Aliyev Says ‘Armenian Lobby is Our Main Enemy’

Azeri president Ilham Aliyev

BAKU—The “Armenian Lobby is our main enemy,” said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on Saturday during a reception marking the 20th anniversary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP).

“I have repeatedly said and I want to repeat it in the open that the Armenian lobby is our enemy. This is because Armenia, as a country, is of no importance. In fact, it is a colony, an outpost; a territory governed from abroad which was artificially created in ancient Azerbaijani lands,” said Aliyev who is also the chairman of YAP.

“The Armenian lobby is our main enemy and we are the main enemy for them. In fact, the source of our enmity with them is their enmity with us. Second is anti-Azerbaijani center, structures and circles infected with Islamophobia. Unfortunately, their number is growing all the time,” added Aliyev.

“The growth in their number was manifested during the elections held in some countries. The results of elections make the growth of the rating of Islamophobia forces clear. The young, dynamically developing, independent and modern Muslim country- Azerbaijan – has become a problem for them since it does not fit their stereotypes. Their stereotypes seek to show Muslims in the world as a backward nation and people,” said Aliyev.


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  1. Hay said:

    “I have repeatedly said and I want to repeat it in the open that the Armenian lobby is our enemy. This is because Armenia, as a country, is of no importance. In fact, it is a colony, an outpost; a territory governed from abroad which was artificially created in ancient Azerbaijani lands,” said Aliyev who is also the chairman of YAP.

    Lol, is all I can say. But the frightening part is the delusional people of Azerbaijan actually believe that now. Propaganda is a powerful thing, especially when applied to people of meager intelligence.

  2. Kevork said:

    King Clown has spoken: “Azerbaijan – has become a problem for them since it does not fit their stereotypes.” – WRONG. Your pseudo country fits perfectly into the “stereotype”; Armenian forces have neutralized Azeri suicide bombers at the border, axe-murdering terrorists are considered a “hero”, Azeri terrorists are working alongside salafi extremist terrorists in Syria. The Aliyev dictatorship owns hundreds of millions in real estate in the gulf while clueless Azeris live in cardboard boxes. What more proof do we need?

    • Assimilated Armenian said:

      You made my day, Hratch !! I wonder if Aliyev truly believes his delusions.

  3. Ararat said:

    This racist buffoon should be silenced once and for all. Only a hate-filled, desperate and defeated imbecile would call Armenia an artificial state. Armenia, as a state and a kingdom, existed for thousands of years before it was invaded and occupied by his genocidal Ottoman Turkish-brothers-in-crime. The Armenian Republic reestablished in 1918 and then in 1991 represents the continuation of the Armenian statehood.

    What is artificial is the Axerbaijani state, which never existed in history, and was established by the Ottomans in 1918 to have the control of the oil fields in Baku and to have a foothold in the South Caucasus to finish off Armenia after committing genocide against the indigenous Armenians in Western Armenia and turning what was left of Armenia into an orphanage.

    Artificial is the nation of Axerbaijan with vague identity at best. You can’t get any more artificial than calling yourself Turkish, for political reasons, when in fact you have no Turkish roots and are nothing more than linguistically Turkified Persians. The country of Axerbaijan itself is nothing more than a gas station.

  4. Alex Postallian said:

    I can see why dialogue would be impossible with this acromeglic turk,limited vocabulary,I.Q. below a cretin,a dificulty to overcome by rehab.

  5. Vahan Vanagan said:

    He knows also that he has other, many enemies, internally and externally.
    It seems with this thoughts he will get crazy.

    Vahan Vanagan

  6. Osik said:

    Oh you again, believe me if it wasn’t for your Chicken Hiding Snipers or this stupid comments we wouldn’t notice your existence.

    So we are your main enemy not those who smashed your Army Hah Hah Ha…… you are funny :-)))

  7. Norin Radd said:

    “Armenia is a colony on ancient Azeri lands”, “Armenia is not important, lobby is our enemy”

    Haha, every one should smoke what this guy has been smoking! Ancient “Azeri” lands? I guess these ancient “Azeri” lands he is referring to must be Arztakh , Nakhichevan and the surrounding areas where carbon dated Armenian architecture still stands going back a couple millennia.

    The word “Azerbaijan” was a Bolshevik fabrication to call the part of Armenia gifted to these mongrels of Turkey at the turn of the 20th century. Oil money has given this thug a big mouth, we will have to close it for good during the next war this mutt starts with Armenia. After Baku is capture he will be tried and executed for the pogroms he and his father tried to impose on the oldest, ancient, and NATIVE peoples of the Caucus, namely, the Armenians.

  8. ARA said:

    this guy is beyond STUPID- dumb- he probably wrote the history books that lie! Obviously he does NOT know the history of his region he stole from us and others- well-history repeats it self mr turk-hope we see u hang

  9. gayane said:

    Unintelligent comments by an unintelligent individual.. The country should be embarassed to have such idiot as their president.. wow.. such a hate promoting warmonger…

  10. ohannes said:

    MR.Aliyev you must be a very ignorant or very stupid not knowing history just go and check
    old world history maps and you fine Armenian is all over the maps from black sea to Caspian sea
    from 1200 BC to 1915 AC mean time you will never see name Azerbaijan any place
    from 1200 BC to 1890 AC
    MR.Aliyev stupid at less go and learn history before you open your ignorant mouth

  11. basil said:

    It is going to be somewhat funny, when Azeris wake up in 20 or so years, realizing that their demigod soviet-crowned royal family Aliev has gutted the population financially, yet more important: intellectually and morally. I mean, seriously: ancient Azeri lands? May I infer from this statement that
    a. Azerbaijan does not have and didn’t ever have a single book on history within its borders
    b. Azerbaijan did or does have some literature of that kind but nobody cares to read it
    c. Azerbaijanis do realize they have virtually no history aside from the usual Turkish barbarism, but they decided to pretend otherwise?

    Either way: yuck. yachk.

  12. Tsoghig said:

    By making this statement, is Aliyev intentionally encouraging violence against the Armenian lobby organizations? He just showed the world that people who kill Azeri’s enemies get lauded and praised in Azerbaijan. What about the Azeri’s demanding democracy in the streets of Baku, are they his enemies as well? If they are not his enemies, why are they being treated so poorly?

  13. garo said:

    This man is gone mad!
    He needs seriouse help!
    I hope the Azeri people will wake up soon and get rid of this maniac before he destroys their country!
    He is making a fool of them infront of the world with his stupidity!!!

  14. Mardo Alikian said:

    This gentleman needs an I.Q. test, Geography and History quiz, and last but not least, a DNA genetic testing to see if indeed he is the son of Haydar Aliyav, who was slightly more intelligent than him as his father.

  15. George said:

    I wonder if he is serious on what hea says, God help Armenia and Azerbaijani people, leaders like these are liability to the world, this is why the world is in a deep sht

  16. Stepan said:

    I am glad that we have his attention. I am also happy that he chooses to speak on this matter publically, so that the world can see why the heroes of Artsakh had not only a God given right to be free, but because of the oppression and racism had no alternative. The story of the Armenian diaspora should be one of inspiration not frustration or division…… Created as a result of the evil act of genocide and now 3-4 generations later, working for the rights of the Armenian nation. Every time the Turks and their cousins complain about the diaspora, I say, ” look in the mirror…. You created it”

  17. Alexander "Who Tries to be Great" said:

    they have good drugs in Azerieshistan, looks like Ilham had too much, opium from the mountains of Afganistan, to be detached from reality.

  18. Ari said:

    What a jerk of a politician! Turks will always be Turks in whatever shape or form they appear.

  19. Mihran said:

    Mad or not, we have to be ready at any given time to give them a knock out blow once and for all,enough of this pussy footing.

  20. Arziv said:

    That this subhuman is a dumb mule is beyond doubt; and that is what makes him to be wary of. I would not label him a racist, it is too flattering; he is an armenian hater. See his physiognomy , which resembles that of a hydrocephalic hyenna and he behaves like one. Horrible subhuman.

  21. Mike said:

    After looting the wealth of Azeri people for 20 years building an nonfunctioning army and realizing it is not going to be used, he is shifting his people’s attention to another enemy to start all over again! This is ilham’s way to tell his people I am sorry, my family focused on the wrong thing in 20 years, now give us another 20 years to fight against the Armenian lobby.

  22. GB said:

    His craziness is beyond control, this man definitely needs a psychotherapist, such as Cesar Millan, and his faithful assistance “dog daddy”. He cured many dogs, who are suffering from mental disorder, in his especial California clinic!! They also have state of art dog nozzle manufacturing, for those unfortunate dog owners, who are suffering during occasional and unnecessary barks of their beloved pet!! I have a G S dog, and he is fine now, he had same symptom of Ilham..

  23. Vazken said:

    The shah of baku has found a scapegoat to deflect internal criticism of his iron fisted policies and mismanagement (aka theft) of state oil funds. How else would his princely teenager son own villas in the UAE, and his daughters control state monopolies such as cellular phone companies and airlines. Lest we forget empress aliyeva and her frequent plastic surgeries that has turned her into a wax statue. Try harder little aliyev, smart Azeris know better, it is not Armenia, it is you who is denying them their freedom.

  24. Lusik said:

    Strange politician, at least. He cuts the branch that holds him. One mistake that is common to many “detached” (anjatvats) politicians is that he associates himself and his party with the multitude of nations populating the territory named “Azerbaijan”.
    About …phobia. The very fact that Armenians are prosperous in all countries, including non-Christian ones proves that we are the most tolerant and patient nation – something not to be very much proud of.
    Meanwhile, what will happen to him and his party if one morning, by some magic Armenians will turn into an … philic nation?! What song he will sing then?

  25. Edward Demian said:

    OK so Armenians everywhere dislike Turkish and Tatar fanaticism. Is this news? But I’m glad that he finally gets it. Yes we are the enemies of Pan Turkism.

  26. Alex Postallian said:

    azerbaturk people must have a low mental acuity,Dumb,to let a mongol turk,put their country,in disarray,and turmoil.Plus steal billions,from oil money,sending back to jerky turkey.When they can use the funds to upgrade their national I.Q from 75 illitratcy rate and raise their poverty level.Just for a real stupid loud mouth,causing them great harm.YES REAL STUPID.

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