84-Year-Old Armenian Woman Brutally Murdered in Istanbul

The body of the murdered victim being moved from her apartment

ISTANBUL, Turkey—On Dec. 29, an 84-year-old Armenian woman was brutally murdered in Istanbul’s Koca Mustafa Pasha neighborhood, Turkish newspapers reported.

The woman, identified as Marissa Kuchuk (Küçük), lived alone. She was found dead by her daughter, Zadik Kuchuk, who was visiting her. She was stabbed seven times and her throat was slit. The perpetrator(s) carved a cross on her chest using a sharp object, according to some Turkish newspaper and TV reports.

An investigation is under way.


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  1. Alex Postallian said:

    Now,who would want to live in that sewer,jerky turkey,with the wild animals running loose..The jerks will make a futile attempt of justice( lie of coarse) and give the animals a back door medal.They aLL SHOULD HAVE MOVED BACK TO MONGOLIA,EVEN THE COWARDS,CRIMINALS,DESERTERS,YEARS AGO,THAT THEY LEFT BEHIND,TO FORM MODERN JERKY TURKEY….

  2. Hrant K. said:

    Cowards remain cowards, turks are heroes by stabbing old women, and their azeri counterpats
    by axing sleeping soldiers!!!! and they call themselves “civilized”!!! Sick, bloodthursty, instinctive
    and despicable people!!!

  3. hrair said:

    Honorable ruling elite of Armenia, please -Go ahead provide the Iranian/ Azeri Turks with grazing pastures for them to get prime sheep meat for their bayram feasts, so they can better carve crosses on the chests of our grandparents, and mutilate them…
    lease the pasture lands to Turks and Saudi’s because they vote in favor of Armenia and Karabakh every time there is vote in the UN and Arab League… Don’t they? Sure they don’t.
    People gave up their lives to liberate the Karabakh from northern Azeri Turks for you to lease the same lands to the southern azeri Turks… it’s just ingenious… BRAVO to you.
    What will the current rulers of Armenia think of next? Maybe to lease their mothers and grandmothers? so they can drive more luxury cars and live in real estate that can rival the Beverly Hills estates? While 95% of people find themselves in a economic and financial vacuum…?
    How low can this people sink???

  4. Robert said:

    Let’s just not jump to any conclusions. I’ll await the results of the investigation (however competent and unbiased it will be) before I put blame on any element or cause.

  5. Dvo said:

    i saw the video and i bet becouse the Turk saw a christian statue in the house from outside of a woman praying

    this has happens lots of times in Turkey that christians are getting killed by getting their throat slit

    what can i say Turk will always be a Turk it is in their blood to murder people

  6. Hratch said:

    We are jumping to our usual conclusions. This could be someone who is a sociopath or psychopath. But what we’re doing also has a name….a Borderline Personality Disorder…..in other words, seeing everything in black or white…..right or wrong…..up or down…..a far more dangerous attitude and we will only hurt ourselves in the long run.

  7. Vick said:

    This is a sad story, but that sadness is compounded by all this hate talk towards Turkish people as a whole. We are no different, Armenians, Turks, Azeris. All the same. The surrounds each grows in is different, the parents for each individual are different. Every time I see people saying “Turks this” and “Turks that” I am infuriated because of all the Turks that are good people. Crazy people are in each culture. Don’t use a poor old woman’s brutal death as a rallying point for your own personal, misguided hatred.

    • Serge said:

      Vick with all due respect please do not compare Armenians with Turks. If you just look at the history of Ottoman Empire and what they have done to other Nation’s culture and people then you will undesrdand why should not compare Armeninas with Turks. I know you are trying to be logical, however the majority of turks have no and don’t know anything about logic.

    • hagop hagopian said:

      If we are not even allowed to call a dog a dog, then the best thing for you to do is move to turkey and live with them.

  8. Random Armenian said:

    There really is not enough information in these reports as to who and why this Armenian woman was killed. It would not surprise me if it was because she was Armenian. This is always a possibility. But until then it could be for other reasons as well.

  9. MGL said:

    Shouldn’t remaining Armenians go and live in Armenia instead of still being in Turkey, Syria and other unwelcome places?

  10. Arman said:

    By my count this makes it 1,500,000 + 3…….Hrant Dink, Sevag Balikci, and now this old woman.

  11. Sevag said:

    Rational was lost when a cross was carved into her chest….robbing and killing is one thing a hate crime done in Turkey to an Armenian is another.

  12. GB said:

    Even Mrs. Kuchuk, “turkified” her last name, turks never spare that old Armenian lady life!! I wonder why the Altai turks inviting Armenian diaspora to go back to their ancestral wonderful, paradise land!!

  13. WhatElseIsNew said:

    turks are sick in their heads. they continue doing what they do best, killing minorities. the question is how many murders can we take before we see ourselves forced to avenge them? just asking