Turkey Warns France over Genocide Education

Turkish Embassy in Paris

PARIS—Turkish Embassy in France sent a diplomatic note to France over the latter’s decision to include the Armenian Genocide within France’s secondary school curriculum, protesting the move and accusing France of using “fake documents” in the textbooks, reported Today’s Zaman.

In the note, sent to the France’s Foreign and Education ministries, Turkey demanded in that the French authorities revise what they call “objective” data provided in the textbooks. The letters also called into questions the text of telegrams sent by then Ottoman minister Talat Pasha that prove the mass killings of Armenians were done in a systematic and deliberate way. The embassy said the telegraphs were fake.

The Armenian Genocide section in the French textbook include material from a book by Aram Andonian, an Armenian from İstanbul, titled “The Memoirs of Naim Bey: Turkish Official Documents Relating to the Deportation and the Massacres of Armenians,” which is also known as the “Talat Pasha telegrams” and was originally published in 1920.

Andonian was deported during the Genocide, and wrote in his memoir that with the assistance of Naim Bey in Aleppo, he published the telegrams of Talat Pasha, which outline the systematic plan to annihilate the entire Armenian population.

Ankara’s letters also warned that the section in the French textbook will “inflame hatred between the two nations.”

Last week, notorious Genocide-denying Turkish Minister of EU Affairs said Turkey doesn’t know what Genocide is, claiming, once again, that there was never a Genocide in Turkey’s history.

Egemen Bagis comments came during the opening ceremony of an educational facility, where he also expressed his opposition to a decision in France to include the Armenian Genocide as part of French public school curriculum.

“If only all countries’ past had been simple and transparent just like Turkey’s past. No genocides have occurred in Turkey’s history. What’s genocide? Turkey doesn’t know what genocide is,” Bagis told the Milliyet daily.

Bagis claimed that Turks are proud of their history and forebears.

France announced that it has included a chapter about the Armenian Genocide in secondary school textbooks, which will be used across the country.

Bagis was quick to voice Turkey’s “strong protest” over this decision urging Paris to not test bilateral relations “once again,” reported the Hurriyet newspaper.

“I call on the French authorities to intensify efforts to resolve the Nagorno Karabakh conflict in the framework of OSCE Minsk Group rather than distort the historical facts,” Bagis said.

Chairman of the Turkish Parliament’s powerful education committee Navi Avcı told Today’s Zaman in a recent interview that “the erosion of French culture and the shift toward the radical right in French politics that started with Sarkozy continues to have a negative impact on the French education system.” “I just hope that sensible French intellectuals will raise their voices against this kind of provocative move that will plant seeds of hate in the minds of young people in France,” he added.

The embassy also attached a detailed historical report on the 1915 events in its letter to the French Education Ministry. It claimed that two books, referenced in the chapter of the French textbooks include fake historical documents and Armenian activists whose academic credentials are unknown.

The Turkish Embassy stressed in the letters that French citizens of Turkish descent will be negatively affected by the inclusion of the section.


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  1. Realist said:

    Citizens of Turkish descent need to be made aware of the Armenian Genocide in academic textbooks so that they can replace the whitewashed fascist lies they were brainwashed to believe in Turkey, with the truth. If bagis and his ignorant clowns in Turkey are so concerned about the so called “negative affect” on citizens of Turkish decent perhaps they should stop denying the barbaric premeditated murder orchestrated by their criminal forefathers and accept reality: TURKEY’S FOREFATHERS HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS.

  2. Tsayt said:

    If Turkey finds it proper to interfere in French education board’s decision…because it concerns Turks, why then the republic of Armenia does not equally stress it’s point of view and counterbalance the Turkish efforts? After all, this issue concerns Armenians as well, Right?

    However, to act effectively Armenia needs an able Foreign Ministry, led by an able Foreign Minister, to do the required task of defending Armenian interests abroad. Something we miss dearly in the individual called Mr. Eduard Nalbandian.

  3. HARUTUYN said:

    f…k turkey with their letters let them worry about azerbejans problems that they have created and now they r f…ed

  4. Hrant K. said:

    Oh, you really scared the French Education Ministry! What about the French Citizens of Armenian descent, who were negatively affected for 97 years by the exclusion of the section??? It’s always about the turks, turks this, turks
    that. Well it’s over now . The age of your lies, distortion of History, manipulation and BLACKMAIL has come to an end. It’s payback time …! It’s judgement day time… Murderers and criminals have got to be punished, even after so long!!! The Lord is patient but never ignoring what has happened in the dark in 1889-1915-1918-1923!!!

  5. A visitor said:

    Bagis and his Armenian Genocide denying friends need to be fired from their positions!

    They shouldn’t be serving the EU or be anywhere near it if they are going to be bigots!

  6. Tony said:

    Turkish government is continuing to lie about it’s true history that is full of massacres, deception, disinformation, falsehood, forgery, fraudulence and Genocide against it’s own minorities living in their ancestral homeland.

  7. George said:

    Turkey’s interest will be best served by recognizing the Genocida ASAP, the more it is delayed the more Turkey’s name will be dipped in the mud.

  8. levon sanosyan said:

    Good. Very good. The Turks can bark all they want. The Genocidal Turkey can not run away from the truth. The justice is on the Armenian side and the Armenians will prevail. The blood thirsty Turk and those foreign politicians who consider themselves human beings and who are in bed with Turkey ( kissy-kissy ) are a disgrace to the human race. The names of those sell out politicians will remain in the dark pages of the mankind’s history.
    Long live those who are not afraid of telling the truth. Viva France and the French people. Turkey has no place in the European Union. You let the Turks in, it will be the end of the Europian Union.

  9. V.K. said:

    Lets wait and see the reaction of the French, will they once more succumb under the threats of Turkey or stand up for the historical truth?

  10. Samuel Darbinian said:

    Turkey is unhappy because French people dont follow turkish advise, how to educate their children?
    Turkey didnot need anything mention about Talaat Pasha,just outright publicly claim never existed,because
    it makes headach as per words of Mr Erdogan,his Grand Pa didnt kill anybody but keep in mind Talaat Pasha is turkish martyr he is in the heven with 72 virgin men on the basement of beautiful monument.
    Turks must uderstand , if they want french people follow Their advise, then they need bring few examples
    to convince french people, how turkish children become champion of human civilization, then you will see
    how french people & other nations are following turkish instructions.
    Following is the list of few brave turkish chidren in resent history, who became world champion.
    1- Mehmet Aga who shot pop Jan pol Secend, bairly his life has been saved.turkish authorities declared
    Mehmet Aga is mentally seek & unstable.
    2-Samsat a 17 yearold turkish brave boy, who shot on the back of the head of the Hrant Dink & killed him, while he was walking out of his office,turkish authorities declared, Samsat didnot kill but unknown organisations provoked him.
    3-In the city of Bursa a poor catholic Bishop stabbed to death on the hands of his driver, turkish government declared the driver was mentally seek & unstable.
    4-On the eve of April 24th an armenian soldier named Sevak has been shot & killed by his fellow.soldier.
    turkish government declared that was accident.
    Off course turkey is rich with its brave children,resently while Mr Erdoghan celeberating in pivate president
    Alieves achivement in his terrorist operations,as a causin,in public he become mute, so french people have
    right to know what he isthinking,he could say Alieve is an idiot retard person or anything else.That is why
    french people ignoring turkish advise,so turks shouldnt become too mach angry.