Genocide? What Genocide? Turkish Minister Says ‘Turkey Doesn’t Know What Genocide Is’

Turkey EU-Affairs Minister Egemen Bagis is a notorious Genocide denier

ANKARA—Notorious Genocide-denying Turkish Minister of EU Affairs said Tuesday that Turkey doesn’t know what Genocide is, claiming, once again, that there was never a Genocide in Turkey’s history.

Egemen Bagis comments came during the opening ceremony of an educational facility, where he also expressed his opposition to a decision in France to include the Armenian Genocide as part of French public school curriculum.

“If only all countries’ past had been simple and transparent just like Turkey’s past. No genocides have occurred in Turkey’s history. What’s genocide? Turkey doesn’t know what genocide is,” Bagis told the Milliyet daily.

Bagis claimed that Turks are proud of their history and forebears.

France announced that it has included a chapter about the Armenian Genocide in secondary school textbooks, which will be used across the country.

Bagis was quick to voice Turkey’s “strong protest” over this decision urging Paris to not test bilateral relations “once again,” reported the Hurriyet newspaper.

“I call on the French authorities to intensify efforts to resolve the Nagorno Karabakh conflict in the framework of OSCE Minsk Group rather than distort the historical facts,” Bagis said.

Turkish Education Ministry officials said they will first need to examine the book and see if it “includes phrases that incriminate Turkey and they will respond in line with international law through diplomatic channels.”

Today’s Zaman reported that the chairman of the Turkish Parliament’s powerful education committee accused the French government of planting the seeds of hate with its move to include the Armenian Genocide in history and geography books.

Nabi Avcı, chairman of the National Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Commission, told Today’s Zaman in a phone interview on Monday that “the erosion of French culture and moving to the radical right in French politics that started with [former president Nicolas] Sarkozy continues to have a negative impact on the French education system.”

“I just hope that sensible French intellectuals will raise their voices against this kind of provocative move that will plant seeds of hate into minds of young people in France,” he added.


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    • GB said:

      Every day is a “Fool Day” for Turkish well paid ministers!! They know how to keep their own population in dark side of the moon, they have same feeling toward civilized world, hiding pile up rotten crap, under newly designated Turkish diaper, with a moon and star symbol on it!!

  1. Vahan Luder Artinian said:

    Funny comment (“Turkey doesn’t know what Genocide is”!) That would be the ideal excuse of the denier of a crime – innocent even from knowledge of the concept of the crime. However, not knowing the crime they are committing does not excuse them. And that they are denying the crime is proof enough that they know only too well the magnitude of the crime and what it constitutes.

    How might someone be able to teach Turkey what genocide is? Perhaps one (and one’s race, one’s nation) needs to have experienced it in order to know what it is?

    Denying a particular instance of a crime (as Turkey’s denial of the Armenian Genocide) is a lesser crime than denying the crime in general, the very existence of the crime. And we can rest assured that Bagis is not so ignorant as to be truly unacquainted with the term and the concept of “genocide”, and conclude that, therefore, he is actually denying the very existence of the crime of genocide. With this remark, at least this Turk has passed into a more serious instance of the crime of denegoscelus (denial of a crime).

  2. Kevork said:

    Since Turkey doesn’t know what genocide is, perhaps that’s the problem. For Turkey, committing genocide is like getting a drink of water. No wonder 95% of Turks are backwards, primitive, hard-headed ignoramuses.

  3. Hrant K. said:

    Once again the unethical, dispicable “so called minister (please) egemen bagis” is barking,
    closing his ears for hearing the truth, shutting his mind from reason, and looking away from
    his ancestors committed “Crimes Against Humanity” ! This Dishuman should be kicked out
    of Europe( and never be allowed to enter its borders) for his Racist and “Ignorant Pretending” remarks and be sewed by the International Court Of Justice for meddling and tampering with Historic Facts! Our 1.5 Million Martyrs deserve much much better than this!! egemen bagis is no better than S.Milosevic, or Ch.Taylor or even ADOLF HITLER !!! His diplomatic immunity should be removed from him, as there is nothing respectable about him as a human being or even representing his country’s “interests” unlawfully!!!
    He needs to be Court martialed at an Armenian Nuerenberg, for being worse than Talaat, Enver and Jemal
    Trio Monsters! I wonder what the nobel laureat Mr Orhan Pamuk thinks about him??!!

  4. Arziv said:

    This Bagis is a notorious clown. It is condenscending to pay attention to the absurd excremental statements coming out of his odoriferous mouth. He should lecture at Universities and international forum on how to carry out effective and efficient genocidal policies without ever being charged or incriminated for it. turkey’s history is very transparent indeed, a nation steeped in ethnicide and borne on the back of genocide.

  5. hagop hagopian said:

    ARA harif, genocide, what genocide, then why in the world are you and wh@@@s like yourself go all crazy when another country recognizes the death of Armenians.
    I looked up the world’s dummest animal, the answer was a cow, but to compare your intelligence to cow, would really insult the cow population of this planet.
    I clearly understand your position, attempting to feel comfortable in a human body, but I bet it;s challenging to deal with a cameleons vision.

  6. Haik Azad said:

    Turkish people know very well what genocide is-it is turkish politicians that play the fool talking turkey,but they must be excluded from the human race being the allahtans they are.Lets pray for the soul of this minister knowing very well he hasnt got one

  7. Stefan said:

    Its rather ironic that the Turks speak about ” Seeds of Hate” their seeds of hate were planted centuries ago, they have all germenated and are all mature trees providing shade and courage for hate and fabricated history, the trees are called the Turkish nationalist movement where they plan and authorize systematic kilings of Christians & anyone that dares to oppose them or speak about the Genocide.

    Ask the Hamshen Armenians about why even today they have deep fears and suspicions of Turkish authorities and why till now their children are forced to speak turkish at schools by force.

  8. Barkev Asadourian said:

    Genocide means as per order Talat Pasha on April 24th 1915 to distroy the Armeniansp all around the World, later to
    save one Sample and that to be kept in Musium, Now Armenia is Free Great Country with its Great ArmenianPeople getting growing!!! Please add to your Knowledge-)

  9. M.S.K. said:

    I am surprised to hear that a Minister of so called Turkey (who migrated from unknown outerspace to our forefatherland) doesn’t know the meaning of Genocide. Armenian Genocide is well known throughout the world and most of the civilized countries have already recognized your parents’ crime. Pasha Minister don’t try to threat France; they are well educated people and you cannot change their admitting of the Armenian genocide. A Minister, doesn’t know the meaning of genocide, Minister of approx. 70 million people. Don’t you think your illiteracy and denial is full of fun?

  10. ARA said:

    Hey what is turkey? an animal-wild or ddmestic and we eat it- no turkey says much- ha ha ha- a turkey u r

  11. Krikor said:

    Is he that ignorant? He must be.My advice to him, read the definition ! by Raphael Lemkin !

  12. Globalcitizen said:

    This guy is a clown. No one in their right mind would take this pathetic piece of garbage seriously.

  13. Karpis said:

    This man is a lunatic and not worthy of news.
    people just laugh at him. No one takes him seriously.
    His the turkish idiot that has been thrown into the circus by his masters just to make a fool of himself

  14. gayane said:

    Once a denying idiot always a denying idiot….

    This clown is absolutely hillarious.. the Turkey’s middle name is Genocide…. he probably came out of another planet to speak such dumb and idiotic words.. wow…

    no wonder Turkey’s intelligence level is wayyy too low…

  15. Saaten Maagar said:

    Why bother to tell us what this idiot is saying? Everytime this guy opens his mouth, what comes out is only stuff that you should flush down a toilet. Even Turks are sick and tired hearing his nonsence.

  16. GB said:

    It seems to me, that brain washed Turkish minister, likes to transfer famous Turkey’s penal code 301, into French public school curriculum, “You are all Armenian, you are all bastards”

  17. levon sanosyan said:

    Mr. Egemen Bagis go and smell the roses! Did you know that Turkey is the author of the word Genocide! Now that you know this, you can go and ask Erdogan, Davutoglu, Gul, Hillery Clinton and others like you to repent for your ignorance. You can have all the bilatiral relations you wish to have with all the Mongols, Chingiz Khans and Lang Temurs. For your information these are your ancestors if you wish to know. You belong to a barbarian race if you can call the Turk being of a mankind race. Mongolian Turks have given nothing to the world culture and what they claim to have is not theirs, it is all stolen from others. Now you can go and dance with yours alike and kick around all you want. SIKTIR! And finallyTurkey has no place in the European Union. The Turks are bad news and everyone knows this fact. Remember Victor Hugo once said that the Turks have crossed this road and all they have left is nothing but ruins for the human race. Your face also is very similar to the bloody Abdul Hamid. Do you know Abdul Hamid? You put a fez on your head and you will look like Abdul Hamid. You can wear all the European suits with the western money handed to you but remember that a Turk will always remain a Turk and that is ” TURKEY THE AUTHOR OF GENOCIDE.”

    • hagop hagopian said:

      You refer to this moron as a Mr.? I guess he spat on your face and you’ll still respect him

  18. Raffi said:

    How Turkey wants to integrate into EU if he doesn’t have the courage to conforont it’s past, and make right what their forefathers have done it wrong.

  19. Ani said:

    Is this delusional troll mouthing off again?
    He should put his mouth where the sun don’t shine.

  20. Sevag said:

    They should open a college course “Genocide Denial” and teach students how Genocide is denied by using Turkey as an example. It would be an interesting course to see the tactics and propaganda invovled in covering up crimes against humanity. Sudan could also be thrown in there, as well as how countries pick and choose which Genocides are important enough to recognize versus those that are not for political purposes.

  21. Edward said:

    There was never a Genocide in Turkey’s history! Then the school that you, your colleagues and your president etc……. have studied history is not a valid or never existed, the history is made up by you and your grandfathers who killed my grandfather/s. For how long you are going to stay denial? One day you and your BIG supporter will bow your heads and confess, you can’t change the history even when the end comes.

  22. Anton A said:

    “Turkey doesn’t know what genocide is”, says the infamous minister Egemen Bagis with a straight face. Really? I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry for this misguided mental midget. Do you know that you, Mr Bagis, just insulted your Turkishness, and it is prosecutable under the penal code 301, I can JOKE around too you know. Listen pal, If butchering 1.5 million victims does not constitute as genocide under the model code of Turkish genocidal conduct, then you are absolutely, 100% right. Please have another sip of that Turkish Talat Pasha raki. Oh by the way, I think the Assyrians, Pontian Greeks, Alevis, and the list goes on, could just as easily remind you that you are full of your own crap. Just relieve yourself; acknowledge it and you’ll never suffer from intellectual constipation. Germans did it, so can Turks.The Turkish nation is acting like one giant jumping bean every-time the “G’ word is mentioned.

  23. jacque said:

    Do theese Turks even know about their History?
    the RED in their flag stands for rhe inocent miority (mainley ARMENIAN) Blood. and its a lot of red.
    every dog has his day and Turkeys day will come to.
    its time for US text books to include the Armenian Genocide. we as citizens have the wright to ask for it.
    History can not be forgotten or it will repeat itself.

  24. Ray said:

    So MR. Egeman there was no genicide? Ok so why hasn’t your goverment invited all the Armenian’s all the family’s the Ottamans distroyed all the children that where left without there parents back to there homes and lands, if as you say you Turks
    are without any sins invite Armenian’s back to there native lands and return them there lands and property’s
    why not? As you said you have not done nothing wrong you just removed them from danger right?
    We are all waiting for your answer Mr. Egeman it’s been almost 100 years answer to us if you are man enough?

  25. bigmoustache said:

    i can only hope that they examine the book and make a big deal out of it, what idiots theyre digging themselves in a deeper hole

  26. Aram said:

    Frankly, I think Asbarez should not have published this article, because it is not worthy of a news. Who cares or wants to read what he says, I have heard this denial, or lack of recognition so many times. It is time for us Armenians to come up with a new approach, those of building a democratic, fair, strong Armenia and our self confidence, then, the rest will follow.

  27. Gary said:

    Go read some international factual books and also find the pages that is missing from your own government archives you clever f@#ing A@@

  28. A visitor said:

    Fine if this idiot doesn’t know what genocide is…perhaps I can “enlighten” him.

    Actual genocides-crimes against humanity that involve getting ride of in half (could be all males, or all females) group of people (race, religion, ethnicity, nation) to the point where no more babies can be of that group.

    Actual Genocides: Armenian Genocide, Holocaust, Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rwanda, Darfur and more recently perhaps….Myanmar (need more info and evidence on this).

    Perhaps the idiot also did not know that “The Forty Days of Musa Dagh” was banned in Nazi Germany not just because it was written by a Jew, but also because it talked about the genocide against the Armenians and the Turkish government asked Hitler to ban the book, which he gladly did!

    I bet he also doesn’t know that Armin Wegner also wrote a letter to Hitler asking him to leave the Jews alone, since Armin was there during WW1 and took many pictures while he was off duty of the suffering Armenians and managed to publish them and show them to the world. He risked his life both in WW1 and under Nazi Germany to get this info out to the public!

    I just can’t understand why he has to be such a mean jerk, how can anyone stand anyone like him or those other people that deny this severe crime against humanity! I as a non-Christian am insulted by these people’s (deniers) insensitivity!

  29. A visitor said:

    Also how can he say that you don’t know what a genocide is when Turkey officially recognize what happened to the Azeri as a genocide?

    What about the Holocaust, is that just a “myth” too? I thought Hitler was inspired by the Turks to commit atrocities against Jews, Polish and other Slavic peoples, handicapped peoples, gypsies, homosexuals, and everyone else that nobody liked!

    This idiot is almost seconds away from denying the Holocaust if you think about it, it will mean that he will do all he can to get people to think that he’s smart and that he’s got something to say or that he has any say-so in how each country around the world can look at the Armenian Genocide! It’s a waste of breath and money!

    This is exactly why we can’t “leave history” to the historians! Because if you do that then you will get people like Hitler, who could have cared less about the Armenians!

    We need to spread the quote of Hitler’s around the internet so that people will know what is going on!

  30. Gary_S said:

    Guess he thinks Ataturk, the founder of Turkey, is lying when he said this in LA Examiner paper,
    “These left-overs from the former Young Turk Party, who should have been made to account for the millions of our Christian subjects who were ruthlessly driven en masse, from their homes and massacred, have been restive under the Republican rule.”

  31. Samvel Jeshmaridian, PhD said:

    Turkey’s EU-Affairs Minister Egemen Bagis politically is a Genocide denier and anthropologically He is an Armenian.

  32. Ararat said:

    This Turkish a$$hole should be run through the meat grinder MAFIA style. This loud-mouth, frog-faced Mongol mutt insults an entire nation by either hiding behind his diplomatic immunity overseas or from the safety of his backyard. He is nothing more than a chicken sh*t like the rest of them.

    His callous behavior and deliberate words show how unimportant, insignificant and expendable (not essential and not worth preserving) Armenian lives are to him to make such irresponsible remarks. He says he does not know what genocide is but knows how to deny it. Perhaps he could learn what genocide is if he experienced it first-hand.

    • hagop hagopian said:

      But, according to the state department, the EU and all those turcophiles he is the new and improved version of the ottoman turk.

  33. helen takessian said:

    not only is this ass ignorant of what genocide is but his comments of France including genocide studies in french schools prove he dosn’t know what extortion is!

  34. artashes said:

    I do not give a damn about what Turks say anymore. I know that Turkey is doomed by the Kurdish determination to create Kurdistan, and that will happen within 25 years. I just keep stats of how many Turkish soldiers are killed each month, and I can predict that this week another PKK attack will take place… Kurds have broken the Turkish moral forever. Armenians should press Tukey with genocide even more vigorously.

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