Baku Threatens to Close Mexico Embassy

Azerbaijan's Ambassador to Mexico Ilgar Mukhtarov

BAKU (Combined Sources)—The Azeri Ambassador to Mexico has threatened that should a statue of Azeri dictator Heydar Aliyev be removed from a popular park in Mexico City then Baku will close its embassy in Mexico.

“If the monument is removed, it will undoubtedly lead to a sharp deterioration in relations between Azerbaijan and Mexico, including closure of investments and the most extreme measure – closing of the embassy itself,” Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Mexico Ilgar Mukhtarov stated.

He also was quick to claim that the Armenian community of Mexico was marshalling the opposition to the statue.

Over the summer, Mexico City mayor Marcelo Ebrard unveiled the statue at the main park in the city after Baku reportedly paid $10 million for renovation and landscaping.

The large bronze statue has not only been an eyesore for many Mexicans, but also a source of contention for activists and press who have objected to having a statue of a known despot adorn their city and in the very park that also houses monuments to Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln.

After complaints from citizens, the mayor appointed a committee to probe the matter. The committee recommended on Friday that the stature be removed.
“In addition to Mexico, I represent Azerbaijan in six other countries of the Latin American region, I can theoretically move to one of these states, in the case of the decision to move the monument,” explained Mukhtarov.

He said if another location if offered by the government, there will be room for discussion.

“If we are suggested a better place, then we can agree, but currently we are acting in a lawful manner, as the agreement on the placement of the monument to Heydar Aliyev on the boulevard was signed by the federal government, city authorities and the Embassy,” Mukhtarov said.

Muktarov also said Azerbaijan would cancel $4 billion in investment projects for Mexico.

Ebrard, for whom the entire episode has been a major embarrassment, said he would study the recommendations, according to Los Angeles Times.

“If Ebrard decides to remove the monument, we will cancel the projects, close the embassy, it would hurt the relationship between the two countries, and it would not be good for his image to be the person who prevented a $4-billion investment,” the ambassador was quoted as saying.

The issue of the statue, as well as an earlier Mexican Senate decision to adopt pro-Azeri legislation was a topic of discussion when Armenia’s Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian made his fist visit to Mexico.

In talks with federal authorities, including the foreign minister, Nalbandian raised Armenia’s concerns over these developments.


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  1. Hay said:

    Bribery, extortion, corruption… I wouldn’t expect anything less from these lunatics. It is hilarious, the only reason anybody takes them seriously is because of the petro dollars. And everybody knows it, too, but play along anyway. It is like trying to appease a spoiled child. Every good parent knows that instead of caving into their demands a good spanking will set them straight.

  2. GB said:

    It seems to me this tatar-turk reading, what Sultan Alioff’s Secretary wrote for him on a piece of “sheet”!! At least in the picture, this honest tatar admitting, that words coming from his Sultan!!

    Azer Baboons boss will not close the embassy, he will double the amount to Mexican drug lords and free life time, caviar breakfast, from Haidar Aliyev saving bonds!! To my My honest opinion Alioff should have asked to install his beloved wife Mehraban statue, in front of Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral.

    Sultan’s wife will get sainthood blessing, instantly, from those poor faithful Catholics!!

  3. Kevork said:

    Hahaha this is hilarious. The Azeri method for acquiring friends: “we will give you money to be our friend, and you’d better not change your mind”! Of all the countries in the world, no other country was left for Azerbaijan to threaten, half way around the world!? These Azeris are so full of themselves!

  4. basil said:

    “If Ebrard decides to remove the monument, we will cancel the projects, close the embassy, it would hurt the relationship between the two countries, and it would not be good for his image to be the person who prevented a $4-billion investment,” the ambassador was quoted as saying.

    Haha, nice logic. We are friends, but if you act how you feel instead of how I tell you, I will threaten you (this is how our relationship works).

    This is what you get for dealing with Turks, you better all learn your lesson. Did Hungary get those $ 2 bln by the way? Oh, I forgot, they were too dumb to figure there wasn’t going to be any payment after the goods were delivered.

  5. George said:

    How dare Mexico remove the corrupt Azeri dictator Heydar Aliyev’s statue, Where else can be more suitable than next to monuments of Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln. This shows how Azerbaijan’s and Mexico’s politicians are out of touch.

    • John Kassabian said:

      No more out of touch the our politicians. At least Mexico does not give millions of $$$ or pesos to Turkey.


  6. Saaten Maagar said:

    Does anyone in Mexico give a damn about Azerbaijan? Does anyone even know where it is or what it is? The AZ ambassador can read his speech in Baku but no where else with a straight face.

  7. Sevag said:

    Buying the truth and actual justice – Azerbaijan seems that they can only purchase “friends” or the “truth” – justice never

  8. Ray said:

    What does Aliev’s bronze statue have to do with Mexico? So they investemnt in Mexico the United States
    invests in hundrends of differant country’s should they built a statue of Geoge Washington in every city they invenst in? It’s a joke why the Azerbaijan goverment is upset about this silly matter ?
    This is what happens when you give uncivilized uneducated people money and power!
    Dear Mexico as a American I saw do what ever you want don’t let these barbarians bully you.

  9. Ed said:

    )))))))))))))))…. i can’t stop laughing- unbelievable. So what’s next? Gaydaroghlu is gonna bribe Victoria Secret management so he can put his wife’s statue in front of every store?

  10. Ari said:

    Good, Mexicans should tell Azeris to leave Armenia and go back to their ancestral lands of Mongolia!

  11. Alex Postallian said:

    Who cares what azerbaturk thinks,the little bastard brother of jerky turkey..They are both sewers.

  12. hayemuzemtechuzem said:

    haha this is so funny. the azeris are running around the world building statues of a failed politician in every park they see. it’s so pathetic. azeris are so pathetic! :) i mean, the turks i sort of understand, they love their dictator. but at least he achieved something. what the hell did heydar achieve? lol

  13. massimiliano said:

    this is call black mail in democratic countries ,they think they are still dealing with some ex soviet countries

  14. armen said:

    They should have a soccer match to decide the fate of the statue. Spoiler: Mexico dominates.

  15. Azeri said:

    Sup ya’ll here is my opinion man.. I’m from Azerbaijan … But this shit is just hillarious regardless of how much I love my country.. I think each country has the right to decided whatever they want wether remove the statue or save it.. I barely give a damn about who’s right or wrong but some things ARE just Funny as fuck .. I love Azerbaijan to death but again.. I don;t give a shit about politicians