeral to Alyev is like the bite of a flea in one of his ear lobes. If he had 500 or a 1000, that might coerce him into taking notice.

  10. Tony said:

    I agree with Elchin. I like to see a big wall or a big metal fance with sharp edges, all around the border of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh against Azerbeijan. Do you remember when Israel erected the high walls arround the border of Palestinian and Israeli border? The result was less suicidal attacks against Israel.

    • bayrakiniyakan said:

      a wall can be build only when we reach Kur river and liberate Nakhichevan !
      and to all of you generals and military experts who say 10 or 20 100 enemy solider against one
      Armenian solider , i say why dont you spend one month time on the Armenian Azerbaijani border
      first before medz medz khosil, after all it is not a concert where You can order your favorite song or tune from the band

    • Armen said:

      Do you know that its mountainous hilly terrain, there is no way to build a wall, as said earlier they cant even build one on flat land on the Mexico/US border. The Romans had the same problem with border of Scotland with Hadrians wall its practically impossible to maintain, control or build walls, fences on that terrain.

  11. Gaidzag Sh said:

    At the least, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should bring us back the answers to the “serious questions”.

    • Garo said:

      Unger jan, are you kidding? Since when was any successive US administrations ‘serious’ with us that you expect a clown like Clinton to be serious now?

    • Voices of the forest said:

      Clinton’s serious question : Ali , where can I buy some black caviar around here ? and buy the way, what is the latest joke in Azerbaijan ?

      Ali : Don’t worry ,we will pack some black caviar with you on your way home , and the latest joke around here ….. I was so scared of the serious questions you were going to ask me that I could not sleep all night . LOL

  12. Hrant K. said:

    In a volatile area like the Caucasus, even a chinese wall would crumble down! The only way for peace is to return Sumgait, Kantzag, Lenkoran and Baku to the Armenians, Elchin Efendi! Mr. aliev junior’s war rhetoric will only backfire and dethrone him from his father’s inherited curse!!!

  13. MK said:

    The only way to stop the Azeris is to give them a lesson so that they wont forget,the kill ratio should be much higher so that the Azeris think twice before they risk attacking us,as it is the Azeris will continue their attacks we will have more Armenian casualties.

  14. Hay said:

    Elchin, “huge walls” will not solve the problem. The fictional republic of azerbaijan, has territorial claims from all it’s neighbors. The azeri-turks also have major issues with other ethnic groups, who live within the borders of today’s azerbaijan. Unless azerbaijan becomes a democratic state, the genocidal regime of Baku will continue to pose a threat to the stability of the region.

  15. bayrakiniyakan said:

    a wall can be build only when we reach Kur river and liberate Nakhichevan !
    and to all of you generals and military experts who say 10 or 20 100 enemy solider against one
    Armenian solider , i say why dont you spend just one month time on the Armenian Azerbaijani border
    first before medz medz khosil, after all it is not a concert where You can order your favorite song or tune from the band

  16. Tlkatintsi said:

    I just have to laugh when I read all these comments by gung-ho diaspora Armenians about capturing more lands. Let them all pack a bag and form a commando unit and PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE! They talk big about “giving the Azeris a lesson” but do so from their cozy homes in California and elsewhere. What f—n hypocrites.

    • ashot said:

      let the next war of liberation of our mother lands start.I will be on the first plane back

    • Hay said:

      also, don’t forget you are the losing side. instead of trashing yourself in an Armenian chat board, go help your coward brothers.

  17. Parsik said:

    Elchin, first of all building walls is childish dream, considering the huge cost and effort needed and it will be totally useless, that was the case in China and in Israel later, I know you suggested that to imply that Armenia’s position is exactly like Isreal within cryteria of age-old Panturkist propagenda targeting common muslems, but no avail, just check your google, throughout recorded and asserted 4000 years of human history, hordes of warlike and less privilaged mountain dwellers always raided the flatlands downstream and not otherway around, but it seems these foolhardy Azeris under influence of above mentioned propagenda of their big brothers wants to prove the opposite and want to raid upstream and get to the top of mountain, you ishak-azeris can’t digest the fact that after fall of Shushi everything including natural laws work against you now, it will take billions of dollars and tens or maybe hundred thousands of man power with huge casuality to fullfill that childish dream, and all for what?

  18. David Holobian said:

    My call to all Californian patriots and strategic thinkers is to come to Armenia, live here, suffer here and, if needed die for Armenia. Please leave aside Armenian and enemy body mathematics just come to Armenia to feel yourselves what is to live and to be Armenian here.

  19. George said:

    This is the only way Aliyev and his family dictatorship can survive by sucking the blood of it’s own people

  20. John Ahmaranian said:

    I don’t blame Azarbayjan or Turkey. I blame Gorbatchov who did not give the green light to the Armenians to cross Kura River and … beyond. Chechnia, Daghestan, Ossetia… the entire Caucasus is a headake for Russia. Had the Russian given a free hand, the situation would have a positive aspect.

  21. Vazken said:

    The incursion may be a ploy to disrupt the summer touristic season in both Armenia and Artsakh. I was planning on visiting the Caribbean this summer, but I have already changed my plans and will visit Armenia and Artsakh instead just to stick both fingers in Aliyevs bulgy eyes.
    A friend of mine who just returned from a two week trip to Armenia told me how pleased he was to see many foreign (non Armenian) tourists enjoying our beautiful hayrenik.

    • Shant said:

      I returned from artsakh 2 days ago, it was my first trip, I’m going back in September. Bravo

  22. Alex Postallian said:

    It is truly sad,when the UGLY TURK aliyev prolongs the aggression with empty words,when he should be in uniform on the front lines,dying for his country.As long as he has the blind sheep doing the fighting,he will be way in the background.Thats the way it is with the other leaders.

  23. Arthur I said:

    ll you super analysts. Don’t you realize, this was Aliyev’s test of US reaction in case of full war? Clinton’s lack of sttong condemnation is a tacit approval for use of force by Azeris.

    The worst is yet to come.

  24. Lusik said:

    We have a clear vision of the future for Armenia. Do we care about generation that will live in the future Armenia?
    It is extremely important to provide means for continuation of a creative and healthy growth of children of Armenia. Here is an extract-example about situation being not rosy at all:
    “Ղարաբաղյան պատերազմի մասնակից Ջոզեֆի բազմանդամ ընտանիքն ապրում է Արմավիրի մարզի Մայիսյան գյուղում քարերով ու հողով ամրացված փոքրիկ, նեղլիկ, կիսախարխուլ ու խոնավ տանը: Մի քանի հավ, մի կով ու պետությունից ստացած 48 000 դրամ նպաստ, սա է բազմանդամ ընտանիքի գոյատեւման հիմնական աղբյուրը:”
    It is necessary to bring programs that educate-train how to establish and operate a small family-business, and also provide with a start-up fund and legal support. This would be a true investment in a strong and prosperous future of Armenia whatever is the borderline.

  25. Albertk said:

    Armenia must start building a defensive wall and mine fields to prevent further Azeri penetrations in the Armenia and the NKR. The Israel/Palestine wall has effectively prevented Palestinians saboteurs from entering Israel. A wall will also stop Azeri snipers from killing Armenian villagers and Armenian soldiers. There is no other way.The wall will not stop artillery and tanks but the goal is to slow the enemy advance down so you have enough time to call up reserves and halt an enemy attack. The bunker systems in Normandy used by the Germans killed alot of allied troops on the beach.The mistake of the Germans was the delay in sending Germany tank units to the Normandy beaches which could of stopped the allies.Bunkers and fortifications to work if properly utilized. The only reason that the Magnot bunker system in France failed in stopping the Germans is that the French did not have tank units in reserve to counter-attack German tank columns. It is important to get that Dodi Gago and the other oligarchs to donate money for the Armenian military to buy some modern tanks and anti-tank missles.

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  27. Turid Dankertsen said:

    So much hate. You have one life here on earth. Try to live together. Turid – from Norway