Aliyev Unleashes Anti-Armenia Tirade on Twitter

Azeri President Ilham Aliyev

Says Armenia is a Country of No Value

BAKU—Azeri President Ilham Aliyev took to Twitter to unleash an anti-Armenian tirade after remarks he made over the weekend calling the Armenian lobby the number one enemy of Azerbaijan.

Aliyev caused an Internet storm today after his official Twitter account posted a tirade of several dozen sharply worded statements against Armenia, reported Agence France Presse.

Most of the brief messages were recycled from a long speech Aliyev gave last weeked, but the sudden broadside of inflammatory tweets posted Tuesday afternoon prompted a top Armenian lawmaker to compare the messages with Nazi German propaganda.

“The Armenian lobby is our main enemy and we are the main enemy for them,” said Aliyev’s official Twitter account, @presidentaz.

“Armenia is a country of no value. It is actually a colony, an outpost run from abroad…. Evidence of this is the mass exodus of people from Armenia to other countries,” another tweet read.

“Azerbaijan grows stronger and more powerful by the year, while Armenia weakens and declines every year,” Aliyev said in a further tweet.

The tirade drew a furious reaction from Armenian parliament deputy chairman Eduard Sharmazanov, who called Aliyev a “totalitarian leader of a totalitarian state”.

“Aliyev shows by his cynical proclamations that there are still supporters of fascism in the 21st century, and that this ideology flourishes thanks to leaders like him,” Sharmazanov told AFP.

“His remarks recall the 1930s-1940s and (Nazi leader Adolf) Hitler,” he added.

He gave the 40-minute-long speech that inspired Tuesday’s Twitter frenzy to his New Azerbaijan Party to mark the 20th anniversary of its establishment.

Reacting to the furor, senior Azerbaijan administration official Ali Hasanov did not attempt to soften the rhetoric, saying Aliyev had “laid out the facts and realities of modern day Armenia” in his speech.

“All of Armenia’s resources are directed at supporting the separatist (Karabakh) regime on Azerbaijan’s occupied territories,” he said, calling Armenia a country with an agenda driven by outside forces.


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  1. Alex Postallian said:

    Why would the Asberaz give any space or credence to a cro magnon turk,and his psychotic repartee,with other news-worthy events in the world.

  2. jack said:

    He’s father said when the armenians left baku we gave them the golden hands we got back the golden teeth referring to the azerbaijanis

  3. Lusik said:

    It’s amazing!

    With the same gesture – hands idly thrown outward, he reacts immediately to the postings of “the enemies”.
    We have to give a credit to his speed of reading comments posted in English, however!
    I posted the comment. In less than an hour, the reply appears in Asbarez. What a democratic and tolerant website is Asbarez. Unwillingly, Mr. Aliev proves openness of the Armenia media and journalism to all kinds of news!

    Ashkharh, Ashkharh!

  4. Jimbo Jones said:

    First of all Aliyev doesn’t know English. Second of all, this Aliyev account might not be of Aliyev and this is probably a false-flag by pro-Armenian expansionist forces to start a war with Azerbaijan to grab land from Azerbaijan. This is probably an Armenian Expansionist/Supremacist ploy I’d bet.

    • basil said:

      Of course, because Azeri officials including their king Aliev are not infamously known for similar comments.

    • GB said:

      Israel gained 1.6 billion out of this primitive Sheikdom, you must be very happy for that!!

    • Edward Demian said:

      What you smokin there Jimbo? First of all, the accounts IP address is in Azerbaijian. How long would an Armenian front last openly in Azerbaijian.? Second of all, Armenia does not want war. Azerbaijian started the war, and as expected when one looses a war, one looses land and much else. After all. All of Azerbaijian was Armenian at one time. So if one talks of recovering land, it works both ways. Armenia does not need an excuse to start a war with Azerbaijian. Every one of those border sniper shootings is an excuse for war. You are a jumbo sized dummy, Jimbo!

    • bigmoustache said:

      actually he does jackass. and you started the war and are trying to impose one on us again. your young generation hasnt lived through war and youve forgotten how terrible it actually is. but try it again and we will remind you again. we’ll remember safarov, the destruction of thousands of ancient khatchkar graves and in the end your people will suffer for those crimes. dont think were going to forget that. keep threatening us so when we have the opportunity we will unleash hell and misery on your war mongering population

    • Ararat said:

      Aliyev does know English. He learned it overseas with his father’s money while hiding from the Karabakh liberation war. He is the head Axerbaijani coward who was MIA in the war when all current and former Armenian presidents and ministers were fighting on the front lines as soldiers and commanders. He makes a lot of noise but he is full of hot air and empty inside like drums. He is a draft-dodging imbecile talking nonsense like the rest of them, especially like his loud-mouth Turkish master Erdogan the wild boar.

      It is time to put this racist buffoon out of his misery. It is time to silence him for good. I have got two axes I sharpen every day. One has Safarov’s name on it, the other Aliyev’s. I can take care of these two cowards like hot knife through butter. Erdogan should be next.

  5. GB said:

    Azer Baboons oily disease spreading among his sheikdom habitants, where the Sultan’s craziness has no cure and there is no hope. Very shortly he will be axed by one of his faithful sniper in his underground banker!!

  6. Kevork said:

    I hope that no members of the Armenian government lower themselves to this clown’s level and do something similar. Aliyev is a world record holder in the most ridiculous and clownish “leader” of any nation, and this childish rant proves it.

    It makes one wonder, this Aliyev clan, are they even the artificial nationality of “Azeris” they claim, because if they are, it is utterly amazing how they make their own so-called nationality look ridiculous, fake and redundant through lowly speeches, indefensible, outlandish claims against Armenians, and a complete lack of general and remedial historical knowledge.

  7. Ruby Minas said:

    Someone should ask this retarted turk to show a map before 1928 which has Azerbaijan as a country!!!
    Why people address him president while he is nothing but a low life thug!!!

  8. Parsik said:

    His father despite being a communist was way more politically inclined and decent in manners, he might have hated Armenians but he never opened up publicly, this spoiled rat and moron has nothing to do with his father, he doesn’t even looks like him, he must be a genuine bastard of a kind, Armenians are used to his barkings and howlings, but this time he has gone mad, he should be checked for rabies for his own sake!

  9. Cristina said:

    Don’t tell me you are surprised by what he says…It’s a dog’s job to bark.

  10. Siamanto said:

    I think Aliyev should take advice from Armenian Deputy Speaker Eduard Sharmazanov, who suggested that if you have nothing to say, then keep your mouth shut.
    According to a very famous Iranian proverb, which roughly translates as, while a person’s mouth is closed his lack of knowledge is hidden.
    Aliyev is digging himself in a bigger and bigger hole every time he speaks.
    If “Armenia is a country of no value” and so weak, how come to got defeated by such a weak country. Also what kind a country does that make you to be defeated by a country which is run by people from abroad?.
    I will let you work that out for yourself.

  11. Raffi Bairamian said:

    Because of our wealthy culture and values , this criminal Aliev is losing his mind and soon he’ll enter a mental institution. We tell to Aliev and to all those who are hostile to us that Artsakh is an Armenian Holy Land , and is getting stronger and stonger every day , and the Armenians of the Diaspora along with the people of Armenia & Artsakh will always defend Artsakh and we are confident that one day Artsakh will be recognized by the whole world .

    • basil said:

      The only thing more embarrassing is how the Azeris go d’accord with this. Really funny how submissive they are, when I think of how our not so great government faces opposition, while this naziclown is an idol for his whole country.

      • Jimbo Jones said:

        Basil, there is actually a well set up Political Opposition called Musavat. Also, i don’t support Erdogan but I support Kilicdaroglu.

  12. Ara said:

    This clown pardones a convicted murderer and is speaking of values. I find that very ironic.

  13. Siamanto said:

    My fellow Armenian brothers and sisters:
    I for one I am so glad Azeries have such a leader like Aliyev. Can you imagine if they had a competent and knowledgable one? We would then be in deep trouble.
    Please God keep him in power as long as possible and let him waste billions on useless armery and bribes and let him make speeches similar to this one so the whole world can see what we are dealing with..
    Please don’t forget 2012 Telethon tomorrow my friends.

    • Jimbo Jones said:

      Siamanto, thank you for being honest and forthright about the fact that you want ineffective leaders in Ankara really badly and you Dashnak extremeists want Erdogan and Aliyev to stay. Wait till Kilicdaroglu defeats Erdogan and Musavat defeats Aliyev.

  14. Masis Babajanian said:

    I agree that our media is giving too much coverage to this clown. I disagree with those who say to “leave this crazy guy alone and ignore him.” Hitler was also a crazy man. In the Middle East rhetoric and posturing are over half the battle. We need to also make threats and raise ruckus. It’s enough that we have been mute and passive throughout history.

  15. Vazken said:

    The minion of baku has found a scapegoat to deflect criticism of his iron fisted policies and mismanagement (aka theft) of state oil funds. How else would his princely teenager son own villas in the UAE, and his daughters control state monopolies such as cellular phone companies and airlines. Lest we forget empress aliyeva and her frequent plastic surgeries that has turned her into a wax statue. Try harder little aliyev, smart Azeris know better, it is not Armenia, it is you who is denying them their freedom.

  16. Mike said:

    Azerbaijan is a weak country of no value that is being controlled by outside forces such as Turkey. We can’t allow a second turkish country to be established in historical Armenian lands called Azerbaijan.

    If BSing about armenians is all this worthless leader can do let him do that. Who cares about what he says.

  17. Ray said:

    Aliev needs help! Something is wrong with his brain maybe it’s the oil in the water he is drinking.
    If anything he is helping the Armenian’s by showing the world how uncivilized Azerbaijan goverment is!

  18. Jack said:

    Let them play with Twitter. Who knows, Aliyev might become the next Mahir – for those online in the 90’s know what I’m talking about. He has the looks and brains for it.

  19. Al said:

    This guy should know that where ever we are residing in this world we are the true soldiers of Armenia & Artsakh and we will be there also phisicaly when needed.