Syria Says Turkey Allows al-Qaida to Cross its Borders

An al Qeada soldier in Syria

DAMASCUS, Syria (Associated Press)—Syria accused Turkey Sunday of allowing thousands of Muslim extremists to cross into its territory, as the government and opposition said an explosion killed at least seven and cut off a main road leading south from the capital.

In letters to the U.N. Security Council and Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, Syria’s Foreign Ministry said Turkey allowed “thousands of al-Qaida, Takfiri and Wahhabi terrorists” access to the country in order to “kill innocent Syrians, blow up their properties and spread chaos and destruction.”

Syrian authorities blame the anti-government uprising that began in March last year on a foreign conspiracy and accuse Gulf countries Saudi Arabia and Qatar, along with the U.S, other Western countries and Turkey, of offering funding and training to the rebels, whom they describe as “terrorists.”

Turkey serves as headquarters for the leaders of the Free Syrian Army rebels and hosts many meetings of the Syrian National Council opposition group. Relations between Turkey and Syria, once strong allies, have been deteriorating since after the crisis began last year and Ankara became one of President Bashar Assad’s harshest critics.

UN Confirms ‘Terrorists’ Operating in Syria

An increasing number of “foreign elements” including jihadist are operating in Syria, an independent U.N. panel confirmed yesterday in its first report to say that outside “terrorists” have joined a war spiraling out of control.

The investigative panel appointed by the Human Rights Council said some of these forces are joining armed anti-government groups while others are operating on their own. “Such elements tend to push anti-government fighters towards more radical positions,” the head of the panel, Brazilian diplomat and Professor Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, told diplomats. He referred to the foreigners as “terrorists,” though the word did not appear in the written report, according to the Associated Press.


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  1. Albert said:

    Why doesn’t Europe listen to the pope’s warning that stopping the flow of Arms to these terrorists is the only way to stop the civil war. Turkey is a major sponsor of Islamic terrorism and Turkofasistic terrorism.Turkey has given refuge to one of the Chechan terrorists responsible for killing 300 Russian Children in Beslan and other terrorist attacks on the Moscow theatre. Turkey is a criminal state.

    • said:

      Chechens are fighting in Syria now – they post names of their shakhids killed there. Chechen terrorists were trained and treated in Azerbaijan by Turkish instructors.

      Most Chechen warlords started their careers fighting for Azeri Turks in Artsakh.
      Shameel Basaev was captured by Armenians in Artsakh and released in exchange for weapons which were badly needed at that time.

  2. Born of Apricots said:

    toorkiyeh is, has, and will always be a terrorist state. They supported the superevil chechens because the turkish military leadership is of chechen ancestry. The chechens in toorkiyeh and syria did the most evil acts against women and children during the Armenian genocide.

  3. General Sherman said:

    EPIC LOL at Armenians making their typically armenian comments.

    So all the CIA advisors running Hatay are working together with al-Quaeda? LOL, al-Quaeda and the CIA. What a dream team!

    What does Turkiye have to do with Chechens who by the way sufferered a real genocide, not the phoney butthurt suffered by Armenians who got owned militarily in the 1920’s?

    • hagop hagopian said:

      You might want to hit the library, your head is so buried in the sand, it has affected your IQ.

  4. Alex Postallian said:

    The cowardly jerkie turkie using Gen Shermans name.Gen Sherman is a honorable name of a civil war soldier from Ohio,his face always toward the enemy,not his back,like the yellow turkies who prevail on countries,twenty times smaller.Always on unarmed women,children,old people.Gooble,gooble.

  5. Alex Postallian said:

    Now in the first place,jerkie turkie,is the biggest LIAR,of all nations.Secondly,they took advantage,if true,of a country in the ravages of war,never a even fight for the jerkies.They expect outside help,like the U.S.A.or israel.the jews will stay out.I hope we are not that DUMB,we have been.They would expect the aiding nation to lead the way in the war:and jerkie turkey will follow waayy behind,carrying,the TOILET SUPPLIESRemember jerkie will only attack an adversary,twenty times smaller,unarmed women,children,old people.

  6. Stefan said:

    The Turks have just been caught by Yemen shipping arms to rebels there as well. It seems radical Islam is alive and well in so called secular & democratic Turkey. They are activley arming Syrian rebels who are now mostly al-qeada and all Sunni, Armenian districts are all bombed, Armenian Churches and schools in Syria are all targeted by terrorists paid and supported by Turkey..
    And Europe wants let these killers into EU.