Armenia, Artsakh Booth Vandalized at Paris Travel Show

The Armenia and Artsakh booth at Top Resa 2012

PARIS—The Armenia and Artsakh booth at the Top Resa 2012 International Travel Market, currently under way in the French capital, was vandalized on Tuesday night, with posters of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic destroyed, reported the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia reports.

Upon learning about the vandalism, representatives of the Armenian Embassy in France and the NCFA delegation informed the organizers of the event and filed a report.

The Top Resa 2012 organizers reported that that they had received complaints from the Azerbaijani embassy in France regarding the participation of Artsakh at the exhibition.

The booth has been entirely restored to its previous condition and all the information on Artsakh is now readily accessible. NCFA reported that there has been significant attention and traffic at the Armenia and Artsakh booth.


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  1. Kurken M. said:

    That’s expected from Turk and Azeri savages. They have no understanding of the word “tolerance”…

  2. Hayq said:

    No shit this would happen. Armenians should know to always be on the defensive when dealing in areas that have Turks or Azeris in them. If they would axe someone in their sleep, I doubt they would care about a booth.

  3. Raffi Bairamian said:

    The heirs of the criminal turks and azeris ( azeris have a new national hero now , the axe murderer and internationally lifetime sentenced crimnal ramil safarov ) lose control .and commit criminal acts by simply seeing a poster of Artsakh and this reflects their moral values. turks and azeris must know that the armenian land of Artsakh will remain Independent and Sovereign and will be internationally recognized soon .

  4. artashes said:

    Well, Turk are loosing to Kurds in Turkey, Azeis lost to Armenias in Artzah. They are mad, and they know that their world is crumbling down. In Az. there are lezgin, latysh, avar minorities that are begging slowly to drift away from Az. Kurdistan will be!

  5. Shant D said:

    there is an easy solution which is always hard to do,, there is reason why the other sides are always angry and hatefull because both sides are ready and willing to hate each other but if we open our eyes well see even with out ecperience a turk or an azeri much myself the other sides just another human being and saem creation thing. so if we showed love to warsd them maybe theyll see what theyre doing is wrong and also well begin to see waht we are doing is also so soooo wrong.. to hate another human being is both murder and evil towards God and each other!

  6. Ray said:

    What do you expect from a country that turns a killer into a national hero!
    Nothing these barbarians do suprieses me. I am sure the rest of the world will understand what the Armenian people have gone through in the hands of these monsters.