Turkey ‘Unhappy’ with Genocide Forum in Prague

Simon Krbec (photo by RFE/RL)

PRAGUE (Combined Sources)—The Turkish Embassy in the Czech Republic said it was “unhappy” that a prominent seminar was taking place its capital city focusing on the Armenian Genocide.

In his opening remarks, Armenia’s Ambassador to Prague, Tigran Seyranian, welcomed the seminar organized by the Research Center for Archeology of Evil and cited Franz Werfel’s “Forty Days of Musa Dagh” and commended the Czech Republic for commemorating April 24 every year, reported News.am

The seminar, which was held from June 18 to 20, was designed to highlight issues of racism, xenophobia and crimes against humanity and focused on the self-defense efforts in Musa Dagh, as well as Turkey’s continued policy of denial. Andrew Goldberg’s documentary entitled “The Armenian Genocide” was also screened.

But the center’s director Simon Krbec told RFE/RL that the Turkish Embassy in Prague was “unhappy” with the center for hosting the seminar and invited him and his colleagues to a meeting the day after the conference ended.

“We were asked why we chose, as they put it, a controversial issue such as the Armenian genocide for the conference,” he told RFE/RL’s Armenian service. “They tried to explain that they are not happy with this content of the conference, especially considering the fact that from their point of view we did not invite some Turkish researchers to that conference.”

“We replied that we are not dividing historical research into some national or opposite sides, that we follow the mainstream of research on genocide studies in the world,” Krbec told RFE/RL. “We said that, for example, the International Association of Genocide Scholars recognized the Armenian genocide as genocide. So we don’t see a reason to invite some Turkish researchers.”

“They provided us with books about their version of what happened in the Ottoman Empire and they invited us to Istanbul to study their archives,” he added.


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  1. ATB said:

    I think Turkey (the Government) will continue to be “unhappy” as long as they do not face up their history…Actually the people is ahead of their government and wants a settlement. But the issue goes deep in Turkish nation’s identity which many Turks have misconception and very difficult to accept certain truths of it…But they must, hopefully sooner than later…

  2. ARA said:

    Well well well Mr Turley representatives-house of lies and false history= I suppose u never killed a soul or is it that ur great grandparents were honest hardworking artisans and tillers of the land and providers to the people- BUTHCHERS and u occupy our land!! HA HA ha- shame on you- The Czechs know aggression and murder and butchers- GENOCIDE-see how it is spelled- can u repeat after me-!! wow- ur books are lies-prined and written under the sword-liars-the lot of u in govt- shll we prove more-! well- we want our lands and churches returned-or shall history repeat where we will move in ! we know ur calls-

  3. Sardar said:

    Quote “…they invited us to Istanbul to study their archives”. They have had almost a hundred years to sanitize their archives of incriminating evidence. Turks and their azeri cousins must be dumb enough to thnik that they can ‘fool all the people all the time’.

  4. bigmoustache said:

    their archives, what a joke. they were lying and calling it a deportation DURING the genocide. abdul hamid had gained so much notoriety in the western press for his brutality against armenians that the young turks KNEW they had to do the next genocide in secret.
    f*** the turks and their archives

  5. Truth said:

    Th truth about Armenian Geonocde is that it is true- The criminal Turkish state doen´t want to understand that the truth can´t be killed – since facts will remain facts!

    How long can rasist Turkey brainwash Turks!

  6. Krikor said:

    The more “unhappy” the Turkish Governmant is the better for the final victory of the truth

  7. Anna said:

    Really, the rebuttal is pretty simple. Where are all those people who lived there? Their churches are still there and monuments are still there. They were there up until recently and now… nothing, zip, zilch, nada. Where did they go?

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