Azeris Kill Another Karabakh Soldier

Karabakh soldiers on the frontline

STEPANAKERT, YEREVAN—Another soldier from the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Armed Forces was shot dead by Azeri snipers on Tuesday at the Karabakh-Azerbaijan border.

Armenia’s Defense Ministry identified the soldier as 19-year-old Vaghinag Baghdasarian. The ministry added that an investigation has been launched into the killing.

Azerbaijan continues to violate the ceasefire despite calls by international mediators for withdrawal of all snipers from borders. Azerbaijan has also increased its border violation on the Armenia-Azerbaijan front, notably in June when three soldiers were killed during Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Yerevan.

Azerbaijan has unequivocally rejected call for sniper withdrawals, while Armenia and Karabakh have both agreed to it.


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  1. Kevork said:

    I don’t get it. Armenians have no reason to shoot at Azerbaijan. Azeris do (their brainwashing). So why is it that when an Armenian is murdered, the Armenian forces don’t bomb the s**t out of where that fire came from and level the entire place to the ground? Look at what Israelis do… one Israeli is killed, the next day an entire village is leveled to the ground.

    It is so damned depressing and unacceptable hearing this all the time, and these innocent Armenian soldiers are dying for no reason besides terrorism. What a waste. Then we hear something silly from some commander like “we answered them back”… and? It obviously was not enough that it put a stop to their terrorism. Enough is enough already. If Azerbaijan has refused to withdraw its snipers, then obviously that should come with a cost… so what is the cost?

    • Shimi said:

      Armenia is not Israel it doesn’t have the military power and technology of the Israel or the backing of US, if Armenia retaliates it will start a war and for sure this time it will lose.

      • JOHN said:

        You need to be destroyed again? did learn your lesson yet? This time will be norther Artsakh and Nakhijevan.

      • JOHN said:

        Well, I think that Armenians always kill in return 1-4 Azeris after each of these incidents. The other side does not report them. It is a war, and I think that Armenians are waiting for the Az. to attack them. After that more territory will be taken and the negotiations will be for Azeries very difficult. Already Armenians are not talking about returning any of the land back.

      • Kevork said:

        BS, Azerbaijan is not free to start a war unless it gets permission from British Petroleum.

    • Tsayt said:

      “So why is it that … the Armenian forces don’t bomb the s**t out of where that fire came from and level the entire place to the ground? Look at what Israelis do”

      I have often said the same thing, I also (along with many) do not understand the passiveness of the Armenian armed forces. The Israelis would have indeed taken “eye for and eye…” this is the only way to teach these Azeri bastards a lesson they will remember. Furthermore it would be a deterrence and save future young Armenian servicemen’s lives.

      • Tsayt said:

        One more thing…against one Armenian life our forces should take twenty, and send them directly to hell! Then we’ll see if the Azeri cowards would repeat shooting at our soldiers.

        • Manvel said:

          I highly doubt Armenia’s forces can be compared to Israels. Israel has one of the highest trained and well equipped armies in the world. Armenia has a very well armed and trained Army but can not be compared to Israel’s. I disagree that Armenia will lose to Azerbaijan. As an Armenian we need to be realistic and take calculated steps .

      • Kevork said:

        That’s exactly it, all these young men are murdered for no reason causing heartbreak to all the families. This could stop immediately with one phone call from the USA… since no one cares, Armenians of NK need to destroy the stability of oil flow from Azerbaijan… then watch them withdraw those snipers quicker than you can blink.

  2. hagop hagopian said:

    When am I going to read a headline that states “Armenian forces shot and killed another azeri soldier ” What’s with this pacifism that Armenians are infected with! Since, when did we disregard the true meaning of our faith.

  3. ohannes said:

    time to go and take two mile of Azerbaijan land and make a buffer zone this way no sniper will
    kill any Armenian any more or every day lets bomb two mile every half hour of Azerbaijan land

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  5. Armenian said:

    Mr. Sarkissian this is unacceptable for Armenians.
    Your pompous words, Westerns sympathy or maybe , waiting for Alyev’s mercy is not going to work?
    Armenians need action .

  6. George said:

    Armenian soldier’s life should not be in vain, next War around Armenian’s should make sure to take land with OIL, so he can have leverage for future negotiation, the West only undesrtands 1

  7. George said:

    language, OIL, $$$$$, OIL, $$$$$ in any way the corrupt Aliyev’s and his family’s rule is helping little to it’s population, they would be better off if Azerbaijan is split between Iran and Armenia than staying under Aliyev’s rule.

  8. dvo said:

    Time to raise our. Voice again armenia must not put an blind eye to this and link this killing to gurgen margaryan case,

    This the.15th soldiers death this year how many families must be ruined yet. Time to act.stop.talking nonsense and take some action.

    1 armenian soldiers death = is 10 azeri.soldiers death!!!!!

    Iam tired to see my armenians die for the sports of azerbaijan the nerve!!!

    If Armenia does.not react to.this killing than.we.dont have an army.

    In all countrys over the world countrys almost war eachothers for killing.their own soldiers or they would at least kill many more of them! It would be a shame if we see no reaction reconize karabkh independence!!! Or at least take revenge for the soldiers death

    Do we must wait.a nother 20 years with.a nother hundreds of armenians azeris border violations violations???

  9. ARA said:

    How long does this continue? give them some hellfire so that they know what is next- we can level Baku. The dirty little …. in the Azeri army need a shakeup– the turks care nothing about law and order or respect for anyone- their outhouses are in the doorway into their home-their politicians need a good message- the bullet- otherwise we lose more good people-our soldiers- remember- 1 of our guys must equal 2-300 of theirs-I mean soldiers- we do not do what they do and have done as in rape children and women- they will do anything to satisfy their sick brain via genetics!

  10. Zohrab said:

    It is clear they will not stop the only ones that can is artcakh forces we must punish very harshly every time they kill or injure a soldier. That way all snipers will know you hit we get you be firm

  11. Anto said:

    I`m am very disepointed in the Armenian govermment.all this young solders Die time after time.And nothing is done abou what Israel dose.for every bulit they shoot.Sand a BOM !

  12. VM said:


    • said:

      It would be a big mistake to mechanically transfer Israeli’s approach. First, Israel is the strongest bully in the neighborhood, second, their main opposition is not a state, but different groups. Third is that Arabs they are fighting are all one ethnic group. The main thing to learn from them is how to divide your enemies and make them fight each other while staying united yourselves.

      Armenians are facing quite a different animal. Azeri Turks (who are actually a minority in their country) usurped the state and project power over the native peoples of the land they occupy. They send these minority conscripts to the border with Artsakh to be shot at and kill two birds with one stone – getting Armenians killed and getting rid of non-Turks in their state.

      What is offered here by many posters – to kill 10 Azeri soldiers for every Armenian killed, etc. would not work – because the Turks who give orders do not care how many Tolysh or Lezgi conscripts Armenians kill in retaliation.

      To stop this madness Armenians need to unite (this is the hardest part), they need to divide Azeri society by supporting ethnic minorities in their struggle against Turkic nomads, and target only these who give orders to kill Armenians by impacting economic interests of all parties benefiting from the war in the region.

      • Tsayt said:

        More Talysh and Lezgi conscripts killed as a result of their Azeri commanders’ orders more divided the society will be. Therefore, killing as many “Azeris” as a retaliation serves the exact purpose that you are advocating, which is division of loyalty and anger towards the ruling elite.

  13. Ray said:

    Armenia needs to build a wall like the Chinese did thousands of years ago to keep out the Mongul Invaders
    becasue lets not forget who the ancestors of the Azerbaijani’s are.
    As you can see oil money to the international civilizied world is more important then Armenian life!
    How many more young Armenian kids need to die in the hands of these barbarians while the world sits and watches our children loose there lives?

  14. AraK said:

    We are Christians, upon receiving a slap on one cheek we should turn the other one…
    We don’t need a war, soon our soldiers, between killing each other and being killed by Azeri snipers, will be history.
    How long are we going to “hanturjel” this situation??

  15. Paul said:

    All this talk about Israel. You must understand Israel receives billions of dollars of aid from big papa and billions more in advanced military hardware. It’s hard to compare although the idea is right. Just be ready for war soon. GOD BLESS ARMENIA!!!!

  16. Gayane said:

    This is absolutely heart breaking. Another young soldier dies in the hands of these barbarians. It is obvious they are provoking us. Are they tryng tomake us fight back so down the road they can say “well, Armenians started it…..” our one soldier is equal to few hundred of theirs. These cowards should stop their fake bravery. Azeris know what will happen if they ever decide to face the Armenian soldiers which is why these losers are fighting back from their hiding caves. Cowards.

  17. Hay em Yes said:

    What Armenia needs to do is continue playing things smart. Yes I agree, Armenia needs to take preventative measures to assure the safety of our men. Furthermore, Armenia needs to show that sniper fire will NOT be tolerated. The idea of bombarding their towns though is out of the question. What difference is there between us and the Azeris if we start killing innocent people? The other thing Armenians need to do is have a little bit of patience…granted we’ve been extremely patient and at times to a fault, but we have to play the political game. As of right now the entire international community sees Azerbaijan as the aggressor. Azerbaijan continues to disperse anti-Armenian propaganda, and its clear that their government is unwilling to negotiate. The killing of Gurgen Markarian and the subsequent release of his killer proves that Azerbaijan isn’t serious about peace talks…How could there be? Their current regime is promoting racism and reward convicted murders with money and hailing them as national heroes….Do you realize how good this is for the Armenian people? We have to jump on this opportunity and prove to the international community that this issue can not be solved until they cease promoting xenophobia…..I will say this though….I’m not in favor of murder, but I am in favor of an appropriate military response…I definitely agree that our soldiers need to conduct a reactionary strike in order to make the Azeri leaders think twice before they shoot one of our soldiers, BUT it needs to be directed at their military personnel, not their citizens. I say the next step we should take as a government is to officially recognize Arstakh as an independent state, thus, shifting the talks of the negotiations. Moreover, I think we need to secretly devise a plan, (if we havnt already) to reunite Nakhichevan with Armenia….My entire family is from Nakhichevan and I sincerely hope that, that land will soon be reunited with Armenia.

  18. bayrakiniyakan said:

    Հայկական զինված ուժերի N զորամասի մարտական դիրքում հակառակորդի կողմից արձակված գնդակից մահացած ժամկետային զինծառայող, շարքային Վաղինակ Արշավիրի Բաղդասարյանի մահվան առնչությամբ՝ ՀՀ պաշտպանության նախարարությունը հայտնում է իր խորին ցավակցությունը զինվորի ծնողներին և հարազատներին:

    «Մեզ համար այն շատ ծանր կորուստ է: Նման քայլերով հակառակորդը նպաստում է սահմանագծում իրավիճակի ապակայունացմանը»,- ասված է ՀՀ պաշտպանության նախարարության լրատավական ծառայության տարածած հաղորդագրության մեջ:

    ՀՀ պաշտպանության նախարարությունը հայտարարել է, որ հայկական կողմը նման սադրիչ գործողությունները անպատասխան չի թողնի, որի պատասխանատվությունը լիովին ընկնում է ադրբեջանական կողմի վրա:

  19. artashes said:

    Well, I think that Armenians always kill in return 1-4 Azeris after each of these incidents. The other side does not report them. It is a war, and I think that Armenians are waiting for the Az. to attack them. After that more territory will be taken and the negotiations will be for Azeries very difficult. Already Armenians are not talking about returning any of the land back.

  20. bayrakiniyakan said:

    when an Armenian Solider get shot do the Azeriz officially announce that ?? NO !
    why everyone thinks that when we Armenians shoot an Azeri we have to announce to the world ??
    the two side want to show himself as a victim , and this is a silent war… for the time that’s how it is

  21. Krikor said:

    This is like it was not enough to let free a criminal ,Armenia continues to lose our solders.
    Learn from Israel , retaliate tooth for tooth Enough is enough

  22. Kevork said:

    Another thing Armenia can do is threaten to recognize NKR with the death of the next soldier.

  23. Artin said:

    Ok all you couch warriors. Firstly, stop comparing us to Israel. There is no comparison between us and them. Why should we lower ourselves so much. Secondly, Armenia has worked hard over the last 20 years building one of the most battle ready and well trained armies in the world with limited resources. Our military planners are very high caliber and its hard to judge their plans sitting on a couch in Los Angeles. When the next was starts you will see what I mean. Thirdly, nearly 200 Azeri snipers were killed last year by Armenian snipers. Yes we have excellent snipers too, only you don’t hear about it because its not advertised. So calm down everyone and stop pushing for a war unless you’re willing to go spill your own blood.

    • Kevork said:

      No one is comparing anything to Israel, and no one is questioning the abilities of the Armenian military. Those points are not relevant. The point is, snipers are not acceptable, period. I don’t care how many Azeris died in return, what matters is, why must a Armenian soldier die and his family devastated for no good reason? The fact that this has gone on for so long, I see as a policy failure on the part of Armenians, because if they really want it to, it would stop. No one wants a war, including Azeris. And besides, Azerbaijan is not at liberty to start a war without approval of western interests.

      If Armenia shows it means business then this would stop immediately. For one, it could retaliate disproportionately like I stated. Or Armenia can give a warning that it will immediately recognize NKR if any Armenian is killed, and get involved itself.

  24. Liger said:

    All I read is that Armenia should bomb the shit out of azeris..from people who are not even living in Armenia. If that’s what u want join the military of Armenia and do something about it rather than talking about it from a distance.

    • Kevork said:

      I think we should make you an ambassador to Azerbaijan so you can go have tea with them over a friendly chit chat, being the level-headed humanitarian that you are with all the answers.

  25. Shant D said:

    wow so much hate and evil and have evil and killing,,, hmm i know some people don’t forgive but its funny how both your life and forgiveness is God’ creation! hmmm

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  28. Ishkhan-Masis said:

    These stories have become essentially commonplace and quite frankly T-bone my optimism and overall mindset. Aliyev considers our border a sport hunting ground and attacks at will, killing several per month. To him, there are no consequences–NONE. I am outraged at our government. All Serge does is add more money to his millions–he was the highest paid politician in the world, logically because Armenia’s economy is the best in the world?–NOT! He has jailed those who really want to put up a fight against these barbaric Turks. He gives meaningless medals to the family of the fallen. I have not seen such an ineffective leader in all my life. Serge has done absolutely nothing since April, other than lying about the size and significance of the land we’ve lost. His short stature and demure stance in front of Putin, Erdogan, and Aliyev really dictate his philosophy. Right now I am more outraged at him than at Aliyev, who we know is a barbaric Turk whose territorial integrity argument should grant him a few trees in Mongolia, which is where his ancestors lived when we had a vibrant, thriving culture in Artsakh. Serge, who reportedly has over $270 million, doesn’t even contribute $10 to the Armenian Fund. Amot e amot. He, his practices, his relatives, and his klan ought to get out of the Armenian Government, buy an island or two, and just live there. Any person or political organization who fails to see his ineffective and meaningless leadership amidst these difficult times is, and will be judged, an accomplice to the demise of our country in the upcoming future. With his stance, we will lose some if not all of Artsakh and even Armenia. This is a guy who cheers when Turkey scores a goal against Armenia during a soccer match and who supported the inhumane, illogical, and unArmenian “Protocols” just a few years back. If I was not convinced that he was completely clueless in politics at the international level and that he was a sycophant to powerful nations, I would label him a traitor.

    There are no improper words in this writing. If you choose not to print this response, it will go to all the remaining Armenian and foreign papers in the world. Feel free to omit this final paragraph.