Armenian Youth Organizations Demand Justice for Slain Soldier

Protest on Thursday at Hungarian and Azeri consulates

Protest Against Azeri and Hungarian Consulates in Los Angeles Scheduled for September 6

GLENDALE—A number of community youth organizations, including the Armenian Youth Federation, the Unified Young Armenians, the SDHP Gaidz Youth Organization, the All-ASA and the ARF Shant Student Association have joined forces to protest against the extradition and pardoning of an Azerbaijani soldier responsible for brutally murdering an Armenian military officer 8 years ago during NATO military exercises in Hungary. The protest will take place on Thursday, September 6th at 3 p.m. at the Azerbaijani and Hungarian Consulates–both located at 11766 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 410, Los Angeles, California 90025.

Below is the official statement released by the organizing committee regarding the issue:

We, the undersigned organizations, express our outrage with the immoral and irresponsible decision of the Hungarian Government to extradite a cold-blooded murderer, Ramil Safarov, responsible for the axing of an Armenian Army lieutenant, Gurgen Margaryan in Budapest on February 19, 2004 during the Partnership for Peace NATO Conference. We strongly condemn the hate-driven actions of the Azeri Government, which not only pardoned this criminal but also gave him a hero’s welcome.

In 2006, the Hungarian court found Safarov guilty of murdering Lt. Margaryan and sentenced him to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. His release, justified by the Hungarian Government by references to the 1983 Strasbourg Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons, has allowed the murderer to escape just punishment and instead be treated as a national hero in Azerbaijan.

Officials in Budapest could not have been unaware of the fact that the above mentioned Convention contains a clause which allows the receiving country to issue pardons to transferred prisoners. Given the circumstances, it becomes obvious that the Hungarian Government has chosen to disregard morality and justice in exchange for Azeri petrodollars and the friendly disposition of the corrupt Aliyev regime.

This decision is even more deplorable due to the fact that despite the assurances from Azerbaijan that Safarov’s sentence would not be commuted, the brutal criminal was immediately pardoned by President Aliyev and was greeted as a national hero upon his return to Baku. Once again, we have witnessed the lionization of those who preach hatred towards Armenians, which is consistent with the antagonistic and xenophobic policies of the Government of Azerbaijan.

We condemn these actions of both the Government of Hungary and the corrupt regime in Baku. We urge the international community to join us in demanding an apology from the Hungarian Government and asking for the rescission of their immoral decision on extradition. From the Azeri Government, we demand a reversal of the pardon and an immediate imprisonment of Ramil Safarov. We call upon the Southern California community and especially Armenian Americans to join us in expressing our anger and demanding justice by participating in a protest in front of the Azeri and Hungarian Consulates in Los Angeles (11766 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025) on Thursday, September 6th at 3PM.

Armenian Youth Federation
Unified Young Armenians
SDHP Gaidz Youth Organization
The All-ASA
ARF Shant Student Association


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  1. Dvo said:


    They are allreadey planing as if Armenian Terrorists have send a letter to azerbaijan and threating every diplomats as punish ment death and look this fucking fake part that so called terrorists Armenians would never say

    ( We will drown you in the blood of innocent people you have shed.
    While corpses of Azerbaijanis killed by us in Khojaly are rotting, we increase the number of corpses of Azerbaijani soldiers on the Karabakh border.
    Attention, this is our message to you!)

    HOW CAN ARMENIANS SAY THAT LIKE (while corpses of Azerbaijanis killed by us in khojaly ARMENIANS DID NOT KNOW ABOUT KHOJALY BECOUSE ITS A PROPAGANDA ARMENIANS NEVER TALKS ABOUT Khojaly Asala was way before karabakh war)

    this texts are very unusual for armenians to say!!!!!!



    • Avery said:

      it’s a crude fabrication: no Armenian group would use the figure 600,000.
      the figure 600,000 is the Turkish mythological number for the Armenian victims they supposedly “exiled”. The reason they use 600,000 is to minimize the original number of Armenians in Western Armenia. The idiots are too stupid to realize that Armenians would use 1,500,000. (IF they wrote such a moronic email)

      There are just too many elementary mistakes in the text to even bother listing them.

      But, yeah: more than one person has already publicly speculated that Safarov will be murdered by Azeris: he is too much of a liability alive.
      Azeris may even murder some of their own diplomats or MPs and blame it on Armenians to shift the focus.
      Sultan Aliyev now realizes he screwed up big time with the Safarov fiasco: he sure did not expect the firestorm coming at him from all sides.

    • Jack said:

      There are no Armenian terrorists. Let Azerbaijan kill their own or Safarov, no one will care. Azerbaijan is already a joke of a country and have been for a while when it comes to policy and propaganda against Armenia.

    • The Truth said:

      I agree with Dvo- and Turkish Erodgan & CO are trying to make the world believe – Armenians wanted annihilate all Turks back in 1915. The letter is written so stupidly that is laughable! .. But Azerbaijani officials have stated any way to believe in thee own lies long ago – “being victim of Armenian aggression”- well maybe once again Azerbaijani officials will start believing in their new made up and fabricated stories and lies and this is the so called asal threats and stay simple at home in Baku!

    • GB said:

      Dvo you are very smart individual,

      That is quite possible, but don’t forget some adventurer countries like, even Turkey may try to assassinate THE EX AXE MAN, they have very close military contacts with Axe Man sheikdom with horsey and his pipe line.

      He may even get assassinated directly by the order of Abdullah Gul for his political gain, against recognition of Armenians Genocide by entire Western nations, especially when we are getting closer to 2015!! To my honest opinion Safarov should ask political asylum from Armenian government, just for his safety!! We are the only nation that will provide a safe haven for him in Armenia, where major Hassan get same protection from US government!! Who knows who will be behind Safarov murder???

      Some how he should get out of that fake country Azer baboons, I can see his confused face in video…he knows that Armenians won’t kill him …he is innocent big bull doggy, just like the killer of Hrand Dink Ogün Samast. safarov is a good bait, for those Turkish mafia like Bagis, Rajab Erdoghan, Abdullah Gul or foxy guy, Mr. Davood Oghloo!! there will be many countries who would like to assassinate this guy and I agree with you %100

      Armenia has many “friendly” enemies, and there is something fishy going on with this Safarov release from jail!!May even donkey Alioff has been told about the truth. Do you know how many thousand innocent Azeris killed by his father Haidar Alioff on top of Armenians pogrom in Azer baboons, when he was KGB leader?? Even corrupted KGB circle thrown him out of Kremlin due to his extreme corruption habit!!khojaly massacre, is one of the example, how his father created and paved for Ilham, who became the next Sultan of Azer baboons!!

  2. George said:

    A lawsuit against NATO should be placed, requesting compensation, futhermore NO soldier should colaborate with NATO until Intn’l comunity takes the necessary steps to correct this disgrace.

  3. GB said:

    Gucci, Armani and Ck, should start production of AXE shaped cologne sprays with Great Safarov picture on it, similar to Asbarez presented picture on top!! It is also can be an Halloween movie production, for those who loves scary movies, during Halloween season, most actors and actresses can be chosen from Hungary, Azer baboons and Turkic tribes nations!! They love to act the roll of their ancestral warrior personality like real axe wielders!!

    They can chose the name of movie or TV series as “The Axe-Files”!!