ANCA Poll 10 To 1 Against Turkey-Armenia Protocols

The ANCA Facebook poll results

WASHINGTON—Voting is continuing, this week, in an informal Armenian National Committee of America on-line Facebook poll regarding the Turkey-Armenia Protocols, with results running roughly 10 to 1 in favor of the Armenian government withdrawing from the controversial bilateral accords.

The question reads simply: “Is it time for Armenia to drop the Turkey-Armenia Protocols?” As of Friday morning, the poll was running 1226 for dropping the Protocols, and 119 for keeping them.  Votes have been cast, and comments posted, from across the United States, throughout Armenia, and around the world.

The poll is open to all Facebook users, even those who are not ANCA friends.  The name of each voter is publicly displayed.

Poll results are available to all on the ANCA Facebook. Facebook users must be logged into their account to cast a vote.


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  1. Alex Postallian said:

    In law school,in equity,both sides have to come into court with clean hands.jerky turkey always had dirty hands,and a forked tongue,mongol heritage.

  2. Sam said:

    Two points:
    First, I don’t see how an ANCA directed poll would get a random sample that is representative of the Armenian community? ANCA supporters tend to be more ARF supportive, and less progressive in foreign/economic policy.

    Second, and more importantly, to what extent do the opinions of the Diaspora matter on questions of geo-economic interest to RA residents — who are solely subject to the contraction, recession, or depression of the Armenian economy? Although I’m inclined to say that Diasporean opinions do matter, at the same time, it may not be wise to leave important economic questions at the mercy of people who are overly emotional, i.e. a large part of the Armenian Diaspora.

    I wouldn’t say that we should open the borders, or ratify the protocols. But this is an important issue that needs to be carefully considered. It’s a complex issue. Consider, just as an example, that Georgia currently holds a de facto monopoly on transit routes to/from Armenia. This is only one of many issues that need to be consider.

  3. Garegin Manasraian said:

    Never let the Turkey be a main political player in that area. Turkey’s politics look like a watermelon, nobody knows what’s inside.

  4. Arziv said:

    The protoclos are the death knell of armenia. What Talaat and Enver failed to accomplish in 1918, the protocols, a century later would finish the unfinished job. The protcolos would be a boon to the oligarch class in our political hierarchy, but it would signal the beginning of our end as a sovereign or independent nation. Our oligarchs would become the neo pashas for the neo porte of ankara. What a waste, a 1.5m of the our very best sacrificed for a bunch of oligarch to sell our souls and that of our ancestors in a series of protocols.