4 Armenians Die on Airport Road in Aleppo

Aleppo has been the scene of heavy clashes as fighting escalates in Syria

ALEPPO—After returning from Yerevan and en-route from the Aleppo Airport four Armenians were killed and 13 wounded on Wednesday when opponents of the current regime opened fire on the road from the airport to the city.

Spokesman for the Syrian-Armenian community Jirayr Reisian said the injured who sustained minor injuries have already been released from the hospital, while those with more serious injuries remain in hospitals throughout the city.

One of the victims, Arsen Bebidjian had picked up his relative Hratch Bebidjian from the airport when they were killed as a result of the gunfire. Harutiun Sulavian and Mesrop Adjemian were the other two fatal victims of the attack.

The Syrian-Armenian community continues to hold its own despite increased fighting that has spilled into the heavily Armenian-populated areas of Aleppo and Damscus.

An effort to assist the Armenian community in Syrian has been launched in the Western United States. Make you donations to the Syrian-Armenian Relief Fund.


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  1. Kevork said:

    Dear Asbarez, so long as the US “main stream” biased totalitarian media is not using the word “regime” to describe terrorist supporting countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan, please refrain from using that term for the current Syrian government.

    In addition, 4 Armenians were killed not by “opponents of the current regime” – but by TERRORISTS supported by the likes of the regimes of the above mentioned countries. If these were real ‘opposition’ (Syrians wanting Democracy), they would have no reason to massacre innocent civilians like this and blame it on the Syrian government they want to topple.

    As Armenians I also support the idea of remaining neutral in this turmoil, as the future of the Armenians in Syria is uncertain, and it is not clear who will be in rule in Syria one or two years from now. But in the meantime let’s call a spade a spade and reject the hypocrisy of the west.

    • Bobby said:

      You call Turkey as a terrorist supporter. Hmmm, can you recall almost four decades of terrorism and support by another country called Armenia, with various terrorist groups, such as JCAG, ASALA, etc.? I sure can! No one gave a damn about Turks being murdered and injured world-wide by Armo terrorists back then! So why should anyone give a damn about what happens to a few Armos in Syria!! Move them out of the war zone and somewhere safe, until the problem there is resolved, lest we have to endure more whining from you people!!

      • Random Armenian said:

        Armenia was not involved with those groups and their operations happened while Armenia was part of the Soviet Union.

      • john said:

        you terrorisit criminal turks are well know throughout the world for your babrarisms.

        you criminal turks will get your just anwser in time. You will never get away with your crimes.

      • Avery said:

        Is that you Robert the Turk ? now calling yourself ‘Bobby’ ? How original.

        The original terrorists were your Turkish ancestors who terrorized and
        murdered 2 million Armenian civilians, including children and babies.

        the lives of 42 assassinated Turkish diplomats do not supersede the lives of 2 million exterminated Armenians.

      • The Kebab Chef said:

        I am a Turkish person who has nationalistic views about the Genocide issue and I agree with some of your views on the Genocide Issue, but I have to say this: Erdogan’s support and backing for Salafi and Wahhabi terrorists is just beyond rephrensible! The Salafis and Wahhabis want to take of the Middle East and North Africa and start a Taliban-Style Caliphate where most of those countries are as poor and illiterate as Afghanistan and these countries are exploited for the benefits of Wahhabi dictators in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, as well as Erdogan’s AKP and Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.

    • Hratch said:

      There is something to be said about a regime that knowingly allows civilians to bribe their border guards with packs of bread and cigarettes.

    • Fred said:

      Dear Kevork I whant to kiss your forehea. It is so true. If the West were able to call a spade a spade, they would have recognised Armenian Genocide a long time ago. They would have forced Turkey to stop the blockade of Armenia. No We Armenians are the only people that can call a spade spade. But there arn’t a lot of us left in the world, the Jews made sure of that.

    • Andy said:

      “As Armenians [you] support the idea of remaining neutral?” I think you are the hypocrite, not the West. As a society against whom massacres have been committed, it is ridiculous to suggest that we stay silent while the Syrian government obliterates its own people. How can we ever criticize any other group that stayed silent during the Genocide or who fails to condemn it today if we are going to “stay neutral” over these massacres.

  2. Satenik said:

    Very tragic! One also wonders who has been supplying the guns and ammunitions to the so called “freedom fighters ” , perhaps one day the countries supporting them would realise that they should not have done so, but until such time innocent people of all religion and ethnicity are going to be victims of terror.

  3. Tony said:

    I suspect this is an evil plan and work of the Turkish Generals to get rid of Armenians in Aleppo.