Warwick, RI Declares May 20 ‘Shoushi Liberation Day’

Warwick, RI City Hall

WARWICK, RI—The City of Warwick, RI, proclaimed May 20, 2012 as “Shoushi Liberation Day.”

“Due to the bravery of Armenian soldiers and excellent military strategy and organization, Shoushi was liberated,” said a proclamation by Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian, reported the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Office in the US.

“Attempts to reunify Artsakh and Armenia were met with resistance by Azerbaijan with murders, slaughters and torture,” the proclamation says, and emphasizes that “liberating Shoushi became a matter of life and death”. The proclamation also characterizes the liberation of Shoushi as “a turning point in the war” between Azerbaijan and Artsakh.

Mayor of Shoushi Garen Avakimyan thanked the Avedisian for the Proclamation. Avakimyan’s letter, in particular, said “Twenty years ago the city (of Shoushi) returned to the Armenian people to become a symbol of courage and perseverance, a symbol of a selfless struggle for freedom and justice.”


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  1. John said:

    Rhode Island’s Armenians are active, educated, and connected to the greater American society and that is why they are successful in getting the Rhode Island legislature to pass such things. The Armenians of the California need to copy that strategy. It is a shame that California only has one Armenian politician in the California legislature and he is leaving soon due to term limits. It is a further shame that we don’t have a single Armenian in the US Congress.

    • Hratch said:

      Too busy committing fraud, running banquet halls, and engaging in other non-Armenian quality activities. Not to mention being overly materialistic, politically apathetic and void of cultural interest.

  2. Ahmet said:

    Turks in NY are active. the State of New York passed a proclamation that Armenians committed genocide against the Azeris in 1918.

    Here is the link:


    By the way, Armenians in CA are known for their fraudulent nature, exploiting the social security. 80% of the native non-Armenian Glendaleians complain how corrupt the Armenians there are.

  3. Albert said:

    The Armenians of Southern California especially the majority of Glendale Armenians are too busy in the pursuit of materialism. It is sad that they lack to courage to leave the cradle of Glendale and seek to integrate better into American society such as being active in the political process.They get stuck living in Glendale and fail to explore this interesting country. I am not saying that they should loose the good values of Armenian culture but to become active citizens of the US. Many fail to master the English language.The occurrences of fraud are exclusively associated with uneducated Russian-Armenians but fraud occurs much more commonly among many people of the former Soviet Union whether they are ethnic Russians, Soviet Jews , Ukrainians,Belerussians or people from Eastern Europe. Communism was a cancer.