CSTO Military Exercises Begin in Armenia

A scene from the CSTO military exercises taking place in Armenia

YEREVAN—About 2,000 servicemen from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan began four days of military exercises of the Collective Security Treaty Organization at Armenia’s Marshal Baghramian military headquarters outside of Yerevan.

The soldiers are practicing military tactics for providing security in Caucasus. The maneuvers replicate rapid deployment force repelling enemy attacks in the mountains. The soldiers are backed by tanks, aircraft and other military hardware and are participating in operations against what organizers called “irregular military units.”

The exercises come a month before more comprehensive military exercises scheduled for October in Russia, known as “Cooperation 2012.”

The CSTO united commander Major General Anatoly Yakovlev told a press conferece Saturday that the exercises were aimed to improve CSTO member states’ administrative bodies and the participating troops would train in use of drones.

”Great attention will be paid to air defenses, ”said Yakovlev, who outlined that the exercises would conclude on Sept. 19.

The CSTO press secretary Vladimir Zaynutdinov was quick to point out that the exercises were planned in December and had nothing to do with current conflicts going on in the Middle East.

In his opening remarks, Armenia’s Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian said the exercises would contribute to the further development of military cooperation and mutual understanding between CSTO member-states and its Collective Operational Reaction Forces.

A statement issued by the CSTO press office said that forces from Russia and Belarus parachuted to the ground on Monday to simulate an attack on invading “irregular armed groups.” They struck the imaginary enemy with the help of Kazakh commandos and heavy fire from multiple-launch rocket systems, attack helicopters and military aircraft.

“Detachments of a special forces brigade of the Armenian armed forces, which are part of the CORF, surrounded ‘the enemy’ and completed the rout, pushing the remaining [enemy fighters] out of the state border,” said the statement.

The statement added that the exercise demonstrated a “high degree of coordination among CORF contingents.” A separate statement issued by the Armenian Defense Ministry also praised the joint training.

The Collective Security Treaty Organization was signed in 1992, May 15. Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are among CSTO member states.


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  1. Avetis said:

    I want to salute the historic bond that has existed between Russia and Armenia for over two hundred years. Russia gave us Armenians the historic opportunity to reestablish a nation in the south, we gave Russians the peace of mind knowing that Turks and Islamists will never infest the South Caucasus ever again. The Russian-Armenian alliance today is the last front in the Caucasus against American imperialism, NATO expansionism, Globalism, Zionism, Islamic fanaticism and Pan-Turkism.

    • Hagop D said:

      I want to salute the historic bond that has existed between all Armenians for over two thousand years. We alone had the foresight to re-establish our country after WWI, to the objection of Turks and Russian Communists who worked together to confiscate western Armenian territories and chop Armenia into pieces. I hope the Russians will wake up one day and realize the importance of Armenia, as they have allowed the infestation of the “Islamists, American imperialism, NATO expansionism, Globalism, Zionism, Islamic fanaticism and Pan-Turkism.” in the south Caucasus.

      • Avetis said:

        Ignorant yet big talking individuals like you have ultimately been the reason why Armenia had been a shrinking nation for two thousand years. Since you are so “knowledgeable” in history, please name me a single “Russian Communists who worked together (with Turks) to confiscate western Armenian territories and chop Armenia into pieces”.

        I’ll be waiting for your response.

        Anyway, had it not been for drunk Ivan to come down to the Caucasus around two hundred years ago, you would still be living like Kurds and Yezdis herding goats or making saddles for donkeys in eastern Turkey…

        There is nationalistic pride and then their is nationalistic stupidity. What you expressed was no nationalistic pride.

      • Hay said:

        Do not make the mistake of calling those communists Russian. Need I remind you of the true ethnic origin of the Bolshevik elite? Hint it starts with a J. The Russian populace suffered equally under their yoke. Not being hateful, just pointing out a fact, since many here badmouth Russians because of what happened during Soviet times, yet they miss the (not hidden yet also not publicized) truth of who the communists really were. And to this day the same tribe is working towards our demise.

  2. Hagop D said:

    While they are at it, how about liberating the rest of northern Artsakh, just to complete the Artsakh liberation. Remember: “laws” do not apply to Azerbaijan from here on, by their own choosing.

  3. john said:

    Cooperation between members of the CSTO is a good sign.The only problem is that the Azeris are trying spread pan-turkic propaganda in these Central Asian republics trying to get them to get out of the CSTO and join Azerbajin. I hope that the Central Asian governments will succeed to keep out these turkofacists from their government and prevent them from stirring trouble.

  4. Gevorg D said:

    Azeris cannot go against all these nations, and just like the US turned their backs on Georgia when they needed the same will happen to them. Because as we know Russia is the last enemy the US will want to have.

  5. steve said:

    thank god for russia, i would not try to imagine what would have happened without russia. turks definately are too spoilt and do not deserve anything , armenians please keep strong and grow stronger