3rd Volume of ‘Indian Armenians’ Yearbook Published

"Indian Armenians" Volume 3

KOLKATA, India—With the blessing of His Holiness Karekin II, the Catholicos of All Armenians, the third volume of the bilingual yearbook of the Armenian Church of India and Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy in Kalkata, ‘Indian Armenians – 2011’ was unveiled on August 8.

The founder of the yearbook, Very Rev. Father Khoren Hovhannisyan, Pastor of Armenians in India and Manager of Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy has commented in his opening message of the yearbook,

“In 2012, Armenians, all over the world, will celebrate the 500th anniversary of Armenian Typography.

The 2012 will be marked also with two more anniversaries in the life of Indian Armenians and both are connected with Madras (Chennai). The first one is the 300th anniversary of establishment of Saint Mary Armenian Church, the second one is the 240th anniversary of origination of Armenian Publication in Madras.”

This encyclopedic volume that was compiled with meticulous and arduous endeavour, in the legacy of the Armenian publications, bears testimony to the yearlong events in the Armenian Church and the Armenian Community in India. The yearbook also presents in a comprehensive way, the yearly activities, progress and achievements of the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy.

This yearbook which contains articles about the rich and glorious heritage of the Indian Armenians was sponsored by the Church Committee of Holy Nazareth, Kolkata.


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  1. Saaten Maagar said:

    It is absolutely amazing that the Catholicos finds it worthwhile to subsidize the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy of India by sending Armenian students from Armenia over to India to study Armenian. India, where in actuality there are literally 5 or 6 Armenian families in the whole country of over 1 Billion. It is equally amazing that he also is still silent and indifferent towards the closure of the Melkonian Educational Institute in Cyprus a few years ago. An Institution that obviously today is needed now more than ever with the political climate in Syria, Egypt the Middle East as a whole and East Europe, where an Armenian secondary High School does not exist. God and a few of us only know what the real reason behind the silence is.

  2. Antranik said:

    I agree with Saaten on the indifference of most Armenian organizations towards the closure of the Melkonian Educational Institute in Cyprus a few years ago. Very few Armenian organizations voiced opposition to the closure. On the issue of subsidizing the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy of India, I disagree. The Indian Armenian community is very rich with Community assets, which those 5 to 50 families control and whatever is left they send it to Armenia.

  3. Moorat said:

    I congratulate Vardapet Khoren on publishing the year book ‘Indian Armenians’ may I bring to light that this series (Indian Armenians ) has been published in India over a century ago by the School admistration and the Armenians of Madras. This was a yearly publication by the Armenian College and Philantropic Academy for many many years. The first publishing was in 1873 and included the simlar contents. It was discontinued during different periods due to changes in admistration but was always there right till 80’s. Very Very Rev. Gulgulian also revived the college year book during his tenure as Manager and Pastor but did not take credit of being the poineer. I think it is in correct for Pastor to claim that this was his initiative. The Armenians of Madras were the makers of journalism and prrinting presses. Hence it is evident that there was a yearly and also monthy publications on the Community. I am sorry to disappoint Vardapet for his overseeing such a historical information. Moorat Vasken

    • lora said:

      I would like to also join people who are going for the celebrations in Madras this year. I assume it would be same as the previous one, I had the chance to visit in 2008 for the Nazareth Church 300th Anniversary, it was a wonderful experience. The Rev. and the Armenian Church Community during that time mentioned that they would make it an international occasion again. I look forward to hear about this soon from the Rev. Hovannisyan and the Armenian Committee.

      • kirk said:

        Oh no!!I but I did not hear anything? Any photos? But 300th is this year.

  4. shimran said:

    Please don’t ask to get this year book it is like the others which has only reports of the pastor and the pastor and nothing worthwhile for the reader. I had received previous editions and saw it very amatuer and not worth asking for one to be posted, like again I did sending him postal charges. It has all the praises off people prasing him and his new renovations and offices. He needs to write on the Armenians living in India and the school, students not himself and his bogos articles. Which is mostly plagarised from other people works. I hope the pastor gets it by now not to do this any more on himself only. Ask for a copy if you want to see what i write is true or not. Next time I would like to see reports from Armenians in India and the students and the community in the diaspora. Thanks you. Shimran baki

  5. Nune said:

    Dear Saaten and Magaar,

    I feel for you both with what you have stated. As you are much aware that the Catholicos was not interested with the Melkonians plea as we had nothing to offer. I believe some the Armenians of India gave away the college due to pressure from Armenia it was done in a scrupolous way. It is said that the college and its property is worth millions of dollars which the Catholicos will be more than happy to carry all the assets to Armenia and rob everything that is left of the Armenians living in India. The Armenians of India should be cautioned of any under takings. It i also strange to see so much intertes in Armenian of India. Nune Tiryan