US Navy Secretary Visits Armenia

US Navy Secretary Ray Mabus with Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian and their entourages

YEREVAN—Armenia’s Defense Minsiter Seyran Ohanian on Monday met with the US Secretary of Navy Ray Mabus, discussing with him regional and global security issues and opportunities for greater cooperation. The meeting was followed by a joint press conference.

“The military cooperation between Armenia and the United States is developing dynamically. The relations between Armenian and American defense agencies have been special in 2011-2012; there have been a number of reciprocal visits and consultations,” Ohanian told reporters.

“The current visit proves that relations between the two countries in the field of defense are in a high level and tend to develop,” added Ohanian.

The US Navy has played a great role in the Armenian-American military cooperation. About 200 Armenian peacekeepers have trained in the US only this year.

Mabus said that the US attaches great importance to the relations with Armenia and appreciated the contribution of the Armenian forces to the missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan.

The US Navy has worked with the Armenian Defense Ministry on issues of military planning and organization of joint trainings, he said.

Mabus also discussed the importance of defense reform, peacekeeping operations and training, as well as the professionalization of the non-commissioned officer (NCO) corps. Mabus discussed cooperation with U.S. Marine Forces Europe through the Black Sea Rotational Forces.

“I am grateful for the warm and gracious hospitality of the Armenian people,” said Mabus. “We value our engagement with Armenia and my visit here underscores the importance of the South Caucasus region.”


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  1. Avery said:

    maybe US is going to arrange for an outlet to the Black Sea for Armenia ?
    As far as I know RoA has no Navy, so why would US Sect of the Navy visit Armenia ?
    He is welcome, of course. But sounds like a Radio Armenia joke.

    Radio Armenia was asked: “Why did they establish a Ministry of Navy in landlocked Armenia. Do you have a sea?”
    Radio Armenia answered: “To spite Azerbaijan. They established a Ministry of Culture.”

  2. Tsayt said:

    US secretary of the Navy in Armenia. What are the political, military and strategic interests of such a high level US envoy to Armenia?

    This is very intriguing. Could this be a lop-sided way of Obama sending a “friendship” message to the Armenian voters?

  3. bigmoustache said:

    only 200 trained in america? how about getting the US to stop training azeri border guards and special forces?
    if an azeri who murders an armenian in a foreign country get rewarded, what will happen to armenian civilians within azerbaijans borders.
    sargsyan dont let armenians down, and dont let the family of gurgen markarian down. let something good come of this!
    btw does the US think azerbaijan is going to attack iran? stop the US from training these murderers

  4. George said:

    How can the US Secretary of Navy Ray Mabus discuss regional and global security with Armenia, if it’s closest alies in the area Azerbaijan and Turkey are purchasing newest weaponary for war, only Azerbaijan lately bought from Israel more than 1,500 Million Dollars of weapons with the sole purpose of attacking Negorno-Karabagh and Armenia. Armenians should be carefull not to piss off Russia

    • Lusik said:

      Here is a wild guess. Since, as you say, Azerbaijan and Turkey like shopping, and mainly weaponry, it is profitable for US and beneficial for Armenia to build a weaponry-producing factory in the region. So, the deal goes like this: US creates military industry (jobs, revenue) and Armenia looks less often toward Russia. This is for the beginning. Later Armenia suddenly discovers that it has no power to decide on even internal issues. Not to speak about Artsakh or more. Just a wild guess.

  5. Zareh said:

    Seyran should tell those people across from him to stop the cruel and inhumane acts of the “rebels” in Syria, to stop their savagery against the peaceful Armenians in Aleppo and Damascus.
    Never trust the American military or the politicians.
    Obama and his Democratic party who got 99% of the Armenian vote 4 years ago back stabbed the U.S. Armenians and now the Syrian Armenians.
    Obama was asked who is the most admired foreign politician in his opinion, the answer was Erdogan.
    Enough said.

    • Lusik said:

      I think ANCA did a mistake by calling for no-vote for both Romney and Obama. The Obama administration treated in a special, unique way the concerns of the Armenian Americans. Not only Obama’s state department is packed with young-turk-like devotees, but also these four years of his in the white house showed unprecedented “Armenian-hunting” with media loudly informing about “bad Armenians”.
      I think there is still time to change the call and encourage to vote for Romney. In order to minimize the chance that current administration will continue enjoying double-standard policy, mixed-message calls for another four years. These four years cover 2015.
      ANCA change the call!

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