AYF Demands Justice for Slain Soldier

Protest Against Azeri and Hungarian Consulates in Los Angeles Scheduled for September 6

The Armenian Youth Federation will protest against the extradition and pardoning of an Azerbaijani soldier responsible for brutally murdering an Armenian military officer 8 years ago during NATO military exercises in Hungary. The protest will take place on Thursday, September 6th at 3PM at the Azerbaijani and Hungarian Consulates–both located at 11766 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 410, Los Angeles, California 90025. You can join the event on Facebook by clicking here.

Below is the official statement released by the AYF regarding the issue:

The Armenian Youth Federation, Western Region expresses its outrage with the immoral and irresponsible decision of the Hungarian Government to extradite a cold-blooded murderer, Ramil Safarov, responsible for the axing of an Armenian Army lieutenant, Gurgen Margaryan in Budapest on February 19, 2004. We strongly condemn the hate-driven actions of the Azeri Government, which not only pardoned this criminal but also gave him a hero’s welcome.

In 2006, the Hungarian court found Safarov guilty of murdering Lt. Margaryan and sentenced him to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. His immediate release, justified by the Hungarian Government by references to the 1983 Strasbourg Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons, has allowed the murderer to escape just punishment and instead be treated as a national hero in Azerbaijan.

Officials in Budapest could not have been unaware of the fact that the above mentioned Convention contains a clause which allows the receiving country to issue pardons to transferred prisoners. Given the circumstances, it becomes obvious that the Hungarian Government has chosen to disregard morality and justice in exchange for Azeri petrodollars and the friendly disposition of the corrupt regime in Baku.

This decision is even more deplorable due to the fact that despite the assurances from Azerbaijan that Safarov’s sentence would not be commuted, the brutal criminal was immediately pardoned by President Ilham Aliyev and was greeted as a national hero upon his return to Baku. Once again, we witnessed the lionization of those who preach hatred towards Armenians by the Azeri society, which is consistent with the antagonistic and xenophobic policies of the Government of Azerbaijan.

We condemn these actions of both the Government of Hungary and the corrupt regime in Baku. We demand an apology from the Hungarian Government and ask for the rescission of their immoral decision on extradition. From the Azeri Government, we demand a reversal of the pardon and an immediate imprisonment of Ramil Safarov. We call upon the Armenian community of Southern California to join us in expressing our anger and demanding justice by participating in a protest in front of the Azeri and Hungarian Consulates in Los Angeles (11766 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025) on Thursday, September 6th at 3PM.


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  1. Tibor said:

    On my part I have to express my indignation about the decision of Hungarian Government. In name of the well intentioned Hungarian people (the majority) I can say, that this act of our government doesn’t agree with the Hungarian people’s thinking.
    This act of the Hungarian Government represents its immorality and hurts us too. We, Hungarians have to suffer of it every day, our present and future is on sale, as the criminal Safarov’s punishment seems to be.

    This government is our shame, instead of it we have to apologise… As I wrote in an other news reply:
    I can hope only the forgivness of Armenian people.

  2. A. Hayrapetian said:

    I also join to 10 million Armenians all over the world and in Republic of Armenia and Karabagh, and condemn Hungry’s nonprofessional decision, and corrupt regime in Baku to free Azeri Axe Murderer Ramil Safarov. We demand justice for slain Lt. Gurgen Margaryan.

  3. bayrakiniyakan said:


    1982թ. հունվարի 28-ին, ԱՄՆ-ում, 19-ամյա Համբիկը ահաբեկում է Թուրքիայի ընդհանուր հյուպատոսին` դատապարտվելով ցմահ ազատազրկման:

    Ամերիկայի Կալիֆորնիա նահանգի Սեն Լուիս Օբիսպո բանտում նա շարունակում է ապրել Հայաստանով ու Արցախով, իր ժողովրդի ուրախություններով ու ցավով:


  4. garo said:

    Boycott everything Hungarian.Armenia should file a major complaint to NATO, and Sue Humgarian government for breach of trust and duty.

  5. M.S.K. said:

    What a shame to Hungarian Government for extraditing the criminal, Ramil Safarov, to his country who admitted in Hungarian Court he killed Lt.Gurgen Margaryan and upon his (the axed murderer) arrival to Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, President Ilham Aliyev pardoned him and greeted him as a national hero. What a coward and funny hero.

  6. AraK said:

    Not a SINGLE foreign news agency has mentioned this whole affaire! Should this scum had been a Palestinian murderer the whole world would be talking for days!! Oil interests are much more important for the so called “civilized” west which is the champion of double standards. Armenia should stop any discussions with the Minsk puppets. They openly are laughing on us. The most Azerbaidjan will get is a tap on the wrist. Also Armenia’s criminal oligarchs should stop this comedy regarding the elections. Soon there won’t be any Armenia left as a milking cow for these criminals. This is the moment to unite, forget our parties’ “baykar”s and for once stand together to save our nation which has NOBODY to count on except maybe Iran for the time being…

  7. David said:

    Nato is responsible because they have invited the armenians they must give an answer

  8. David said:

    This peoves that Armenians and azerbaijanis cant live togheter as you can see they all want armenians death after all safarov is an example to all azers, now you can see why armenians cant live with them armenians have the right for n independent karabakh

  9. Roxann Petzold said:

    Go to whitehouse.gov click on contact us then to write the White House then to email us. I used “disappointment”, “extremely troubled” and “dismayed” as did the President and the State Department. The more we email regarding Gurgen Margaryan the better chance of getting the message across.

  10. GB said:

    This is why, that old Armenian grand pa told me years and years ago, if just happen to share a room with a friendly Turk, make sure you have your long stick beside your bed, the Turk may change his mind in the middle of your sleep and cut your neck with a knife, well this happened to our naive beloved Gurgen Margarian. May God bless his soul!!

  11. Hovig said:

    Dear “Asbarez”
    “…justice for slain soldier…’ unfortunately is not a humanitarian decision but political (further known as diplomatic…). Hence I don’t ever think if any nation, including the so-called ‘leaders’ will revise their stands and accept the humanitarian concept as priority as long as it is never and never in conformance with their political visions….
    Lets be “diplomatic” and run after our rights….if we are serious to “eat the fruit and not necessarily beat the guard…”
    Thanks for your high concern. Wish the best future. Keep on!!
    Hovig Nersissian
    Saudi Arabia

  12. Ռուզաննա said:

    I also condemn these actions of both the Government of Hungary and the corrupt regime in Baku!!!

  13. bigmoustache said:

    where is HILLARY CLINTON now?
    drag her in front of cameras, lets hear her two sided double talk now!
    if armenia doesnt get artsakh recognition for this or a fleet of apaches, then we need regime change

    • bigmoustache said:

      how could anyone expect an armenian to live under a turk again?
      the negotiations are off, recognize artsakh now!!

  14. John Ahmaranian said:

    Please, dear Armenians,
    Do not burn the Hungarian flag! Burn effigies or photos of the Hungarian ministers involved in
    this shamful act. The flag represents the Hungarian people and hundred of thousands of Hungarians
    felt deeply sorry. The Hungarian Catholic Cardinal strongly condemned his government actiob and asked
    for forgivness from the Armenian people. A group of Hungarians put roses on the place where the Armenian soldier was slaughtered.
    In your demonstration, show difference between people and their government.

    • hagop hagopian said:

      the government represents the people. The people of hungary voted for this government to be in power. All of a sudden the people of hungary are “feeling disappointment in their government”

  15. Albert said:

    These are the types of savages that Armenia faces and the morons in the United Nations allowed Azerbajian to bribe their way to a seat in the UN security council. Azerbajian is bribing every politician it can. It is obvious that the Hungarians got big bribes also.
    If the Armenian oligarchs are true patriots, they should donate money to the Armenian government to purchase better tanks and weapons systems. These Azeris are psychos and the Armenian military needs to have better equipment because the Azeris are buying alot of Israeli weapons systems like the Spyder surface to air missle and drones.

  16. David said:

    AN ARMNIAN becomes a hero, this proves that armenian cant live with the azerbaijnis karabakh has the right for indewndence hayere lriv apoosh ke linen vor es banere che anen!!!!

  17. dvo said:

    This proves that armenians and azerbaijnis cant live togheter armenians of karabakh have all the right for an independence country no more peace talks no more karabakh talks armenia reconize karabakh independence lriv apoosh ke linenq vor chanenq ignore all talks from now with.AZERBAIJAN

  18. nana said:

    Armenian government, or whatever is the right legal part, must take NATO (? Mr. Rasmussen?) to the international court. Get all the process carefully represented by Armenian best lawyers.
    In my opinion, they have to emphasize that

    a) this crime occurred at the school organized by NATO and it included students of different ethnicity. Meaning that certain surveillance and preventive services supposed to be there;
    b) this crime makes the very idea of getting under same roof people of different nationalities while their countries live in a cease-fire condition that is constantly violated and ill idea.

    Based on this arguments it is necessary to
    a) make NATO publicize an official explanation-apology.
    b) Pay a significant amount of money to the family of slaughtered officer.
    c) Exclude (or suspend) Azerbaijan from all honorary committees and events.

    If NATO is not brought to the international court it means that it is just a criminal gang, mafia.
    So, it is in their best interest to be taken to the justice. Chance to clean their image.

  19. Raffi Hamparian said:

    Many thanks to the AYF for taking a leading role in this effort and rallying the support of a broad and diverse group of community organizations. Working together – we can move mountains.

  20. Andre T said:

    Armenian should stop all of its contactswith Azerbayjan, suspend all negotiation until that sick murderer is returned to Hungray or Armenia to serve his sentence. Armenia should make all demands to expell Azerbayjan from all international orgnazationa that applys,until the murdere is returned to jail in Hungray or Armenia.
    Hungray needs to recall his ambasador from Azerbayjan, condem Aliyevs actions and suspend all of its deplomatic ties with that dictatore who spreds and promots nothing but hate, racism and aggesson.
    if Hungray fails to do so, then they should put their country for sale and except the terms and price of the highest bidder,which I think it should be no more then the few cents, I offer a 0.25 cents. any more bidders.
    By their political action they have shamed their people and let the country down.
    people of Hungray should demand the resignation of all those who were involved with that decision.

  21. Sirvart Garabedian said:

    Since Idiot criminal Azeri`s president buys make other countries cave in to his leasure as if he is the heir of the Azerbaijani king forever by the oil dollars, i openly and with all my perspective ask and demand our Presidnt Serj Sargsyan of Armenia and all diasporan Armenians unanemously and immideately recognize Artsakh, (Nagorno Karabagh) as Independent Country after 20 years by the will of its people or unite it with Armenia, why not if a murderer given freed by Hungarian prison for life by oil money of Azeri stupid government and padoned with rewards, a resident, eight years salary, raising his rank to Major, treated with heroès welcome and Hungaria broke the International Law of justice takingh bribe of 3 million Euro from Azeri oil, than why are we waiting for, are they more special treatment from the world towards Azeris, if there is, then we shoiuld take our matter of our sovernighty in our hand by our Countryès President and we, all Armenian around the world, stand by his decision, hell to those who try to convince us to back off our decision. We should stand together, our demand is one Armenia and diasporan Armenian.

  22. jack said:

    i urge all the arminans around the world to email a nasty letters to the the hungarian embassy”s around the world

  23. Dvo said:


  24. Dvo said:

    TIME TO ACT ARMENIANS Armenia should immediately suspend negotiations with Azerbaijan and recognize the independence of Artsakh

  25. arziv said:

    Do not burn the hungarian flag. The corrupt rotten government of hungary bears sole responsibility for this diplomatic crime. The governent in hungary and the people are separate , the flag belongs to the people, the nation, not to the corrupt officials who are in government.

  26. Z. Ken Darian said:

    Zaven says:

    This proves the futility of negotiating with the Azeries. Armenia and Karabagh should chart their course and move on. there is no point in continuing to negotiate
    . :