Turkish Parliamentarians Argue Over Who Killed Armenians

Turkish Parliament Members: “Your history is the history of massacres."

ANKARA (Armenian Weely)—Members of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey argued over who killed the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in 1915, Turkish newspapers reported on Jan. 3.

“Your history is a history of massacres. You know very well how the grandparents of those who are struggling today were killed,” said parliamentarian Sirri Sakik (Mush), from the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party, according to the Turkish newspaper Radikal.

In the ensuing argument, parliamentarian Yusuf Halacoglu, from the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) party, addressed Kurdish members of the National Assembly asking, “Then tell me frankly—and I, in turn, will show you all the documents—who killed the Armenians?”

Halacoglu is the former director of the Turkish Historical Society.

Other members of parliament pointed to massacres committed against Kurds, while parliamentarians from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) argued that it is the Kurdish guerilla group PKK that has committed atrocities in Turkey, and that Turkish history is genocide-free.

Nurettin Canikli, head of AKP parliamentary group said, “There is no massacre, genocide, and assimilation in this nation’s history.”


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  1. Jack Kalpakian said:

    Dialogue is clearly futile, and Armenian groups engaging in it must be very clear that their primary condition is non-use of the events themselves in lobbying against recognition legislation anywhere. That should be the most basic Armenian precondition, before even sitting down with any Turkish NGO no matter how sympathetic it is.

  2. Hratch said:

    How could they argue about the Armenians when there are no Armenians there to argue back?

  3. Gazzo said:

    At least an advance in thinking and consciousness is taking place, They agree and are conscious that they were wiped out , deported forcibly and brutally exterminated. The next step in the argument is the recognition of these unspeakable deeds and it’s categorization. No matter how the issue is clothed, killings, massacres, evictions, the conclusion is since it was directed and applied to a distrinct racial group as genocide.

  4. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Was Jamal Pasha named ‘al saffah’ by Arabs…The Butcher …a Kurdish Who killed not only Armenians but Arab Sunni Muslims…Hanged their literate People…
    Collected and translated in my book “My-Son -My Sun: Chants Ann,Obamas Mother”

    *Ayasofya: Haghia Sophia: In Greek means ““holy wisdom””; was built as a church (AD 532-537), then rebuilt as a cathedral; former patriarchal basilica with the largest dome (1238-1263); Sultan Mahomet II claimed it to be his own royal building (1453), which later was changed to a mosque (1461), eventually to a museum (1964), located in Istanbul (Constantinople). Ayasofia’’s picture is always advertise on brochures and TVs as if it has been constructed by them and belongs to them, the Turks. ““They seize and proudly show to the world their illegal gain!””
    ** The Martyrs’’ Day (May 6, 1916) Jamal Pasha, alsaffah, the Butcher, Hatred Versified by Arab Poets
    Jamal Pasha: alsaffah hanged thirty-two educated nationalists, writers and poets in consequent years in two quarters: El-Burj in Beirut and Al-Marjah Square in Damascus. On August 21, 1915, the first group of elevenmartyrswashangedinBeirut.TheywereAbdulkareemAl-Khalili, the two brothers Muhammad and Mahmud Al-Mahmassani, Abdul-Qader El-Kharsaa, Noor-aldeen El-Qadi, Saleem Ahmad Abass El-Hadi, Mahmood Naja Ajam, Muhammad Abdeen, Naïf Tllalo, Salih Hayder, and Ali Al-Armanazi. On May 6, 1916, less than one year from the first, the second groups of twenty-one innocent nationalist were hanged, seven of them in Damascus: Shafeek Beck Al-Muayed, Abdul-hammed Al-Zahawi, Prince Omar Al-Jazairi, Shukri El-Asali, Abdul Al-Wahab, Rafiq Rizk Salloom, RushdiAl-Shamaa and the rest fourteen martyrs were hanged in Beirut: Bator Wobouly, Jerji Hadad, Saeed Aqel, Omar Hamad, Abdul-alghani Al-Uraysi, the prince Aref Al-Shahabi, the sheik Ahmad Tayara, Muhammad Al-Shanti El-Yafi, Tawfiq Al-Basat, Sayf-aldeen Al-Khateeb, Saleem Al-Jazairi, Mahmood, Jalal Al-Bukhari, Ali Al-Nashashibi (after Ali was hanged his sister Nuzha thrived for seven years by drinking milk only); the last one was Amen Lotfy Al-Hafez, who refused to be hanged by a Turk executioner——instead he placed the noose around his neck, strapped it, and jumped off the execution chair thereby suffocating himself till end. The two Squares, El-Burj Square (Beirut) and Al-Marjah Square (Damascus) later were named ““Martyrs Squares.”” Each year on May 6, Lebanese and Syrian people commemorate the date.When the poet, Assad Rustom, who lived in Washington, USA, heard that his friends were hanged, he wrote the famous poem, sharply criticizing, insulting Jamal the butcher:
    “The Sons of Turks You are Never Muslims”

    ““Jamal——Sir! Your name means beauty
    But you’’re awfully ugly
    Your tongue and palms are fully dirty.
    You are senseless, criminal, full of sins
    You have no spirit, no clean soul,
    Deficient of manhood humanity.””

    The Syrian poet, Nasseb Areedah (1888-1940): Living in America wrote his untitled poem:
    ““Coffin his body
    Bury his soul In the deepest grave
    Don’’t feel sorry
    Don’’t lament
    Who is disloyal
    Remain soulless dead
    Can never wake up to feel
    Yet to regret.”

    ~~~~~~~~ The poet, Khayr-eldeen Al-Zarkali, wrote his titled poem:
    The Arabs and the Turks
    ““Those Turks the grandsons of Genghis Khan.
    Took young Arabs pushed them to a slave bazaar.
    Promised statements changed abruptly,
    Acting exactly the opposite for those held in custody
    Torturing, humiliating, insulting the braves.
    Yet on what they swore, pretending agreed.
    They are dishonest, soulless, enjoy greed.””

    The Lebanese poet, Fuad Al-Khateeb (1880-1957), wrote his untitled poem, blaming the Turks,
    ““You Turks harmed our people in their joints so hard
    Till swords blade awoke to vengeance sharply shard.””

    The Armenians helped Jamal the so-called alsaffah (the butcher) to reach high rank in the Ottoman Empire-Astana. Later he betrayed not only the Armenians but also the entire nationalists of the Middle East. He started killing them from the Anatolian Mountains reaching Yemen including the holy land of Muslims, the Arabia.
    Ref: from the book, A Poetic Soul Shined of Genocides (2008) by the author. The above poems are translated from Arabic to English by Dr. Sylva Portoian and Daniel Janoyan from the poetry book published in Syria written by famous Arab poets during five hundred years of Seljuk-Ottoman invasion.
    The Image of Turks by Recent Arabic Poetry (1870-1920)
    By Naeem Al-Yaffi & Maher Al-Munjid

    • Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

      There is some mistake here
      Jamal Pasha named ‘al saffah’ (the butcher, the killer, killed with no mercy, “al safah” a word stronger than butcher should be slayer. Slayed not only Armenians but Arab Sunni Muslims…Hanged their literate people…

      Please remove this (a Kurdish Who killed not only)

  5. John Ahmaranian said:

    Welcome back, Mr. Aesop, the famous Greek fabulist!
    You have a new theme to write about!
    Here is the Wolf (the Turk) and the Fox (the Kurd) discussing about who devoured and killed the
    innocent lamb (the Armenian).
    Mr. Aesop, the scenario is documented and ready. The theatre is the Turkish Parliament. The performers are the Members of the Great National Assembly of Turkey. Come back and write it! You will receive a Noble Prize in Literature.

  6. haiganoush said:

    Mr. Canikli, Do you really believe yourself, common…. really… your statement: There is no massacre and assimilation in this nation’s history – are you for real….

  7. Dr.Hermon Mihranian said:

    They have no other choice than recognizing the Armenian Genocide.Turkey has no arguement. The Ottonam Empire killed almost two million Armenians.

  8. Dr.Hermon Mihranian said:

    They have no other choice than recognizing the Armenian Genocide.Turkey has no arguement. The Ottoman Empire killed almost two million Armenians.

  9. GB said:

    Turks and Kurds should take the blames evenly, the order came from CUP leaders, to eliminate Christian population of Turkey, (Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians) 4 million innocent Ottoman’s Christian population eliminated, in the name of Turkish Allah!!

  10. David said:

    “there is no genocide,massacres or assimilation in this nation’s history” (AKP). That’s the best they can do after 100 years-then try to blame it all on the Kurds for a “two-fer”? Minorities in Turkey have no rights or freedom, much like apartheid S.Afica.
    We should impose a travel boycott on Turkey. Take your Med. vacation on one of Greece’s beautiful islands-they could use our help and you won’t have to worry about some ghoulish jihadist carving a cross on your chest during your visit.

  11. Alex Postallian said:

    No one,with self esteem,would want to visit the corrupt moral and military cowards,in jerky turkey.The last time they fought in WW1,beaten on both flanks by equal forces,they grovelled on their knees,joined the allies.Then the cowards took thei defeatism,out on the UNARMED women,children,old people.Armenian Genocide.They still will cower today,unless a brave force,leads the way,the jerks will be far,far behind, used as labor to dig the toilet trenches,and carrying the toilet supplies. Big talk,no,action.