Aznavour Angers Javakhk Armenians

Charles Aznavour

AKHALTSKHA, Javakhk—Renowned singer and Armenia’s Ambassador to Switzerland Charles Aznavour has angered the Armenian population of Javakhk by agreeing to perform at an official ceremony on Thursday for the reopening of the historic Rabat Fortress, where reportedly he will be performing in front of a mosque, which has also been renovated by official Tbilisi.

Several organizations from Samtskhe Javakheti and Kvemo Kartili, in an announcement, expressed distress over Aznavour’s decision to perform at this government-sponsored celebration, arguing that while official Tbilisi has funded the reconstruction of a mosque, it is dragging its feet to return the St. Mark (Neshan) Church back to the Armenian Diocese.

The group urged Aznavour to cancel his plans.

“By taking part in the concert, Aznavour will inadvertently bolster the official Georgian policy of violating the rights of the Javakhk Armenians,” the statement by the several organizations warned.

“Aznavour’s participation will have a negative impact on the great singer’s reputation among Javakhk Armenians,” the organizations claimed

Aznavour, whose ancestors are from Akhltskha, reportedly will be joined by a 25-person orchestra and will perform his traditional repertoire during the government-sponsored celebration. He arrived in Georgia on Wednesday.

Last week, a group of Javakhk Armenians in Russia also made a similar request from Aznavour. They claimed that while the majority of the funding for the renovation of the 16th century fortress was provided by the Georgian government, there was Turkish funding that augmented the costs of the renovation.

The Russia-based Javakhk Armenians stated that according to Georgian press reports that during negotiations with Turkey, Georgia has proposed that alongside renovation of the Azizieh Mosque in Batumi, the Ahmadieh Mosque at the Rabat Fortress be included in the plans. In return, the Georgian government will declare the Ahmadieh Mosque, in front which Aznavour is reportedly scheduled to perform, will be declared a historic monument.

Aznavour nor his representatives have commented on whether the singer is scheduled to perform at the fortress opening ceremonies.


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  1. GB said:

    Georgia is under influence of azer baboon and Turkey!!The Mosque business is a Turkish game and money for Georgia…and I am sure Charles knows that!! Not only Armenians, but most normal civilized Georgians are frustrated with with Mr. double AA’s action, who sold Georgia to Turkic world!!

  2. Avery said:

    Let us cut Mr. Aznavour some slack.
    He has done a lot for his people.

    He has a good heart.
    He is a man of peace.

    This too shall come to pass.

  3. hagop hagopian said:

    Of course he is going to go ahead with the concert, what did anyone expect from this money worshiping wH@@@. Didn’t he perform on April 22 and didn’t mention anything about the Armenian Genocide, however, he kept reminding the audiance of the jewish holocaust! Where was he on April 24th? He pocketed the dollars and headed back to france! Wasn’t he collaborating with the french government and badmouthing Armenian martyr. Wasn’t he part of the protocols? Don’t expect anything from individuals like this, these are some of our traitors amongst us.
    Let’s see if I pissed off the editors at asbarez. Man, sometimes it sounds better living under the soviet union, at least you know when you’re going to be censored or not.

    • ana said:

      It is so Armenian to say only negative things….call traitors to ones that you are not agree with…At least Charles A. did so much for Armenians and Armenia, and still does…but no, blame and forget everything just because he wants to participate in Consert? So what, maybe he is a clever polititian who knows that you have to find a way to live in peace with your neighbors…

  4. Zareh said:

    I could never figure him out. Sometimes he comes across as a great patriot and sometimes he makes this kind of boo-boos.
    I hope eventually he comes to his senses and moves his concert into a more appropriate location in Javakh.
    I think he will eventually do the right thing.

  5. Avetis said:

    I don’t understand why we naive Armenians make a big deal over this ultra-liberal, multiculturalist, interracialist, Muslim loving, self-hating diasporan who barely speaks Armenian…. Even his songs suck!

    There, I said it.

    • Կարեն said:

      What is the point of trashtalking one of the greatest Armenians of the 20th century? What have you, Avetis, done to make sure that Azanavour is aware of the relationship between the Javakhk Armenians and the Georgian government?

  6. Վազգէն said:

    I think his fame wouldn’t survive his life amongst Armenians…

  7. said:

    “Official Tbilisi” is broke and has no money for such renovations. The mosques are restored on Turkish dime. They were built on Armenian lands and in exchange for this favor Georgia gets churches in Turkey… Armenian churches in Turkey!!

    How smart – two thieves exchange stolen Armenian properties and call them theirs and an Armenian gets “an honor” to sing at their celebration picnic.

  8. Vartan Thomasian said:

    Dea Aznavour, If you are not going to respond to the Javakhki Armenians calls and are going to perform, The best thing to do is to perform, your most beloved song. The Song that says THEY WERE KILLED BECAUSE THEY WHERE ARMENIANS, Go ahead and do it , Please.

  9. George said:

    He is a good Armenian, he has done so much to Armenia and Armenians, I believe in his intentions, time will tell if his decision is right or wrong.

  10. Krikor said:

    Dera Aznavour
    You should consider the tragic situation of the Armenians in Georgia and have the dignity of changing the venue of the concert

  11. Arziv said:

    We can close the chapter on Aznavour. He is old, maybe senile. Does he know what he is doing ?. He has done a lot for the homeland; thank you Aznavour , it was your duty and responsibility to do as much as you could for your race and not ask anything in return. From now on, going forward Aznavour has outlived his usefulness to the homeland. If he wants to sing, it is his prerogative as an individual; but a an official representative of Armenia he should be more responsible and conscious of the consequences of his actions. Aznavour already lost its lustre and shine the moment he begun championing the Protocols; the Protocols was a scimitar to the body and soul of Armenia and Aznavour was one of his most ardent supporters. I met , personally, Aznavour in 1976. He was made of a different stuff then.

  12. Ray said:

    Georgia has always loved to kiss Turkish feet it is well proved though history please my Armenian,Greek,Assyrian Christian brothers and sisters why did the Turks kill all these minorities but not the Christian Georgians? Ask yourself this question!

    As for Mr. Aznvour let him put his hand on this heart and do what he feels is right I have a lot of respect for the Maestro he has done a lot for Armenian’s and Humanity!

  13. Parsik said:

    I wouldn’t make a comment about this Aznavour, because I have too much respect for the old guy

  14. ARA said:

    Well- the Georgians have had to put up with us for a long time and they never really liked us- while we-always smarter than them-prospered in their countryside and cities-we know they are NOT OUR Friends- Aznavour is a schmuck-once some 30+ years ago he insulted me for being “fat”-overweight-little realizing that maybe the emotional part of an overweight person did not need to hear that- his wealth and music while great and loved by many shit poop stinks louder than most Armenians-like a traitor-got wealthy-in our culture-as we supported him- maybe a muslim turk lovin sniper will shake his hand someday- he is not a GREAT Armenian-he happens to be a turk

  15. Hripsime said:

    Mr. Aznavour is a great man! He is not stupid nor naive! Remember his great works for Armenians and Armenia!

    • Avetis said:

      A singer cannot be a “great” man, and he is in fact very stupid and naive regarding politics. After all, he is an Armenian…

      • Shant Melkonian said:

        Sir, does your ‘stupit’ statement include you? According to your name, your are Armenian afterall, right?

  16. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    The Javakh Armenians are right in protesting the Aznavour Concert in front of a Mosque. Armenians should always support our brothers for all their problems they are going thru with the Georgian Government whom is trying to drive them out of our 3000 year homeland. We pray that Aznavour will back down & go to a more desirable location.