New Air Defense Unit Opened In Southern Armenia

President Sarkisian tours new air defense facility

YEREVAN—A state of the art air defense unit was inaugurated Thursday in south Armenia with President Serzh Sarkisian, fresh off of a visit to Artsakh (Nagonor-Karabakh Republic, participating in the opening ceremony.

“The Armed Forces are called to defend people, but there are divisions in the Armed Forces, which immediately guarantee the security of our people. On of them is undoubtedly the air defense,” said Sarkisian.

The president said thanks to the brilliant actions of the Armenian air defense divisions during the Artsakh war, the enemy failed to cause substantial damage to the Armenia, “while our air defense forces caused considerable damage to the Azerbaijani air force.”

Sarkisian said the new unit, furnished with all necessary equipment, symbolizes the future of the Armenian military.


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  1. Kevork said:

    “while our air defense forces caused considerable damage to the Azerbaijani air force.”

    I wonder if we will ever see that again, because sadly, Russia also armed Azerbaijan with the same defense systems.

    • ominac said:

      Air defense is are used against offensive weapons, if both have defensive, it does not mean they neutralize each other, it means our aircraft can also not penetrate their airspace, if you don’t intend to attack , you don’t have to wary.

  2. Jean Jaques Bagrationi said:

    Well, the problem we have in Armenia is total lack of a viable air force. The 15 antiquated fighters are No match to Azeri air force. 20 years have passed, oligarchs enriched themselves on the sweat and tears of our people, and there in a corner of Arzni air base, our shamelessly small and inadequate air force rusts. No new fighters for 20 years and 100 millionaire oligarchs translates to TREACHERY. besides, Russia supplied Aliyev with exact weapons. So, where is our “advantage” here? We are being tricked left and right by world powers, we are leaving Armenia en masse, poverty increasing, oligarchs buying mansions overseas. No one left to help the 2 million dirt poor people still in Armenia, and they want me to be happy as if everything is OK with Armenia? Give me a break. First things first: Help the poor so they won’t immigrate. On my recent journey to the land of my fathers, I saw emptied villages, cities. Sad sad situation. What Armenia needs today is a new Tigranes the great, one who will not tolerate the rampant corruption, theft, divisions, and the rest. Build a modern air force, the money stolen would have created a no nonsense air force. And the totally artificial problems with our motherland continue unabated. Writing “long live…,” or “bravo,” or other totally unnecessary and childish utterings do not help Armenia one bit.

    • harry said:

      First of all I completely agree with you in regards to oligarchs. They are parasites to our glories country. The country is our homeland, our ancestors fought many wars for them. We can’t abandon our country because of those few parasite. It would be the biggest betrayal on our part. Even during Tigran the Great era, we had wealthy nobles looking out for their pockets. Its a human genetic sickness. One thing you should understand that the military industry and our arm forces need to develop first because without any of those our country will exist no more. Lets not forget that its much cheaper to build or buy anti air defense units rather than purchasing war planes. We don’t have excess currency to take upon that adventure.
      Russia does sell them the same weapons but we get them dirt price or almost for free. Lets not forget that money is more valuable than loyalty these days. We need Russia more than they need us and they know that all to well.