Aliyev Named Most Corrupt ‘Person of the Year’

Azeri President Ilham Aliyev

BUCHAREST—Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev has won the first ever Organized Crime and Corruption Person of the Year bestowed by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).

The award is given for the person who figured prominently in 2012 on stories on crime and corruption in its coverage area.  Aliyev was chosen because of new revelations this year about how his family had taken large shares in lucrative industries including the telecom, minerals and construction industries often through government related deals.

The award is chosen by 60 reporters and 15 news organizations that make up the OCCRP consortium. Runners-up included Albanian drug lord Naser Kelmendi, President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“2012 was a banner year for those of us who cover organized crime and corruption,” said OCCRP editor Drew Sullivan. “It’s a growth industry around the world and we expect a lot of work next year as well.”

OCCRP, based in Sarajevo and Bucharest, is a non-profit, consortium of independent investigative centers, media outlets and investigative journalists from 20 countries.  Its purpose is to educate readers worldwide on how organized crime and corruption works. Click here to read the full report (OCCRP).


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  1. ohannes said:

    rotten fish smell from head and so call rotten president Alive his the big’s trash shark
    in Caspian sea and it is very normal to smell like rotten trash fish
    happy trashy year for rotten shark and his rotten family

  2. Hrant K. said:

    Congratulations for buying Hungarian Securities for2.5Billion $ s and for promoting the axe-murderer
    of a sleeping Armenian soldier and displacing thousands of Baku residents(his compatriots) to build
    up the eurovision arena. Bravo…! No wonder he has Pinoccios long croocked disgusting , ugly nose!!

  3. Tony said:

    A..ha. I’m wondering why the Azerbeijany people are not doing anything to replace him with a democratically elected president to help the poor in their country, and put Criminals like Aliev in jail(where he belongs).

    • George said:

      The West needs idiots like Aliyev, an inteligent President is a problem for the West. However I’m not sure if the West needs that much of an idiot, he’s beyond acceptable level

      • Zara said:

        Its not that easy Tony, MAFIA rules the country. George, the situation in Armenia or other post-soviet countries not good either. Corruption is everywhere and the size of corruption depends on how rich the country is. Aliev has more because of oil and gas. Let say, Kocharian-the former president of Armenia- got some money playing the Karabagh War. Who is sacrificing?

    • Ed said:

      Don’t expect much from the azeri-turks. The turkic people worship father-figure dictators. To them Ataturk, turkmenbashi, or aliyev mean much more than Allah or Muhammad.

    • GB said:

      Because he can sniff his oil wells better, no other dog can sniff better than him in Axerbaijan!!

  4. GB said:

    As usual, the “Mafia boss” will blame Armenian diaspora, and their supporters!! He is the joke of his corrupt dictatorial Sheikhdom!!

  5. Alex Postallian said:


  6. M.S.K. said:

    I wish to congratulate the newly elected president for crimes and corruption, the mentally sick president of Azerbaijan, aliyev the worst coward, in so called Azerbaijan.

  7. Peter Austin said:

    Obtaining shares of companies through government related deals? Sounds like many politicians right here in the US should be higher on that list!

    • Ed said:

      You know how many times I have seen the turks to make arguments using that same tactic? Every time one reminds the turks about their genocidal policies, they end up blaming the U.S. or Fance for doing the same. U.S. is a land of opportunity. France is a democratic country. One MUST NEVER compare turkey and azerbaijan with the U.S. or France. Otherwise, you should explain why millions of turks from turkey and azerbaijan seek asylum in the U.S. and the E.U. states.

      • Zara said:

        Simple question: What about armenians living everywhere but Armenia? Number of armenians leaving Armenia is much much more than Azeris or Turks leaving Turkey or Azerbaijan. Today thousands of armenians immigrate to US, France, and even Turkey. They love living in Turkey. All my armenian friends speak better turkish than me, live in Turkey and happy over there. Only 1% of refugees from Azerbaijan settled in Armenia, rest of them live in Russia, Us, France and Turkey while almost all azeri refugees from Armenia settled in Azerbaijan and mainly in Baku.

  8. souren said:

    On top of this deserved title I wish that the organisation added a bloody axe as reward for promoting
    Safarof as a national hero for its axe killing for a sleeping Armenian officer in Hungary and let him free+honors
    after returning home to serve life sentence as promised to Hungarian authorities.

  9. Zara said:

    I am azerbaijani, I am from Baku. I love my country, I love my people but I dont like the corrupted government who steals nation’s money and builds palaces all over the world. While Aliev and his team spend billions dollars from the oil and gas, regular people working 10-14 hours to earn little money to support the family. If money from gaz and oil was farely spend for nation, azeri people would be the richest ones in the world. We are losing land, people, cultural values and much more because of corrupted and greedy president. As an Azerbaijani, it hurts me a lot. My congratulations Mr. Aliev. I am very ” proud of you.

    • Lilit said:

      Zara first off its nice to know that you understand your countries government faults when it comes to Aliev Administration. But just to point out countries don’t become the richest with oil. Oil is a limited resource. Plus, even if Azerbaijan would depend its economy on oil it would run out in next few years (again limited resource)! I also didn’t understand what you meant by “losing land”, you referred? If you were referring it to Nagarno Karabagh than you are failing to understand the most important component: HISTORY! Armenian people have more than 5 thousand year history in those lands. And to even point out historians today even believe that the Armenian history is even more than 5,000 years. I also want to add, I know that Aliev has preached that Armenians are an avarege Azeris enemy.BUT I think Azeris fail to understand that Aliev is your biggest enemy!

    • Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

      Zara…Your government is your enemy …
      It seems you know English language better than me …
      Thus, you can read true history anywhere you like and correct if they are wrong …
      Like in Wikipedia, You can correct if you have evidence…!!!
      So read well you will answer better and honest…be proud of your self…instead reading your corrupted history…Cheating you to win and show Armenians that they’re your enemy…Armenians are honest and suffered enough…
      Apply Human Rights on any person you see…!!! Thanks for reading and best wishes…!!!

  10. john goncuian said:

    aliev’s continued presidency is the best thing for armenia. he built a publicpark in mexico for heydar aliev’s name (spent millions ).his son purchased villas in abu dabi for millions and his personal bank account has millions.their oil output is decreasing and with aliev’s robbing azeri oil money is good for armenia.armenia should do everything to support aliev’s presidency.

  11. Ed said:

    Zara: ” We are losing land, people, cultural values and much more because of corrupted and greedy president.” —- You lose lands that was never yours to keep. You lose people because you either massacre them, or force them to leave the country. You can’t talk about cultural values unless you stop glorifying an axe-murderer. You can’t talk about cultural values while staling what the Armenians, the Lezgis, the Persians(Iranians), the Albanians and all the others have crated.

  12. Alex Postallian said:

    He is not only the crookedist,but the uglist turkie in the world.