New Genocide Denial Criminalization Law in the Works in France

French Parliment Member Valerie Boyer

PARIS—French Parliament Member Valerie Boyer, who spearheaded last year’s effort to pass a bill criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide, submitted a new draft of the bill late last week.

The bill stipulates the introduction of amendments to the 1881 law on freedom of press, setting legal foundation for countering racism and denial of Genocide.

The bill envisions a 45,000 euro fine and a year in prison for denial of crimes against humanity, including the Armenian Genocide, reported the Paris-based Nouvelles d’Arménie.

After successful passage of the bill in the French Parliament last December, on January 23, the French Senate passed the bill criminalizing the Armenian Genocide.

Later, the French Constitutional Council ruled that the bill was unconstitutional.

However, in July, French President Francois Hollande confirmed plans for a new law criminalizing denial of the Armenian Genocide with representatives of the Armenian community.


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  1. Hrant K. said:

    To start with, 2 years imprisonment shouldn’t drop to one, and second,45000 Euros should
    be raised to 90000Euros. And if the bill won’t pass this time, then the Holocaust bill should be
    questioned too and found unconstitutional too!!! Double standards are from now on totally
    unacceptable, if we ought to have some self esteem and respect our integrity !!!

  2. bigmoustache said:

    im going to wait this time to see this bill gets passed but either way it seems like mp valerie boyer is a true friend of the armenians, we need to show our appreciation

  3. Alexander said:

    Another BS attempt to appease Armenians in France, and get millions out of Turkey for not passing the law.

  4. hayocpashpan said:

    good. france does this to keep turkey out of the eu, for sure. but still good. turkey is a fascist country that slaughtered its non-muslim minorities and is proud of it. disgusting!

  5. GB said:

    Every time they hear Valerie’s, Turkish melody love song, Those three famous stooges, Abullah, Davud, and Rajab, having a Turkish threesome oily bath party. Sultan’s made golden bathhouse in Baku is a very attractive place for relaxation!!

  6. Hrant K. said:

    To me, French MP Valerie Boyer deserves to be entitled “Man (Woman) Of TheYear” for her
    courage and contribution to the Armenian Cause, for putting up with threats and blackmails
    by the turkish vices. She also deserves to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts
    and perseverencce to the achievement and international recognition of the Armenian Genocide
    through the French Legal Authorities!! The fact she drove “P.M.” erdogan so wildly hysterical , shows
    her works’ utmost importance, because the turks fear the domino effect on the whole of Europe and
    hence the rest of the world…!

  7. Freddy Krueger said:

    Miss Boyer, watch your antognistic actions against Turkey or else the Turkish lobby in your country will team up to unseat you from office.

    • Hrant K. said:

      Well, well , well, turkish lobby in France, please!!! Let erdogan watch his antagonistic actions in Syria and against Israel, or else the Trio turkeys in turkey will be toppled by the Alawites and Kurds !1and be roasted for Thanksgiving !!! Freddy, it seems you forgot the flotilla in Gaza, and looks like you dumped M. Abbas
      and are embracing Hamas (turkey’s ally) !!

      • Rifat said:

        I dislike Erdogan, I support Kilicdaroglu and the CHP. I consider AKP a threat to Turkey’s territorial integrity just like Armenian extremeist plots to divide Turkey via one-sided “genocide claims.” If you want your genocide claims to be recognized, why don’t you guys take us to the international courts and why don’t you open your hidden ARF archives in Boston and Yerevan.

  8. DJ Triplett said:

    For those who cannot understand the crime of ignoring the Armenian Genocide, let me put this in a better context for all of us. Let’s go back in time and recall America’s history of the African-American slavery, the shameful events which taint America’s history – then let us say “Well… It wasn’t EXACTLY slavery…”

    To live in a society means we have an inherent responsibility to the societies that we share. That responsibility is to reflect the society back to itself, hold the society up to view itself. We should all be invited and encouraged to bring forth the best of personal expression for the purpose of sharing that expression with the world and participating in an effort to stimulate more and better dialogue among the people of this world. We can all influence this world, for better or worse, depending upon one’s individual perspective, and we share a responsibility to do so. We can collectively illustrate the conscience of humanity. That is and can be a very tall order indeed. That has also proven to be truth throughout the written history of mankind and civilization.

    Thank you Valerie Boyer, and yes, you should receive “Person Of The Year” AND a Nobel Peace Prize for your continued efforts.

  9. jack said:

    when are the turkish government is going to wake up and realize that the europe and U S are hijacking the armenian genocide cause and using it for their own good .it is time for turkey once and for all recognize the genocide and get over with it

  10. Robert said:

    I am against such a law. We do not need to restrict freedom of speech to validate our cause. There is nothing to deny or question about the Genocide, so just let those who do make fools of themselves instead of imprisoning them. The Jews have done much to restrict even academic discussion of validity of the Holocaust story. Those who put a tape over people’s mouth usually don’t want the truth to be revealed. We have nothing to hide, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

  11. Dr.Hermon Mihranian said:

    The Bill must be passed without delay. Genocide Denail is a criminal act. The international recognition of the Armenian Genocide is vital

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