Javakhk Activists Arrested

Georgy Mkhchyan

JAVAKHK—A local Armenian activist, who had recently aligned himself with Georgia’s opposition party, was arrested Sunday evening and charged with fraud, reported the Arm-Info news agency.

Georgy Mkhchyan, who was working in the campaign offices for Georgian Dream Party candidate Bidzina Ivanishvili, was taken by police. Local observers say the arrest was politically motivated with Javakhk Armenians who work with opposition forces are being targeted.

On June 3, the police initiated an investigation into another Javakhk activist, Melik Rayisyan, who was charged with fraud two days after joining the Georgian Dream Party and expressing his support for Ivanishvili.

Investigators from Georgia’s Finance Ministry have accused Mkhchyan of falsifying and forging documents in relation a land deal. The building on the land in question, currently houses the Akhalkalak offices of the Georgian Dream Party. reported that Rayisyan, who until 2008 was a member of the Georgian parliament representing the Akhalkalak region working closely with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili

Speaking to, Rayisyan’s son said that his father was concerned about the increasing Turkification of Javakhk under the current Georgian regime. “He did not our homeland to be turkified,” said Rayisyan’s son, Carlos, adding that his father joined the opposition Georgian Dream Party for that reason.

Until 2004, Rayisyan and his family lived in Akhalkalak. In 2007 they moved to Tbilisi. In the same year, Rayisyan moved to Armenia, while maintaining residences in Tbilisi and Akhalkalak, settling in Armenia permanently in 2008.

For five years, Mkhchyan was Rayisyan’s driver and he, too, joined the Georgian Dream Party, whose headquarters is on a plot owned by Rayisyan.

Mkhchyan’s father, Alik, told that his son’s arrest is politically motivated, asserting that the authorities aim was to shut down the Georgian Dream Party offices.

Mkhchyan’s attorney has indicated that the case will not be heard by the judiciary for another two months.

Ivanishvili Akhalkalak campaign manager Goga Zhvania told reporters Monday that Georgian authorities were creating immense obstacles for the opening of a campaign office in Javakhk, by closing roads and threatening workers.


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  1. Kevork said:

    It appears that all the Armenians of Javakhk need to be armed for a possible future self defense the way things are going. I would watch Turks and Azeris closely, and watch the Georgians even more closely. I have always been surprised by the hostility these Georgians have displayed, I would trust a Turk before any Georgian, and I don’t trust Turks.

  2. Zareh said:

    Armenia should attack Georgia and liberate Javakkh and have access to the Black sea through Adjaria. The Russians will have no trouble helping the Armenians against that Armenophobic leadership of Tblisi. Putin still has not forgotten that creep Saakashvilli during the Ossetia war. Georgia has to be fragmented into more pieces. The time has come to unite Javakkh with Armenia.

  3. Haykazun said:

    Shame, after seeing MIMINO , still ve have problem for Achalcalak which is pure Armenian land JAVAHCH

  4. Edward Demian said:

    Dumb s—s. Can’t leave well enough alone. The Georgians just can’t seem to learn. They lost South Ossetia, and that other place, now they are scratching the dirt, to rouse the Armenian population. They should look at the map, and realize that in case of an Armenian revolt, they would loose territory all the way up to Tiflis. From there, one can throw stones to S. Ossetia. Finally, The Russian dream of a land route to the Turkish border. The Armenian government does not want that, the population does not want that, so who decides to persecute the Armenian minority in Georgia and why???

  5. MK said:

    Never trust the Georgians,we should learn from our history that the Georgians always stabed us in the back,the same is happening now.We should get ready.

  6. Vahan said:

    Armenians have no friends, we have to fight Turks, Azeris, Georgians all the time. We can solve our problems with our neighbors only by building the Greater Armenia!

    • D.W. said:

      That “Greater Armenia” wet dream is the reason why your people are extremely racist and why your country is corrupted w/ oligarchs.