Baku Blames Armenian Lobby for EU Resolution

Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman Elman Abdullayev

BAKU (RFE/RL)—Azerbaijan on Friday rejected a European Parliament resolution condemning the pardoning of axe-killer Ramil Safarov, saying that Armenian lobby groups were instrumental in its passage.

“The resolution once again demonstrates that the European Parliament is dependent on the influence of the Armenian lobby,” Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman Elman Abdullayev was quoted by Russian and Azerbaijani news agencies as saying.

Abdullayev again defended President Ilham Aliyev’s decision to pardon Safarov immediately after the Azerbaijani army officer was extradited from Hungary, where he had been sentenced to life imprisonment for hacking to death Armenian Lieutenant Gurgen Markarian in 2004.

“For Azerbaijan, the case of Ramil Safarov is closed,” the official said. “His extradition was carried out within the framework of both Azerbaijani and Hungarian legislation. His subsequent pardoning also fully corresponds to the constitution and laws of Azerbaijan.”

Abdullayev reiterated Baku’s claims that “Armenia’s continuing occupation of Azerbaijani territories” is the root cause of Markarian’s gruesome murder. He faulted the European Parliament for not agreeing with this stance.

The resolution backed by all major factions in the European Union’s legislative body deplores Safarov’s release from prison and a hero’s welcome given to him in Baku. It says that this “could contribute to further escalation of the tensions” in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone.

The resolution was also denounced as “one-sided and not objective” by Ali Ahmadov, executive secretary of Aliyev’s ruling Yeni Azerbaycan party. According to the Trend news agency, Ahmadov said the European Parliament itself will fuel more Armenian-Azerbaijani tensions with its criticism of Baku.


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  1. Art said:

    Really? So your Constitution and laws of Azerbaijan, let someone kill an innocent person in their sleep?

  2. Tony said:

    Elman Abdullayev and others like him in Azebeijan have to be smoking something…These people are living in the past, probably the 7th century. What a backwards living leadership.

  3. Vahan Vanagan said:

    The European Parliament resolution is not enough, not satisfactory.
    The Armenian government must request the International Penal Tribune at The Hague the Re-Extradition of the criminal Safarov back to Hungry, to his original prison to complete his condemnation for Lifetime imprisonment.

  4. The Truth said:

    Funny, else the same Azerbaijani officials are not getting tried to repeat again and again that the almost everybody support Azerbaijan! – wishful thinking of racist in Baku!

    Fascist Hungry and Austria alone blood sucker German Empire had their own share in Armenian Genocide! France and British Empire where not much better!

  5. Ararat said:

    According to this fool’s twisted logic when he says that Armenia’s occupation of FAKE Azerbaijani territories is the root cause of Gurgen Margaryan’s gruesome murder, I can safely conclude and say that if every Armenian in any corner of the world who may commit murder against Turkish citizens, his action should not only be justified but he should be praised and exonerated of his crime because Turkey continues to occupy the Armenian provinces in Western Armenia.

    Only a donkey-brain Turk and a pseudo-Turkish Azerbaijani would speak such words. Let’s take this buffoon at his words and call up all Armenian Safarovs. I will be the first in line.

  6. vrej said:

    Typical Turkish threatening!

    The fact that Hungary, the rest of the EU and NATO (=NAZI) hasn’t cut its diplomatic ties with this disgusting country which openly and officially defends and justifies the murder of sleeping individuals is sickening.

    The West will pay for this by stronger Russian influence in Armenia.

    Azerbaijan will also pay for this. When the day of reckoning comes we will have Gurgen Margaryan in mind.

    Go to hell, Azerbaijan!!!

  7. AraK said:

    Azeris are much clever than our useless government. I think the diaspora should stop helping Armenia and try to solve its own problems. We are losing our time with these oligarch crooks who are bleeding Armenia. Actually not much blood has remained…
    Aliyev is right. Soon Armenia will be empty of her people and all the Azeris will have to do is just walk in and conquer. Our government and all the rest of the gang are busy trying to win the elections to suck the remaining blood from our “dyingland”.
    Very sad.

    • Avery said:

      I know a great majority of AzeriTatarTurks and great majority of Turks are so consumed with Anti Armenian hatred that they have lost their minds: we Armenians haven’t.

      Can you impostors try a little harder ?

      You actually think any Armenian would believe an Armenian wrote this: “Aliyev is right…..” ?

      You guys pulling this sort of stuff are dumber than I thought.
      No wonder a handful of poorly armed Armenian Mountain Warriors of Artsakh’s faked out and chased out the mechanized divisions of the fake state of ‘Azerbaijan’ (a name stolen from Iran).

  8. M.S.K. said:

    The resolution of the European Parliament condemning Azerbaijan for pardoning the axed murderer Ramil Safarov who killed an Armenian officer in Hungary is justifiable based on the international laws. Another shameful slap to Aliyev and his administration.

  9. Tsayt said:

    Just imagine the impact of such comment on the entire psyche of the population of Azerbaijan. The “Armenian lobby” having such powers, according to President Aliyev’s high level government spokesman, that can influence the decision makers (of the highest levels) of Europe can only contribute to the psychological blockade of Azerbaijan. Why would any Azeri be willing to fight against such an opponent that have the power to influence the entire world ???

    Good job Aliyev, you must be an Armenian secret agent.

  10. ARA said:

    well GOOD! What would we expect them morons to say-! They can not admit to their evil ways-they r guilty- GUILTY- GUILTY and GUILTY on all counts-to the devil they belong

  11. John Ahmaranian said:

    Azeri Foreign Minister spokesman said ” that the European Parliament resolution was one-sided”.
    Sure, Sir; it has to be one sided since the axe you used has one sharp side.

  12. antranig said:

    well!!! the azeris should also lobby against the restoration of the japanese boxer’s victory over the azeri boxer he was told to get up by an azeri referee after he was knocked down FIVE TIMES!!! by the japanese boxer, and then amazingly !!!! the azeri boxer was declared the WINNER BY THE AZERI REFEREE!!!!!!! WHAT A CORRUPT NATION!!!! THEY WILL NOT FOLLOW INTERNATIONAL AND CIVILIZED RULES!!!!!!

  13. Hajo said:

    The problem is that these EU people won’t finally take a real stance. Instead they listen to crap like this and feel like being even more “objective”, meaning saying that both sides are bad and should behave, no matter how insane Azerbaijan 2012 is. A people making a distorted axe-murderer their hero, there is nothing more to add to that. Funny though that the Azeris now seem to believe the Armenian lobby myth they and the Turks created. Armenian lobby, haha. A contradiction in itself. What is true on the other hand is Azeris bribing everybody here and there, there is no denying that.

  14. Raffi Bairamian said:

    Armenian Martyrs are Heros while Azeri” heros” are criminals and murderers and this applies to you so called hero the axe murderer safarov , this is a fact that the civilized world knows . Blame the Armenian Lobby as much as you want , but at the end Truth will prevail and sooner or later the whole world will recognize Artsagh as a Free and Independent State.May God Bless all our Heros.

  15. George said:

    Like Israel and US Armenia should attack an preemptive strike to assure it’s survival, Armenia should ask Russia’s backing to attack Azerbaijan, put pressure on the West, and let the West worry on the consequences, Armenia can’t sit like a lame duck, untill the Azeri army is trained and ready for war, neither Armenia can efford the use of Azeri OIL money against him, a War will interrupt OIL fllow, Handicap Azeri finances, and Evaporate West’s interest in the Azeri OIL, Russia should be more agresive to solve Armenia’s problems, centuries long reliable neigbours and partners, A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED, and now Armenia needs from Russia a strategic backing to make justice for a century long problem.

  16. levon sanosyan said:

    What does any kind of lobbying if any has to do with a true character of barbarian-Genocidal Turk and in this case the Azeri Turk. The blood thirsty Turks are known all over the world as the authors of the word Genocide, murder, rape, cheating and you name it. The Turks are the plight of this world and this foreign ministry spokesman can not fool the world and hide his true character by dressing in an European suit handed to him by the West.
    Turkey has no place in the European Union. If Europeians and the civilized world are fooled by the murderous Turks and join the European Union, that will be the end of the Europeian Union. Pan Turkism and the Genocidal Turkey has no place in this world. The Turk with an ax and blood in his hand has no place in this word.

  17. Irenh said:

    Enough already of Azeri blackmail. After all this, Artsaz has to become a closed case for Armenia. Armenia must recognize independence of Artsax!

  18. GB said:

    And once again Aliofff proved, that he is belong to the rules of jungle, with his corrupted “oily” administration of Azer Baboons!!

  19. Sevag said:

    So basically Abdullayev is stating that the EU cannot think for itself and the entire world is wrong in condemning what happened nad only Baku stays correct on its stance…..good job Baku keep up the great diplomatic / foreign policy work, maybe you all took a page out of Davutoglu’s book on foreign policy.

  20. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    When will the world countries wake up to the unresponsible Turkis-Azeri Government using the excuse that Safarov’s Axe killing of Markaryan was because of the occupation of Artsakh. Every country in the world knows that Stalin in 1922 gave Artsakh to the Azeri’s as well as Nakhichevan, Javakh to the Georgians and Kars & Ardahan to the Turks. These have been Armenia’s Historic Territories for over 3000 years until the Seljuk Turks, the Mongol Turks, & the Ottoman Turks invaded the Armenian Homeland. The Armenian Government & the diasporan Armenians should not let this pass until Safarov is back in prison. Justice must be done or the world governments along with the United Nations must be found guilty of this injustice.