Karabakh Soldier Killed Ahead of Clinton Visit to Baku

Secreaty of State Hillary Clinton meets with Azeri President Ilham Aliyev on Wednesday

STEPANAKERT, BAKU—A soldier of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Armed Forces was killed during clashes around the border in Horadiz, where Azeri units attempted to penetrate the line of contact into Artsakh around 4 a.m. Wednesday local time.

This latest Azeri cease-fire violation came hours before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was to arrive in Baku on the third leg of her visit to the Caucasus.

According to the Nagorno Karabakh Republic media services, the Azeri side also suffered losses.

This is the fourth attempt in June alone by Azeri forces to penetrate the borders with Armenia and Artsakh.

After meeting with Azeri President Ilham Aliyev, Clinton warned that continued fighting will have “disastrous” consequences.

“I’m very sad about it. As you know, I’m sure, when I arrived in Yerevan, there had been three Armenians killed, and I heard exactly the same concerns about that as I heard today in Azerbaijan. It is painful to think about these young soldiers or anyone being killed, and there’s no military solution to this conflict. We mourn the senseless deaths of Azerbaijani and Armenian alike. And we should honor their deaths by recommitting ourselves to peace and doing everything we can, as quickly as possible, to pursue a path towards peace,” said Clinton.

“There will be a meeting in about, I guess, two weeks between the two foreign ministers who will meet with the Minsk co-chairs. And we will explore some new approaches that I have had the opportunity to discuss with the foreign ministers and with the presidents, because there has to be a solution,” explained Clinton.

“It’s the year 2012. It is past time that we resolved this issue, and I’m going to do everything I can – and I’ve pledged that to both presidents – to help facilitate a resolution and the end of the deaths of anyone around this tragic situation,” concluded Clinton.

On Tuesday, an Azeri unit of 15 soldiers tried to infiltrate the Armenian border near the village of Vosgebar in Tavush but withdrew after incurring heavy losses.

Sources in Baku reported that five Azeri soldiers were killed and several others were wounded. There were no casualties on the Armenian side.

A similar attempt was foiled on June 4, when Azeri forces tried to infiltrate the Armenian border near the Bertavan and Chinari villages in Tavush. Three Armenian soldiers were killed during the incident and several others were wounded.


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  1. Kevork said:

    Oh look the weasel and the lizard trying to figure out the correct approach for a mating ritual.

  2. GB said:

    Tatar Turks human life, and slaughtering livestock, such as donkeys have same meaning…if they lose 100 shahid just for one Armenian soldier is a victory for them, especially for azerbaboon dictator, he collect all those shahid bodies and force his faithful people to cry in front of his palace and ask them to hate Armenians… then he goes to his palace to celebrate his victory, toast with his comrade MPs, wife, Mehraban, raise his Turkish raki, with Cuban cigar, Swiss chocolate, and Russian made porno movies!!

  3. Shant said:

    Is this how she asks “serious questions” with her mouth open in awe?

    • Hay said:

      I wouldn’t be surprised, if she gave the junior a green light to attack the Armenians. The turks never make a move, unless they have a second or a third plan. junior must have got an encouragement from somewhere.

    • Garo said:

      Why are we so amazed?, don’t you know what she means to us when she said “serious questions”? She was always “serious” with us in the US, especially when they come to honor their Genocide recognition pledged. Look, HOW ‘Serious” she is with Aliyev in this picture.

  4. Heghapokhagan said:

    This message should be to Armenia & Artsakh … Invade and conquer that fabricated land and divide them to the rightful ethnic owners, knowing to whom Baku historically belongs to, use that oil money for goodness… instead of being used for evil purposes by them till now.

  5. Stefan said:

    Lets hit them where it hurts.

    Since the only reason that USA has to support the azeri dictators is OIL, then I suggest the Armenian military show them azeri’s what will happen by blowing up a section of a pipeline.
    The azeri’s leaders are all stockpiled with OIL revenues and talk like those new drug dealers with cash.
    They are nothing without their oil revenues, hit them once where it hurts and watch them all crawl back into the gutters where they belong, scared to loose their ill gotten wealth, while the families of the poor azeri’s are burying their dead.

  6. The Marionette said:

    CLINTON: “Mr Aliyev. I have a question about the Armenians.”
    ALIYEV: “An Armenian Question?”
    CLINTON: “Yes. They are complaining about your treatment of them. Will history repeat itself?”
    ALIYEV: “Those murderous bastards are siding with the Iranians! None can be trusted. Whilst we resolve this question…I hear your people like motor vehicles. Is the US interested in cheap oil? I can make arrangements, after all I am a big man and, you will return to your people victorious.”
    CLINTON: “This has been a truly great visit”

  7. Heghapokhagan said:

    This Photograph doesn’t show Clinton is Serious about anything but…. all I see is in this picture that “She Likes What She Sees” …. perhaps thinking about his wife!/? LOL perhaps she likes his wife??? lol… like the one in South Asia?? lol

    Comparing to what she “Stated”…>>>
    In Yerevan on Monday Clinton pledged that she will press Azerbaijan with “serious questions.”

    “I was saddened to hear the latest news,” Clinton told a news conference at the Presidential Palace in Yerevan, commenting on the ceasefire violation by Azerbaijan recorded on Monday.

    Clinton expressed concern over death of soldiers. “Force cannot resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, force must be ruled out.”<<<<<<<<<<<

    I don't see anything close what she said she's going to do by looking at this picture!

    “I will visit Baku the day after tomorrow, and I have serious questions to ask the Azerbaijani leader"

  8. KG said:

    I am disappointed at the lack of substance and even remote seriousness and understanding of the conflict in the comments to this article (so far). If this is how the readers discuss issues of utmost importance to our homeland, it is better to abstain.

  9. Krikor said:

    Who can truts her. She is only of Azeri oil not for human rights

  10. qunemadrbeyjan said:

    this azeri aggression is intolerable. the more i read about it the more i realize they must be put in their place.

    the turk azeris will pay for all this.

    they will pay for budapest 2004!!!

  11. Arthur I said:

    Clinton’s true message o Azeris: If you go to all out war, US will not even use harsh words to condemn. The amoral double standard equates agressor to defender, when Turk is the aggressor. But she pushed her spineless husband to war by falsely propagating tgat Turk was the victim in Kosovo.

    That’s OK. Time will come when my heir evict her heirs from their villa located on my ancestral land in Adana.

  12. Albertk said:

    The Turkish government has donated money to the Obama administration re-election campaign and this has been covered by the Armenian Weekly. Armenia must start building a wall and mine fields to prevent further Azeri penetrations in the Armenia and the NKR. The Israel/Palestine wall has effectively prevented Palestinians saboteurs from entering Israel. The wall will not stop artillery and tanks but the goal is to slow the enemy advance down so you have enough time to call up reserves and halt an enemy attack. The bunker systems in Normandy used by the Germans killed alot of allied troops on the beach.The mistake of the Germans was the delay in sending Germany tank units to the Normandy beaches which could of stopped the allies.Bunkers and fortifications to work if properly utilized. The only reason that the Magnot line failed in stopping the Germans is that the French did not have tank units in reserve to attack German tank columns.

  13. Shant said:

    It’s perfect timing to embarrass alihaV while he is entertaining Clinton.

  14. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    This man will end …
    Like Qadafi
    Ibn Ali …
    I hope soon
    So Hilary will visit her in His Jail…
    Or cry on his Grave…!

  15. George said:

    Nothing good can come out from Aliyev and his corrupt dictatorship family.

  16. RS said:

    Hilary Clinton will never be true to our cause wearing her oil-greased lenses. To American interests Armenians don’t count not unless Armenian mountains suddenly burst with the black precious oil. As there are just under 3 million Armenians in Armenia we better start empowering ourselves with our own nuclear weapons.

  17. George said:

    Armenians should be carefull there are forces trying to devide them, they should be carefull.

  18. shahe said:

    It does not require a whole world, or perhaps the MINSK group to be entangled in the issue of Artsakh. The solution is very simple as Columbus proved it with his egg. It does not even require any negotiations. Maintaining what exists today, namely the status quo, is the solution, or else Baku has still to answer the unfinished symphony that Artsakh is playing on stage for its audience. Clinton should keep in mind that lessons should be substantiated by their own personal acts. Shedding blood to defend and free an inch of land and live in security brings honor to the nation and that is not a pity. Clinton should differentiate between shedding blood in martyrdom from shedding blood in the aim of occupying other people’s sacred land. Clinton has to learn from history about the pride of nations, and in particular the Armenian nation. Subjugating even a small nation will boomerang and create an explosive situation over time. Even the historical pride of freedom in USA has fainted and has been oriented in an obscure direction. Good luck to Clinton and all those emigrating to USA, the land of alleged ‘freedom’.

  19. Gee said:

    they are both idiots….Alihav is an utter moron shrugging his shoulders saying “I don’t know.” MORONS!

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