Genocide Recognition Precondition to Turkey’s EU Bid, Says Euro-Parliament President

President of the European Parliament Martin Shultz

BERLIN—The President of the European Parliament Martin Shultz announced Monday that Turkey’s integration into Europe is preconditioned by the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, reiterating the body’s 1987 decision.

“Turkey should recognize the Armenian Genocide and it would be considered as a precondition to enter the European Union,” said Shultz whose remarks were posted on the official Web site of his Left Party of Germany, which also welcomed the position. Shultz said that Turkey must face its history.

The European Parliament leader made the statement during a meeting with Turkey’s European Integration Minister and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis, who during a press conference later refused to answer questions pertaining to the announcement and comments he made earlier this year in Switzerland, effectively denying the Armenian Genocide.

The President of the European Parliament Martin Shultz stated about it at the meeting with the Turkish State Minister and the Minister for the EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis. They talked about the official role of Turkey in Syria, visa issues and Turkey’s possible membership in the European Union.

Instead Bagis told reporters that Switzerland was not an EU member and “I will not spend a single second to speak about issues, which do not concern the European Union.”


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  1. HArutuyn said:


  2. Albert said:

    Turkey is a cancer that will destroy the European Union. In France recent polls have shown that 70% of French don’t want Turkey to join and Germans are sick and tired of the Turks also. The Turks are a cancer that are already destroying Europe. They are involved in prostitution, the control the opium drug trade and there are many Islamofacists among the European Turks. The Mohammed protests in Europe have shown that Turkey and the other Islamofacists have no place in Europe. They never were European and they will never be European.

  3. Albert said:

    The making of the Mohammed movie was wrong but all this violence can never be justified. The Islamic fanatics have filled Europe and Europe is in big trouble. If Turkey joins the EU, western Europe is dead.

  4. Dave said:

    This EU Parliament may be “consolation prize” to Armenians after the Safarov affair.

    It is supposed to make us happy.

    But beware. Recall that the 1987 EU Parliament resolution was not only non-binding on the EU itself, but also contained wording that said that Armenians they were owed no reparations or land.

    So we Armenians get nothing at all in the end, do you see?

    The EU and this man Shultz are toying with us.

  5. GB said:

    Turks don’t understand human language, they have been brainwashed and brought up like a real Turk!! Yet, more than 90 years after their newly adopted Europeanized alphabets and civilization, there is no hope of changing in the near future!!

  6. EU said:

    good… back in 2009 or 2010 I was not really not quite happy with the position of Mr Martin Shultz in this regard so i wrote a letter to Mr Martin Shultz … simply because the Armenian Genocide is a fact therefore the excuses and denial policy of Turkey itself is a crime against all humanity

  7. George said:

    Todays problems in the region is thanks to Turkey’s unreliability, It did not help US with the war in Irak, caused Billions of Dollars in loss and the lives of thousends of Amrican soldiers, It did not take decicive action agianst Syria, and now Syria is lost to Russia because of Turkey’s betrayel to the West, Historicaly Syria and Lebanon friends of France,

  8. levon sanosyan said:

    No he is wrong. Turkey can not be admitted and must not be admitted in the European Union under any condition. It will be the end of the European Union! Do not fool yourself.

  9. Ararat said:

    Every time I see this frog-faced and racist Turkish EU Minister Egemen Bagis, I want to vomit. I wonder when these liberal-minded Europeans are ever going to grow a pair and stand up for the rights of their fellow Christians who are being forced out and persecuted in Muslim countries instead of welcoming to their countries millions of Muslims with open arms.

    They are too busy behaving civilized and acting proper toward these Muslims not realizing that their liberal laws are setting the ground work for future conflicts on their own soil by letting all these Muslims, the filthy Turks in particular, plant roots in Europe.

    When will they come to their senses that unlike their fellow Christian immigrants who integrate into their societies and become active and model citizens and future assets for their countries, that all these Muslims and the backward nomadic Turks, will not only never integrate and accept the European values but they are there to take advantage of their generous handouts and be nothing but liability and a burden on their societies.

    I think this large influx of Muslim immigrants into Europe is part of a larger scheme. After they have used up and exhausted the resources of their host countries, they begin to make religious demands and cause trouble. If they are such devout Muslims why won’t they immigrate to Saudi Arabia instead of flooding Europe? After all, Saudi Arabia is considered the center of Islam where they can have all the religious freedom they desire and free from Christian influence, infidels as they call the Christians, and also because even building of a church there is prohibited.

    The Turks are feeling nostalgic about their past Ottoman conquests in Europe. They are no longer able to do militarily what their genocidal Ottoman ancestors were able to do, so they attempt to do it economically. They resort to flooding European capitals with Turks and Muslims with hopes of gaining EU membership and dictate courses of action in their region through enticing Europe with their economics and acting as a hub to provide energy resources to energy-deprived and energy-hungry Europe, such as gas and oil, through their Turkic and Muslim proxies.

    As the old saying goes, you can take a monkey out of the jungle but you can never take the jungle out of the monkey. In other words, once a Turk always a Turk!

  10. Berge Jololian said:

    Never mind acknowledgment. Turkey and EU can keep their recognition. Accountability is what matters. Genocide acknowledgment without accountability is hollow and meaningless. Land, reparations and restitution.

    Acknowledgment with Accountability.

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