US Claims ‘Not Satisfied’ With Baku, Budapest Over Safarov Case

Philip Gordon, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs

WASHINGTON (RFE/RL)—The United States is “not satisfied” with explanations from Baku and Budapest concerning the case of an Azerbaijani officer who brutally murdered an Armenian soldier at a NATO seminar in Hungary eight years ago.

Philip Gordon, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, told RFE/RL at the Center for European Policy Analysis’ U.S.-Central Europe Strategy Forum on September 20 that Washington continues to express “dismay and disappointment” to Budapest about its decision to release Ramil Safarov to Baku.

He said Washington is sending the same message to Azerbaijan’s government, which pardoned Safarov and then promoted him after his August 31 return to the country.

“We were appalled by the glorification that we heard in some quarters of somebody who was convicted of murder,” Gordon said. He called the case “a real provocation in the region.”

The European Union, the OSCE’s Minsk Group, Russia, and Hungary also expressed concern about Safarov’s pardon and promotion.


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  1. Alex Postallian said:

    You been blinking all these years over mongol turkey and the little brother azerbaturk,and their insidious behavior over the years against Armenia,1/20 th its size.What a real hypocrite,your bias has been well displayed.

  2. sebouh nazarian said:

    Dera fellow Armenians,

    Please, do not be fooled bythis, there is no way that Hungary would have done this without the approval of the US…this is just a piece of theatre to fool Armenians into voting for Obama at the next elections

  3. Avery said:

    It is BS nonsense to snow Armenian-American voters ahead of the Elections.
    Azerbaijan is entirely dependent on the West and US: if US wanted to really show dissatisfaction, Pres Obama would tell Clinton to call Aliyev and tell him: “send Safarov back to Hungary, or else….”.

    The ax murderer would be on a plane to Budapest within 24 hours.

    US will not do it, because behind closed doors, they agree with what Aliyev did and support his Sultanate 100%. All you have to do is remember this: last June around the time Clinton was visiting Yerevan, Azeris mounted several incursions into RoA and NKR. Neither Clinton, nor US uttered one word of condemnation.
    Does anyone think that Azeris would dare do something like that while US Sect State Clinton was visiting South Caucasus without permission from US ? Anyone think US did not know beforehand that incursions would be mounted on dates certain ?

    There you have it.

  4. hagop hagopian said:

    Give me a break, a turcophile like philip gordon is neither in dismay or disappointed, neither is this administration.
    A book philip gordon has authored disproves his dismay or disappointment.
    Winning Turkey: How America, Europe, And Turkey Can Revive A Fading Partnership (with Omer Taspinar and Soli Ozel, 2008

  5. Lusik said:

    Simply washing hands out, after the co-inspired provocation failed. Aliyev NEVER would make s move like that without approval first.