Armenia Suspends Relations with Hungary

President Sarkisian addresses the foreign diplomatic corps on Friday

YEREVAN—President Serzh Sarkisian suspended all relations with Hungary Friday in the aftermath of that country’s decision to covertly extradite an Azeri officer who brutally murdered an Armenian soldier in 2004 during a joint NATO military retreat, reported the presidential press service.

After meeting with Armenia’s National Security Council, Sarkisian convened a meeting of the foreign diplomatic corps to convey Armenia’s anger and its decision to immediately suspend relations with Hungary.

Lt. Ramil Safarov sentenced to life in prison in Hungary for hacking to death Armenian officer, Lt. Gurgen Markarian, was sent back to Azerbaijan Friday and, despite assurances, was immediately pardoned and freed by Azeri President Ilham Aliyev.

Safarov was given a life sentence in 2006 by the Budapest City Court after he confessed to killing Markarian while both were in Hungary for a 2004 NATO language course.

Hungary returned the 35-year-old Safarov to Azerbaijan only after receiving assurances from the Azerbaijani Justice Ministry that Safarov’s sentence, which included the possibility of parole after 25 years, would be enforced.

In very terse remarks, Sarkisian condemned Hungary for the transfer and also criticized the international community for not responding to apparent warnings by Armenia, which adhered to international calls to not politicize the case.

In an earlier meeting with Armenia’s National Security Council, Sarkisian announced that he has instructed the defense ministry to place all troops on high alert and urged the National Assembly to convene an emergency session. He also announced that he has a “special assignment” for the head of Armenia’s National Security Service Gorik Hakpyan.

Below is the text of Sarkisian’s remarks to diplomats as presented by the presidential office without edits:

Distinguished Ambassadors:

Unfortunately today we invited you to the President’s Office on an extraordinary occasion. As you should know, an officer of the Azeri military who had killed Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan, was transferred to Azerbaijan. The President of Azerbaijan – and we have been warning about it – has immediately granted pardon to him.

This has happened because the Government of Hungary, a member State of the European Union and NATO, has made a deal with the authorities of Azerbaijan.

I do not want to revisit the circumstances of the murder of Gurgen Margaryan; you are very well aware of them. As the trial had demonstrated, the horrendous manslaughter took place only because Gurgen Margaryan was an Armenian.

Immediately after this crime had been perpetrated the Hungarian authorities as well as our partners – EU and NATO member States, were continually urging us to refrain from politicizing that process. We were continually urged to trust the judiciary of Hungary, a member State to those important alliances.

We have been closely following all the developments around that criminal. This issue has been discussed during each and every meeting with the President, Speaker of the Parliament, Foreign Minister and Ambassador of Hungary, and we have been assured on numerous occasions that such a transfer or a return of a criminal to Azerbaijan was excluded. We have received that same response to our requests during our contacts just a few days ago with the representatives of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry and Parliament. But as a result of perfidious developments the murderer has turned up in Baku and got released.

I have nothing to say about Azerbaijan – just plainly nothing. That country speaks about itself with the actions it takes, and I am not the one to explain those steps.

Ambassadors, Ladies and Gentlemen:

With their joint actions the authorities of Hungary and Azerbaijan have opened the door for the recurrence of such crimes. With this decision they convey a clear message to the butchers. The slaughterers hereafter are well aware of impunity they can enjoy for the murder driven by ethnic or religious hatred.


I officially announce that as of today we suspend diplomatic relations and all official contacts with Hungary.

We expect a precise and unambiguous response by all our partners with regard to this incident.

Anyone who tolerates this, will tomorrow be held responsible to history.

Half-measures and circumlocution are not acceptable.

We will judge the attitude of our partners towards the security of the Armenian nation by their response to this incident.

I request you urgently to convey this as my personal message to the Heads of your States and Governments.

That is all I wanted to say. I do not know if Q&A will make sense or not? I think it won’t since what happened can hardly be accommodated by a reasonable mind. A country that considers itself developed and civilized does not have the right to behave this way and it well deserves proper assessment by its partners.


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  1. Dvo said:


    a world without justice as long as you have power in this case oil you can do everything
    when are my Armenian brothers gone wake up Turks will not rest intil Armenians are completely destroyed
    WHY THE HELL NOBODY EVER CONDEMS AZERBAIJAN) They have broken all peace agreements this country only is serves by one puropse to black male and to exterminate Armenians.
    We need strong leaders for like Vazgen Sargsyan somone who could stand up and speak for us.
    Sometimes you have to stand up and fight against the bully if you want win

  2. Sevag said:

    Wow – bold and great move by Armenia.
    Can we now make a bold push to the US government and push the envelope and put pressure on the US to recognize the genocide with the same tenacity turkey pressures the US not to?

    • said:

      Recognize the Genocide and what?!

      We should stop begging for their meaningless recognitions!! Who needs them?

      It’s like a gang member in LA entered your home and murdered your family. And you ran away cross country and came to a parish council in Louisiana and started begging them to issue a proclamation that a gangster in LA killed your family – this is your response?

      And when they refuse to do so you continue asking them to reconsider for the next 100 years??

  3. Sevag said:

    and throw Azerbaijan into that fire as well, in pressuring the US to allow NKR in on the negotiation process, since NKR did sign the cease-fire with Azerbaijan, ultimately making them a recognized entity by Azerbaijan, and push the envelope in making a parallel comparison between the freedom and rights the people of NKR want, just like the forefather’s that built the US wanted for their people?

    • Setta said:

      Why waste time negotiating with those thugs? Why not just formally recognize the entire reclaimed territories as independent or annex Keljabar, Lachin and Artsakh right now? Notify all foreign ministries and post it all over the internet. Yerevan can cite Aliev’s legalization of murder against even sleeping Armenians as basis. If annexation of those three provinces is the most sustainable option, the status-quo in the other territories can continue until Aliev commits his next act of colossal depravity.

      The international community really can’t do more than jump about and whine a bit – especially since everyone’s attention is focused on Syria. How probable is it that Aliev would invade and risk an Armenian offensive that could destroy the BTC and reach Baku? How probable is it that either US Presidential candidate is going to condemn the Armenian government after Aliev’s latest act of unrestrained hubris?

      The Hungarians don’t need Armenia any more than Armenia needs them. Why can’t the Armenian government ever take a truly bold, pro-active action? Is Yerevan so enslaved to Russia that they can’t take independent action to protect their own people without Putin’s permission? The Armenian government should recognize the entire eight territories as an independent Armenian nation now or annex Keljabar, Lachin and Artsakh now – while they have the moral high ground beneath them.

      Perhaps the most obvious evidence this is a Heaven-sent opportunity is the fact that the Turkish military is focused on increased PKK attacks and the Syrian refugees and civil war. Another advantage for acting immediately is that Ankara has yet to reconcile with Israel. That could change next week.

      When the Turks go ballistic, Yerevan can paraphrase former President Demirel. “We won’t give the Azerbaijanis even three pebbles.”

      The Diaspora can help by signing a petition – not to the US President – but to the President of Armenia to recognize or annex the territories on the grounds that it’s necessary to protect the Armenian people.

      Why is the Diaspora more concerned with recognizing a 100-year-old Genocide than with recognizing and legalizing as much of the reclaimed territory as is militarily and politically possible to sustain?

  4. Sevag said:

    Glad Armenia has taken a proactive stance is not going to allow themselves to be bullied in this incident, bravo!

  5. Avetis said:

    Bravo paron nahagah!

    Typical Western/NATO provocation, typical Turkic behavior… Now, make a deal with whoever you need to make a deal with and have that animal assassinated.

    • Lusik said:

      We can do better than that. If we follow their way of solving problems, the entire world will condemn us and the very origin of what happened will be immediately forgotten.
      Therefore, we have to make sure that nothing bad happens to this murderer. Meanwhile we
      a) call for recognition of Artsakh, for who has a single doubt now that Armenians can’t be safe under Azeris rule;
      b) Request International court of justice to consider the case and force NATO compensate financially to family of slaughtered Armenian officer;
      c) request official explanations and apology from all involved sides of this shameful international mafia-like deal of justice.

  6. Armanen said:

    So does is how NATO and the West deal with justice? Where are all the Western leaning blowhards now?

    Well done and well said Mr. Sargsyan!

  7. Aram said:

    Dear Ambassador György Szapáry
    Embassy of Hungary

    I feel shocked and disappointed by the Hungarian government’s immoral and ill-advised decision to extradite which really means release Ramil Safarov.

    Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev immediately pardoned and then freed Safarov upon his arrival in Baku.This man has committed a murder by killing another human being who happened to be an Armenian lieutenant Gurgen Margaryan, in his sleep, during a 2004 NATO training exercise.

    How can you as a country a government, justify your decision knowing well that he will be freed when he is in Azerbaijan.

    I am saddened and must say your government has done much wrong for society, humanity, justice and I do not feel your actions by any means are justified.

  8. Barkev Asadourian said:


  9. GB said:

    Alioff opened his saved cash money and gave away millions to Hungarian corrupted officials to gain a political victory, for his internal audience, where he knows he is defeated politically and mentally and he will never gain one inch of Artsakh land back to his primitive sheikdom, that is a temporary joyful victory for him and his coward army!!

  10. Mgo ovayan said:

    I am very happy for what has happen .our govermemt from this point and on they must change the policy of waite and see what happens policy.

  11. George said:

    Armenia should learn from Israel, Israel trusts NO country, he trusts on itself, Armenians should rely on their forces, be blunt, and be prepared to play greater role on international level, the world has become a jungle, Hungary’s action is to penalize Armenia for the close relations that they maintains with Russia.

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  13. jistice said:

    Hungarian authorities have Armenian blood in there Hands!

    This criminal and fascist action of Hungarian authorities shouldn´t remain unpunished- We should never forget and never pardon criminal and corrupt officials in Budapest for such an insult and for their siding with fascist authorities in Baku!

  14. Kevork said:

    Good job Armenia. I wonder how much oil money Hungary got from Aliyev Inc. for this treachery. Hungary is just another corrupt country. Every country in the world knows Azeris are a fake and corrupt nation, so any country that acts like Azerbaijan has “integrity” as a nation insults all humanity. These corrupt terrorist Turk Azeris are always claiming how “Hungarians and Turks are related”. Apparently “Mongols stick together”.

  15. guy from Hungary said:

    thats how a real leader speaks. a real leader that has the courage to do extreme measures when needed.
    i wish we here in Hungary had leaders like Sarkisian.
    Hungary must severe ties with azeris and send a commando to capture or kill this animal.

    what kind of country or culture celebrates a cheap, psyschopatic axe-killer as a hero upon arrival and let him go free? there were only 1 so far: israel where they celebrate Baruch Goldstein as a saint, as a hero for killing innocent people during their prayers. now Azerbajdzan is a second one.

    pls my Armenian friends dont hurt our flag or symbols. people of Hungary has nothing to do with this. everyone is shocked to hear that our gov let the killer go to baku for some money and gas.


    • Hrant K. said:

      All we ask is to correct this damaging error! We have nothing against the Hungarian people ! We know you have went thru similar ordeals as ours, after the 2nd World War, and that 2/3 of your territories
      were taken away from you as a punishment for seeking freedom from the Warsaw Packt!

  16. Zsuzsanna said:

    I am ashamed of my government. I am ashmed of these politicans.
    We made one mistake: we choose wrong government. They made/make terrible decisions and now I am ashamed to be a hungarian in these days. Please don’t identify all hungarians with this decision.
    I hope, one day armenians can forgive us.

  17. Hrant K. said:

    Open the Stepanakert Civil and MILITARY Airport today, not tomorrow!!!!! Let the Azeris dare to shoot a Bibigun
    and will get PROPER response. Close the 12 Miles Border of Nakhitchevan with Turkey, and open a land corridor
    to Russia. Bomb the Pipelines from Baku to Ceyhan. That should be our initial response to Aliev!!!

  18. Mark said:

    As a Hungarian citizen, I am awfully ashamed to hear this unjustifiable decision of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to let a murderer free under any circumstances. I firmly believe that most Hungarians share exactly the same opinion. Such a horrific act what had happened to Gurgen Margaryan cannot be left unpunished. Please accept our greatest sympathy and humble apologize.

    Sincerely yours,

    from Budapest, Hungary

    • Hrant K. said:

      Mike, it’s the Hungarian corrupt government and not the people or the country, I’ve been in Hungary
      and they are a wonderful people and so civilized and hospitable! Do not stereotype all Hungarians,
      there are a lot of Hungarians, who are close friends to Armenians and Armenia! There is even
      a Memorial in Budapest for the Armenian genocide! Also a member in the Hungarian Parliament
      representing the Armenian Community in Transylvania and Hungary!!!

  19. Tigran said:

    Hungary was just hungry for money, that is all.

    I have no ill-will towards the common Hungarian folk, but their leadership shall regret this decision, this we must ensure. Let this be the day when the world learns of what happens to those who dare cross us. No more defeatist attitude. No more appeasement of others. No more weakness and playing by their rules. To hell with international norms and conventions, it’s obvious we’re the only ones who take them seriously. You can only tease the tiger so much until you unleash its fury.

  20. Tigran said:

    He said that, of course, Safarov going at large is the result of the peaceful policy of Azerbaijan, enhancing respect for Azerbaijan and its standing in the international arena.

    “Azerbaijani people and the state are known worldwide for their love of peace, they treat with respect all peoples, religions and cultures. In world history no cases of Azerbaijan’s violence, injustice against any country have been recorded. Azerbaijan has the right to expect from the other the same treatment and is very glad that Hungary was able to assess all of this,” Ahmedov said.

    I am convinced that these people have a pathological mental problem. Lunatics the lot of them.

  21. AraK said:

    Excellent decision! On the other hand I can’t understand Hungary’s decision. Alyev’s money goes far, as far as Hungary’s politicians pockets…
    Shame on Hungary who considers itself to be part of the so called “civilized” world…

  22. John Ahmaranian said:

    What do you expect, dear President?
    NATO is swimming in Azeri gaz. Suspend all alliences with NATO.Their forces are digging
    the graveyard of the Armenian people.

  23. Armanen said:

    Thanks to all the Hungarians who posted here. I hope your people are able to kick out Orban soon and install a proper Traditionalist government, not this fraud administration.

  24. Gary_S said:

    Let’s protest in front of the Hungarian embassy. We’ll protest the government, not the people.
    The Hungarians know the brutality of the Mongol-Turks. They were occupied by them under the Ottoman Empire.

    Azerbaijan’s National-Democratic Party awarded Ramil Safarov with the title of ‘‘Man of the Year 2005’’ for killing an Armenian. SICK society.

  25. danoog said:

    What has happened to the freedom-loving Hungarians who stood up to Soviet aggression in 1956?
    Gutless, gutless, gutless Hungarians. Shame, shame shame.
    Every Hungarian should hold his or her head in shame at the gutless showing of its nation.

  26. Rod said:

    Armenia’s secret services should be used to kill this azeri butcher. Any hungarian product should be boycotted in and out of Armenia. No more diplomacy. Diplomacy is bullshit. Diplomacy is what got us in this situation these past 100 years. This is an outrage beyond proportions.

  27. Varujan said:

    Prostitute Hungary, you brought great shame to your people and to your modern history.

    For Armenians, nothing can bring back Lt. Gurgen Markarian. Genocidal Turkey and Azerbaijan can enjoy their monstrous national hero. After all they have many like him including Talaat, Ataturk, Aliev and the list goes on. But, make no mistake. Armenians survived a Genocide, and their resolve to deal appropriately with their genocidal neighbors is strengthening with each such inhumane act. As for me, as an older Armenian I will do my part, and spend my vacation in Nagorno Karabagh Republic this fall, sipping mulberry vodka with my Karabakhtsi heroes while enjoying the beauty of Armenian Artsakh.

  28. Hungarmenian said:

    As a Armenian from Hungary I totally agree with the Armenian President.
    But let’s explain the background. Hungary simply sold that murderer to the Azeris. The current dictator of Hungary, Orban tried to beg some money from the Chinese, the Saudis but no one wanted to lend it to him. Finally he went to the Azeris and agreed with their president to sell the murderer to Azerbaijan for 3 Billion Euros. Part of the money – if lent to Hungary – will go to the Hungarian ruling party Fidesz’s accounts to keep them in power.
    But some brave Hungarians have already condemned this shameful act.
    Some history: many Armenians had to leave Armenia in the 15-16th Century and many of them settled down in Moldova and Transilvania (kind of part of Hungary at that time) and some of them later in Hungary. Hungary also had a tough history losing half of its population and two thirds of its territory to neighbouring countries after the 1st World War as a consequence of its nationalist, stupid and suppresive internal and external politics. The current regime is hardliner and turned his back to the West. Hungary is not part of the civilized world anymore.
    Shame on you Hungary, again and again!

  29. Lusik said:

    Dear Serj Sarkisian,

    You did the first step only. They did something really strong and are waiting from you a move of the same kind. Do something extremely important, but different. We need to use their mistake in full. The positive momentum is on your side.

    If I were you, I would recognize Artsakh. You say, this is what they expect to start the war? There will be no war in South Caucasus. For very-very long time.

    Our strongest argument is that there is no decent future for Armenians under rule of Azeris. History has given plenty of proofs. Now we have another, this time internationally visible proof that even life itself is in danger. Any coward is encouraged to kill in the dark with a promise to be honored and welcomed as a national hero of Azeris.

    Otherwise, if you will stop after this step, another more horrific action might follow. And in that unfortunate case you will have no chance to do or to say anything. Really, we have to do a move that is compatible in strength, but of higher IMPORTANCE.

  30. Berj said:

    Armenia should immediately charge Safarov with murder, issue an international arrest warrant, dead or alive! There are so many bounty hunters in the world, they will be glad to bring him “in”, hopefully, knowing his brutal tendencies, he will resist arrest and be shot on the spot.

  31. Gary said:

    Time has come for Armenia to take execive action. let’s show the entire world that any Armenian killer/turks could run but can’t hide forever. Let’s show our Israeli friends that we can also able to hunt and kill these cowards/animals and bring them to justice.

  32. Ferenc Toth said:

    Hi Guys,

    I am a hungarian. I dont watch television for about 12 years from now, because I dont have any. I only use internet to get the news, if I want. So I can be wrong here.
    Today is the first day I have heard about this killer and I guess many of us in Hungary are in the same situation. So maybe we should give some time (1 day) to the responsible people to explain themselves.
    I totally understand your rage though.

  33. Gregory said:

    Azerbajian is able to bribe many organizations including US and EU politicians. It is the military/oil /industrial complex. The Azeris even bribed an olympic judge during a boxing match. Hungary is a screwed up post communist country that will take many years to fix. The problem is that it rapidly changed from communism to capitalism that that destroyed the economy and made a few crooked people very wealthy.

  34. said:

    Fellow Armenians, you are wrong if you think that this is just a little incident that only involves violence against Hyestantsi!

    Sultan of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev proclaimed EVERY ARMENIAN (you and me and the little kids in Sunday School) as the enemies of Azerbaijan!!

    How many Armenians serve in NATO forces? Any time they are near a Turk, they are a target now.
    How many Azeri Turk students are enrolled in your local college or university? They are Ramil Safarov’s admirers who are looking to kill your kids. Because they know that oil money will buy them freedom if they were caught.

  35. Parsik said:

    Why I am not so surprized by their action, these europeanized and seemingly civilized Huns have the same blood of their Turkic forfathers, which it bears the same murduring butchering tendencies

  36. ronnie said:

    Does anyone has the phone number for jewish nakam group you you give it to Ken, I am sorry ken your letters are to soft same goes for our mr. President I should however say this letter is much better than does in past but letters are like bed time storey they put people to sleep try fireworks again call the Nakam group they will give you some pointers

  37. ronnie said:

    You can talk write discuss as much as you want,its like california earth quick it is not matter of if it is matter of when so all my armenian brothers and sisters all around the world start getting ready as for my armenian leadership in armenia stop going after money so much and focus more on our national security you won’t have time to enjoy the money you are collecting

  38. expert said:

    Where are the “Armenia”?
    In Amerika,or Asia?I dont know.Perhaps Türkish?Or Russia?

  39. Tibor said:

    On my part I have to express my indignation about the decision of hungarian government. In name of the well intentioned Hungarian people I can say, that this act of our government doesn’t agree with the Hungarian people’s thinking.

    It’s commonly known, the friendship between the Armenian and Hungarian nations exists for hundred years; there were lot of Armenian descended heroes who suffered martyrdom or suffered in prisons for long years for the Hungarian freedom.
    There were and there are great personalities of Armenian diaspora who’s results and work became organic part of the Hungarian culture.
    Hungarians were always on part of Armenia: at the terrible losses during the first world war, during the Karabah conflict. We deeply know the suffer of the people living in enclave, at the mercy of other nations fevered by aggressive ideologies.

    It’s a shame what our government did in the past days, I hope they will have to runaway in a day, not too far. I can hope only the recovery of the traditional Armenian-Hungarian relationship in a day.

    I can hope only the forgivness of Armenian people.

  40. haiganoush said:

    What concerns me is: All this time of negotiations between Turkey-Azerbeijan and Hungary, where was our Government ? The president’s actions taken are proper and commendable, but, I am appalled, how could our Government slip through its fingers such a tri-partied operation. Where were our ” secret operatives”…. Embassy Staff…. and others… And, now Mrs. Hranoush is appealing to diaspora Armenians to organize protests around the world…. we know that well. This incident is a major blunder to the detriment of not only our nation’ s security but…One diasporan opinion.

  41. Bela Balla said:

    Dear Armenian Nation,

    As a Hungarian citizen i would like to apologize to our goverment. It is shame. The hungarian people are kind and peaceful but there is one thing they cant. Choosing their leaders.

    From Budapest

  42. Dávid (Hungary) said:

    Another nice day to be Hungarian…

    Sorry guys, that was some really disgusting thing to do from our leadership. I would really like to know how much we sold our soul for – how much it is worth according to our current leadership.

    On the other hand the Armenian president has the guts and spine worth of a leader of a counry – must be nice for the Armenians.
    So much nicer than for us, Hungarians.

    Really sorry for this.

  43. Nazeni said:

    Hungry is that hungry and poor that releases a murderer to earn money.

    Shame on Hungary who considers itself to be a civilized country.

    I am writing as an Armenian-Iranian and would like to let you know that my family and I have cancelled our trip to Hungry, a country where a murderer is worshiped for getting some extra money.

  44. phillip said:

    When this kind of blatant flauntng of Justice is allowed to go unpunished, unaddressed by the rest of the
    world, it will spread like cancer and gangreen When there is no justice there can be no peace.
    A heinious murderer who murdered an innocent sleeping man is laughing in the worlds face, Azerbajian is no
    country, just evil gangsters drunk on evil petro dollars. COLD BLOODED MURDERS AND PROUD OF IT. Judas Hungary and it’s thirty pieces of silver. Either this Injustice if addressed and made right or the law of the Jungle will take hold on this world

  45. Haig said:

    Dear fellow Armenian, let us learn from the Israelis, it is time for Armenia to own the BOM as a deterrence against these turkik savages. And if need be send the whole damned turkik race to hell with my blessing. It is time to stop being a victims of these barbaric so called people. The world does’t care about the Armenians, if they did the Genocide perpetrator would have been punished, but the world respects power and the ability to inflict a great deal of damage upon another. Strength is the only way to deal with this situation. I say Armenians, get ready for a fight, and this time forget that you are a Christian nation, just take care of business.

  46. Krisztina said:

    Dear Armenian People,
    believe me, the Hungarians feel awfully ashamed and sorry for what the government and “our” politicians have done. Unfortunately they rule the country in the same insensitive spirit and everyday people are literally suffering because of it.
    Their decision to let this cruel murderer escape is inexcusable and shameful.
    There is a huge uproar in Hungary, too, everybody is talking about it, we simply do not understand how this terrible mistake could happen…
    There are many Hungarian citizens of Armenian origin and we highly esteem your culture and your history.
    Please, accept our saddest and deepest sympathy.

  47. ronnie said:

    A more complete response would be to no longer participate in NATO peacekeeping or any other NATO operations.Didn’t this incident happen during a nato training session?
    Who cares about the mess they made in Afganistan or elsewhere. Why would we risk any armenian life to get a stupid medal. let us deal with our own problems first.
    They probably don’t fully appreciate our contribution anyways.

  48. Stefan said:

    The Hungerians seem to have some awakenning regarding their racial ties & alligences to the huns & turks
    They knew exactly what they were doing
    Shame on them.

  49. TigranMedzzz said:

    I will never forgive the Hungarians for this. The day they sent Safarov back to Azerbaijan marks the beginning of a new historic enmity between two nations that previously were never enemies (although I have been hostile towards Hungary ever since Jobbik made their anti-Armenian statements).

    We will not forget this.

  50. Mabuballah said:

    Dear Armenians:
    While most of you seem incredulous at Hungary’s skulduggery here, I’m shocked at the vituperative outrage of most of you. Hungarians, as Kevork duly notes, speak a Turkic language, something of an anachronism in Europe, but are noted for being a very “civilized” and “advanced” people. Indeed, these far-seeing people even brought in the German “Saxons” (among the most “civilized” of them all); and it should be recalled that from Brasov, a German town, came Urban, the cannon-maker who provided Sultan Mehmed II the weapon he admitted needing to take Constantinople in 1453. Now the world hasn’t been the same since, has it? Then again, in later years, they provided the celebrated Hapsburg dynasty, which provided us all the Great War, did it not?
    But I digress. This is/was a NATO thing, isn’t it? Reading the headlines here, I see that Obama is “disappointed” about all this. I’ll bet he is! After all, have 10 centuries not taught “y’all” (speaking from Biden’s words of wisdom) how to play the role of sufferers for the Sultanate, and silent sufferers at that? Have you so soon forgotten? What is this world coming to, when I read of ideas like blowing up Clinton’s pipeline? What’s next? Deserting the NATO mission (whatever it is) in Afghanistan? Turning aside from NATO’s “peacekeeping” mission in Kosovo, where armed soldiers have to “defend” themselves from unarmed civilians who cannot be made to understand that KFOR is there to bring them the blessings of “the rule of law”, (or certain parts of it, anyway). All of this while Armenia is being slammed daily by an Azerbaijani ambassadorial mission in Belgrade, all under NATO’s watchful eyes, of course? What if the Armenian “peacekeepers” just handed their weapons over to the north Kosovo Serbs and left; or better still, set up their own border crossing or two to “augment” NATO’s efforts? Could it actually transpire that even the authorities in Yerevan are finally waking up to realize that the Western establishment (news and print media, the State Department, CIA, and the US military establishment) is not their friend?

  51. Avetis said:

    What happened was typical Western/NATO style provocation followed up by typical Turkic behavior. Armenia reserves the right to have the rabid animal in question killed. I hope Russia’s special services can provide Yerevan with some assistance with that regard.

    Nevertheless, this was a great opportunity to again show our Hollywood-struck peasantry in Armenia and in the diaspora the true face of not only Turkic peoples but that of the political West as well. Don’t fool yourselves into thinking this is an isolated incident involving only Hungary. The British did something very similar with the Lockerbie bomber couple of years ago.

    The point being, Western leaders are of the type that would sell their mothers and daughters into prostitution to make a quick profit. The Western world today is totally devoid of culture, morality, nationality, family and God. Western Globalism has turned westerners into animals.

    Western leaning idiots in Yerevan need to come to the realization that Armenia’s future lies with Russia. Closer and deeper cooperation with the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran is Armenia’s only way forward in the Caucasus. Anyone that does not agree with this is either an agent of the West or an idiot.

    Therefore, official Yerevan needs to –

    Shut down any NGO in Armenia that is operating with funds being brought from European or American sources.
    Shut down any “news” organization that is not homegrown and funded by domestic sources.
    Stop using English as the second language in the republic (Armenian youth would be better off learning Russian, German, French… and why not Persian, Chinese and Hindi).
    Cut ties with Brussels and NATO (they are falling apart away).
    Cut ties with Globalist institutions such as the IMF and USAID (they pose an immense danger to the healthy and well being of developing nations).
    Finally, cut ties with Washington (has been and will always be an anti-Armenian vipers nest)…

  52. Nazo said:

    Now is the time to throw Aliyev from UNSC and recognize the indepedence of NKR. Nobody wants to live with snakes; after all, they bite, and therefore, make themselves dangerous!

  53. Krikor said:


  54. Born of Apricots said:

    Hungarians are turanians. They have a kinship with turks. Heroic Hungarians of Armenian decent have defended Hungary againt the Ottomans, Austrians and Soviets. Shame on Hungarians who have chosen turkish values (barbarism) and not European values. Hungary must demand the return of the cowardly axe murderer or cut off diplomatic relations with azerbaijan.

  55. Armenian said:

    No need for apologies and crocodile tears.. Hungary made its choice. The only way Hungary can atone for this crime is to officially recognize Artsakh as part of Armenia they day Armenia itself has the guts to do so.

    And since Hungary most likely won’t do this, they can consider at least me their enemy.

    Long. live. Armenia.

  56. Armenian said:

    <<Shame on Hungary who considers itself to be part of the so called “civilized” world<<

    I'm not sure it does.

  57. KristoffSzilvasi said:

    Hi Armenians
    I am a Hungarian and like most of my countrymen I am deeply sorry about the stupid actions of our Primeminister, he acted alone not with the blessing of Hungarian people who show in our protestes in Hungary and USA alongside Armenians and online that we have no alliance with Turks and we support Armenians against Azerbaijans actions .
    Some one said here we speak a Turkic language please be infromed that is incorrect we speak a finno-ugrian language , we are not Turanian we are European Christian country and we fought against the Ottomans for a few hundred years to keep them and their religion out of Europe.
    Do not judge Hungarians by this stupid Primeminister or by one or 2 extremist dumb guys from Jobbik they do not represent Hungary.

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