Armenia, Russia Plan Joint Arms Production

Russian s 300 anti-aircraft system is one of the elements in the co-production plan

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)—In what will be a further boost to their close defense ties, Armenia and Russia are to start jointly manufacturing weapons and other military equipment under an agreement that was approved by the Armenian government on Thursday.

The government said the draft agreement regulates “manufacturing and research cooperation” between Armenian and Russian defense companies. It commits them to supplying each other with equipment, assembly parts and other materials needed for the production, modernization and repair of various arms.

The agreement, which was drawn up shortly after Russia Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov’s September visit to Armenia, also stipulates that the jointly manufactured weaponry cannot be re-exported or transferred to third countries without the supplier’s permission.

Yerevan and Moscow had already agreed to step up cooperation between their defense industries within the framework of the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). Nikolay Bordyuzha, the CSTO secretary general, said in November last year that they are setting up joint ventures in Armenia for the “maintenance, repair and modernization of some types of weaponry.” He did not elaborate.

Also, Russia is supposed to provide “special military hardware” to the Armenian military in accordance with a Russian-Armenian defense accord signed more than two years ago. The deal extended the presence of a Russian military base in Armenia by 24 years, until 2044.

“Moscow signs such agreements only in cases where it is interested in concrete [mutually beneficial] cooperation,” Aleksandr Golts, a leading Russian defense analyst, said of the new agreement announced by Yerevan.

“So one can assume that with this agreement Armenia has not only expectations from Russia but probably also something to offer,” Golts told RFE/RL’s Armenian service (

Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian praised the domestic defense industry in January, saying that it can now cater for Armenia’s practically entire military arsenal.

Some of its output was demonstrated during a military parade in Yerevan in September 2011. That included unmanned military aircraft, flamethrowers and multiple grenade launchers. Armenia is also believed to manufacture bullets and other ammunition.


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  1. Hay said:

    “The agreement, which was drawn up shortly after Russia Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov’s September visit to Armenia, also stipulates that the jointly manufactured weaponry cannot be re-exported or transferred to third countries without the supplier’s permission.”

    This is very important, no more S300’s (at least the ones under Armenian joint production) being sold to Azerbaijan.

    But what’s this supposed to mean? “Armenia is also believed to manufacture bullets and other ammunition.” It is no secret that we manufacture our own small arms (assault rifles, pistols, etc) and ammunition, for a long time now.

    • Tsayt said:

      It also means Armenia cannot sell the weapons it manufactures to any other country, thus not be able to profit from such exports.

  2. Steve A said:

    Azerbaijan bought couple of used weapons from Israel for 300 million but nobody has seen them. But for 300 million Armenia will make their own weapons where each Armenian soldier will have 5 AKs, 1 tank and 1 S300 launcher :) If Baku’s Aliyev Pasha does not want peace we can force him to peace otherwise his 8 palaces will be leveled.

  3. George said:

    I hope this will help alivate the financial hardship that Armenia is going through by bringing much needed cash to Armenia

  4. harry said:

    this is what we need. Enough building churches and start building our military industry. We can become a serious fire power in the long run if we continue this type of intelligent cooperation. Even though Russia considers us as their outpost, we can emerge into fully independent country in not to long.

    Long Live Armenia

  5. Stephen T. Dulgarian said:

    The agreement between Russia & Armenia on the planning of a joint arms production will be Armenia’s best defense against her enemies in the future. Also the time has come that Armenia recognize Artakhs Independence and incorporate those territories back to where they belong.

  6. Krikor said:

    Long live the Orthodoxy, We are one when it comes to a religion and that says a loth.

  7. Artin said:

    BRAVO! AZAD ANGAKH HAYASTAN! This is not only provided much needed cash to the motherland but it will provide JOBS! Allowing the people to become self sufficient will be the best benefit. All those great new weapons at a MUCH lower cost than what Gayzarbayjan gets them for will be a HUUUGGGEEE plus as well :)

  8. sam said:

    i don’t belive it until i see it we’ve been hearing a lot of good things about armenia but on paper only such as karabagh airport new iran pipe line that was suppose to supply gas to armenia…………….

  9. bigmoustache said:

    working with metal is in our blood, attenton to detail is in our blood, hunting and marksmanship and gunsmithing is in our blood. armenians should take after their sassountsi forefathers and make rifles, teach their children to be marksmen. acknowledge that the warrior is part of our heratage. even the traditional armenian garment for a male includes bullet bandoliers and a dagger. this is why the sports we excel in are all combat (wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, even chess).
    since the time of Hayk we have been marksmen, even with our arrows, and the fedayis of western armenia and artsakh with their bullets too. as long as we have bullets we can face anyone. also shoulder fired sam and semtex factories would go a very long way

  10. Fred said:

    I feel The coniving Russians, Don’t want to be left behind, when Armenians start building advance weapons. Personaly I would have given them nothing. When we broke up from Soviet Union, They gave us one Mic. For God sakes Mikoyan Goryevitch who designed the Mic was an Armenian. No I would not share our advance technology with the Russians. Let them make their own weapons, if they can.

    • Avetis said:

      @ Armanen

      We found one of them, he is called Fred LOL

      Them pesky Russkies gave us just one “Mic” LOL

      “No I would not share our advance technology with the Russians” LOL

      “Let them make their own weapons, if they can” LOL

  11. Aram said:

    This is a very positive development. Russia has made the big mistake of exporting weapons to countries that have then sold them to their enemies. Case in point is the Ukraine which sold many weapons to Georgia and Azerbajian and even to the Chechans. If the Hayastansis are wise, they would buy Chinese weapons and copy them and sell them.

  12. Aram said:

    Armenian engineers and manufacturing need to learn how to manufacter weapons and may be able to design their own after a while. The Russians have seen what a dangerous enemy Azerbajian is and they now realize the panturkic threat that could possibly explode in the Central Asian republics.