Sarkisian Criticizes International Community

Sarkisian discusses Safarov issue with OSCE ambassadors

Aliyev justifies pardon of axe-murderer

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)—President Serzh Sarkisian criticized the international community on Friday for what he described as a lenient approach to Azerbaijan’s anti-Armenian rhetoric and actions, saying that it is paving the way for another Armenian-Azerbaijani war.

He also said that Azerbaijan’s controversial decision to pardon and promote the Azerbaijani army officer who hacked to death an Armenian colleague in Budapest in 2004 is forcing Armenia to “seriously think about changing some of our approached” to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Sarkisian issued the warnings at a meeting with senior U.S., Russian and European diplomats representing their nations at the Vienna headquarters of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. They discussed the fallout from Ramil Safarov’s release from a Hungarian prison late last week.

In his opening remarks publicized by his press office, Sarkisian claimed that by freeing and glorifying the convicted axe-murderer the Azerbaijani government sought to test the international community’s reaction to its “extraordinary steps.” Those steps are part of Baku’s broader strategy of obstructing a peaceful settlement of the conflict and preparing for an eventual attempt to forcibly win back Karabakh and Armenian-controlled territories surrounding it, he said.

“I had felt the consequences of the [1991-1994 Karabakh] war on my skin,” he told the visiting diplomats. “I am sure that no country that cares about the security of our region wants [another] war either. But desires are not enough and actions are needed. And those actions should start with an accurate evaluation of things. In this case, the so-called diplomatic correctness is simply damaging regional security.”

Sarkisian likewise spoke of the possibility of another Karabakh war in a September 2 letter to the Karabakh Armenian leadership. “We don’t want a war, but if we have to, we will fight and win,” he said.

Safarov’s release has been criticized by the United States, Russia, the European Union and other Western structures. They have all said that it dealt a serious blow to long-running international efforts to end the Karabakh dispute.

Nevertheless, Sarkisian complained about “international structures” which he said are trying to “equate” the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides in the Safarov affair. “This is a very bad fact,” he said.

With the presidential office giving no details of Sarkisian’s ensuing discussion with the OSCE envoys, it was not clear who the Armenian leader is unhappy with. Yerevan might have been upset by EU leaders’ calls for both Armenia and Azerbaijan to “exercise restraint,” which were voiced in response to Safarov’s release.

Sarkisian also criticized the international community’s response to anti-Armenian statements made by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev earlier this year. “When Aliyev started claiming that Yerevan and Armenia as a whole are Azerbaijani lands, nobody reacted to that statement,” he said. “When Aliyev declared that Armenians are his country’s number one enemy which must be destroyed, nobody reacted.”

“To our requests and warnings to the co-chairs [of the OSCE Minsk Group] and others that this is the beginning of a bad process we were getting unacceptable replies to the effect that those statements by Aliyev are meant for domestic consumption,” added Sarkisian.

Aliyev, meanwhile, defended on Friday Safarov’s extradition from Hungary and his decision to immediately pardon the officer. “Those who say that law was broken in this case do not know the reality,” he said, according to the Regnum news agency. “Armenia wants to maintain the status quo in the negotiating process and is therefore exploiting this issue.”

Aliyev spoke at a  joint news conference with NATO’s visiting Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The latter said he is “deeply concerned” over the pardoning. Rasmussen expressed the same stance while visiting Armenia on Thursday.


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  1. Hagop said:

    Criticizes, but what ACTION is going to take place? Here we have the opportunity to recognize the independence of Artsakh, and not seem as an aggressor but a defensive move as a result of Azerbaijan’s treatment of this murderer and racist treatment of Armenians in general. Artsakh is not even an occupation, what is wrong with the leaders of Armenia are they brain dead. Azerbaijan keeps on raping us and we just remain quiet.

  2. Avery said:

    Well said RoA Pres. Sarkisian.

    The scum of the world stood by and watched while 2 million Armenians were exterminated.
    The scum of the world stood by and watched while AzeriTatarTurk invaders occupied 48% of Independent NKR: the Musavat fascist Elchibey boasted that he would hang the last Armenian he found in NKR in the central square of Stepanakert.

    If it weren’t for the heroic Mountain Warriors of Artsakh, the immortal Armenian volunteers from RoA, and and selfless Armenians rushing in from every corner of the world, there would be no NKR today. And RoA would be slowly withering on the vine.

    Only safety and security for both RoA and NKR are their superb Defense Forces.
    Great job maintaining the toughest fighting force in the region, President Serzh Sarkisian
    Great job maintaining the toughest fighting force in the region, President Bako Sahakian.

  3. Kevork said:

    Interestingly, the country which is “incapable of committing genocide” (Turkey) is quite quiet these days, even though it may have been involved in this fiasco… I guess even big brother Turkey is now embarrassed by its Chicken-s__t younger brother Azerbaijan.

  4. Armenia said:

    Sarkisian Criticizes International Community
    Criticizes is not enough, nobody cares, words mean nothing
    You need action including Recognition Artsakh

  5. Tsayt said:

    This is a sad situation we find ourselves in. Armenia is playing “catching up” with a political reality. The Armenian leadership, for a long while now, is being forced to constantly react against Azeri underhanded actions instead of initiating them in a proactive manner.

    One would think twenty years of knowing your enemy would prepare the leaders of Armenia against provocations. It is only now Sarkisian is screaming…but who is listening. A month or two later we’ll find ourselves in another bind. Then what?

  6. vrej said:

    Look at the Western “leaders”!

    They are “deeply concerned”. They don’t even bother to utter the word “condemn”.

    Azerbaijan is indeed testing the so-called “international society” and this is its response: “deeply concerned”.

    Just like in dealings with the Ottoman authorities in the late 19th century.

  7. Hay said:

    “Those who say that law was broken in this case do not know the reality.”

    Perfectly said Mr. Aliev. I believe you just affirmed what had been known for a long time, that your country does not respect laws, even its own. From now on any attempt by Azerbaijan to “guarantee” any security to the Armenian population in Artsakh or promises to hold elections “sometime in the future” are to be dismissed immediately as the ramblings of a pathological liar. How this country can still be taken seriously in the international arena is beyond me. Just goes to show how petrol rules the world. It’s akin to the village idiot sitting on the gas pump and the other villagers playing along with his idiocy just so the black liquid continues to flow. Unbelievable. You couldn’t make this stuff up. I do not wish death upon anybody, but these people really are a stain on the face of the Earth, and unfortunately they happen to be staining our portion of it. What have we done for God to give us such luck…

  8. HAIG said:

    I’m surprised President Sarkisian stood up for the people. Finally! I believe Moscow is guiding Armenia once again on this issue. I believe Armenia should freeze all NKR negotiations for 5 years, and should threaten to recognize NKR. We should learn a lesson from Azerbaijan’s foreign policy and buy NKR recognition from small island states. I also believe Armenia needs to become aggressive. Yerevan needs to send a clear message to the diaspora giving the green light to physically harm any Azeri that may possible try to interfere with the larger community’s agenda. When an Armenian get murdered Azeris are more motivated to keep killing. How about we enter the game since at the end nothing happens. The world has other issues to worry about. History has taught us well, nobody will support us. We need to determine our future.

  9. zograp said:

    turks mongol are only one people who can massacre babies in their mothers stomach and who can betray and backstab every one who once trusted them even in their most miserable times! .turks mongol also played a BIG ROLE in HITLER’s ARMY while massacring the JEWISH people turks mongol.are known worldwide by their enormeous killer and rubber habits.TRADITION! SO fuck turks mongol

  10. Hagop Arshagouni said:

    As they say do not get mad .get even.I am sure there is another Tehlerian .

  11. George said:

    International community should have responded stronger, the intensity shows the real face of the Int’l community towards Armenia and Armenians.

  12. dvo said:

    Reconize artsaks all readey peopele like Edward nabaldian are destroting our opertunity

  13. John Ahmaranian said:

    America and Europe feel CONCERN ! We need more than that.
    Dear Europeans, Don’t you see now that the Turk-Azeris are the same, the way they were in 1915?
    Are’nt you convinced that if Karabagh is given back to the Turk-Azeris, the Armenians will be axed one by one, village by village, this time not in Budapest but in their own homes?
    Dear Europeans, please, read the background of the Turk-Azeris. They are the sons and grandchildren
    of Timur Lanc, Alp Aslan, Hulaku, Talaat and Abdul Hamid II. Today’s Aliev is not different from them.
    Dear Europeans, if you don’t stop their atrocities, no one will stop them from invading Budapest, Sofia, and Vienna. They are already in Germany just to destroy your religion, smash your civilization and conquer your lands. By protecting and defending Armenia and Karabagh you will secure your doors from Turk-Azeris’ epidemy.

  14. Mabuballah said:

    “Domestic consumption”, says OSCE. I wonder how domestic will be their concern when war breaks out and oil and gas are cut off? NATO’s Fogh Rasmussen is “deeply concerned”? I wonder, by comparison to how deep would be that Bilderberger’s concern in that event?
    Armenia and Armenians all: why are you expending precious resources (arms and military units) ot KFOR and to NATO in Afghanistan? You are surrounded by a brood of vipers, and the Western powers are no exception: get youselves together and place your trust in none of them!

  15. Satenik said:

    President Sarkisian has rightly voiced his concerns. Yes when it comes to the Armenian issues, the international community always takes the Azeri side, well it seems cheap oil is quite tasty and they fall all over each other to please Tsar Aliyev….with a very few exceptions, they are all corrupt!!!

  16. ohannes said:

    Mr. President the best thing to do send two three Armenian secret service man to Baku
    and kill the killer when sleeping his on bed this is the only way Alive dog will get the
    message don’t F with Armenian coward dog

  17. Ardziv said:

    Artsakh’s recognition would be the most proper respond to this whole issue, whether to Hungary’s and Azerbaijan’s actions or the international community reactions regarding this, assuming recognition is not in Armenia’s interest is a total nonsense. yes it would be a serious blow to the talks, but hey, have the talks brought anything so far? wait a bit, are the talks with the Azerbaijani ever necessary since those cowards would never accept Artaskh’s independence. well recognition might lead to a war. but then again, they would go to war either way. so be it. lets put an end to this problem once and for all.