Prelacy Churches to Offer Prayers for Syria

Syria damage

LA CRESCENTA—By a decree by Western Prelate Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian on Sunday, August 12 during Divine Liturgy on the Feast of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God, “Der Voghormya” prayers will be offered in all Prelacy Churches for the safety and tranquility of the Syrian people and nation.

In past weeks, the conflict in Syria has been escalating, especially in Aleppo and Damascus, causing a humanitarian and financial crisis for the Syrian people, including the large Armenian communities in both cities.  In the coming days there will be relief efforts, of which we will keep our faithful informed.

All are invited to express their support to the Syrian people by joining us on Sunday to pray for Almighty God to safeguard the innocent people of Syria caught in the middle of this conflict, and for peace to prevail in the country.


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  1. Taparagan said:

    Armenians should not forget that the acual Syrian president-s grand father Assad,a leader of the Alawite mountain close to Lattakia helped a lot of Armenians deported by the turks saving them from starvation! His grand father was a Righteous man! In the years after 1915 the Assad Family helped in setteling a lot of Armenians around Lattakia.

    • Hratch said:

      So what you’re saying is that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander?? What about all the people slaughtered by this family? What about a nation kept hostage for a privileged few? What about the suffering of the Lebanese people? What about human rights, human dignity and self determination?

      Don’t be so self serving to create new enemies. We need to expand our horizon a little if we desire to be taken seriously by other peoples and nations.

      • Aram said:

        Hratch …….. Stop your propaganda campaign …. you know better than all of us what will happen when the “rebels” inter the Armenian suburbs….. Just think about your brothers and sisters before you talk about human rights, the first right is to live.

      • Greg said:

        You are right. In civil wars many people die. In the US Civil War, many innocent people also died.
        Now that the rebels are killing many people, they don’t have a clean history either.

  2. Gary_S said:

    I have mixed fellings about Syria. Assad has been good to the Christians. However, Syria will remain 3rd world until it opens up its economy to outside businesses. You’ll rarely see any outside businesses there. Seems to be closed up.

  3. Zareh said:

    Syrian Armenians don’t need prayers. They need arms and weapons to defend their families. Didn’t we learn anything from the genocide? We can only depend on ourselves to defend our families. No one is coming to help the Syrian Armenians. And if the opposition takes control of Aleppo and if they ever attack the Armenians the Republic of Armenia should bombard the opposition forces with their jets. No more Khrimian Hayrig ladles.