3 Kurdish Women Assassinated in Paris [Updated]

Members of France's Kurdish community gather on Thursday while two men, seen left, carry the body of one of the three women slain in Paris (AFP Photo)

PARIS (Combined Sources)—Three Kurdish women were shot dead in Paris in killings that appeared politically motivated, police and other sources said Thursday.

The bodies of the women were found at the Information Center of Kurdistan, a police source said. The center has close links to Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Sakine Cansiz

The dead include Sakine Cansiz, one of the co-founders of the PKK, currently in negotiations with Ankara to establish a cease fire. The two others victims were Kurdistan National Committee (KNC) representative and head of the Kurdish institute Fidan Dogan, and activist Leyla Soylemez.

The French interior minister Manuel Valls said the three were “summarily executed.”

“There is no doubt this was politically motivated,” center employee Berivan Akyol told French broadcaster iTele.

Firat reported that two of those killed were shot in the head and one in the stomach, and that the murder weapon was believed to have been fitted with a silencer.

“A couple of colleagues saw blood stains at the door. When they broke the door open and entered they saw the three women had been executed,” French Kurdish Associations Federation Chairman Mehmet Ulker was quoted as saying by Firat.

The Coordinating Council of Armenian Organizations in France (CCAF) condemned the assassination on Thursday and offered condolences to the Kurdish community of France.

“We believe that the attack bears the hallmarks of Turkish nationalists who have highly structured networks in France and Europe. The French government should take all necessary steps, including extreme ones, to stop the Turkish paramilitary organizations that operate outside the law,” said the CCAF statement.

“The ties of these Turkish nationalist organizations to the Turkish state are well known to the public,” added the statement.

“The CCAF believes that the targets of Turkish nationalists are not safe in France today and appeals to the French government to take extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of individuals, activists and Kurdish and Armenian institutions,” urged the statement.

The Turkish government and the jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan on Tuesday agreed on a framework for a plan to end the Kurdish-Turkish conflict envisioning Kurdish disarmament in exchange for increased minority rights, the Turkish Radikal reported.

The newspaper said senior intelligence officials had held meetings with PKK chief Abdullah Ocalan in his island jail near Istanbul, yielding a four-stage plan to halt the conflict.


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  1. Jazmin said:

    shame on turkey is all i can say. a big blob of spit on their so called government’s face.

  2. Kevork said:

    “Turkey Turns to PKK Leader to Resolve Kurdish Conflict” – then soon after, “3 Kurdish Women Assassinated in Paris”. After 100 years people of the Middle East never learned from the Armenian Genocide. Cypriots, Arabs, Kurds, and even Turks themselves failed to understand and correctly interpret facts about the Armenian Genocide and paid the price for it. Those that would ever trust Turks are doomed. A couple years ago, Assad learned the hard way, and now the Kurds.

  3. Mihran said:

    They were assassinated by the hard line Turkish military agents who do not want any talks between the Turks and Kurds,this is the crux of the matter.

    Turkish military who have assassinated hundreds of political activists in the past are very active in stopping any political movement on Kurdish, and Armenian fronts.

  4. hagop hagopian said:

    dont do deals with the turks … they are crazy .. they dont respect deals .. if you are going to deal with turks , be prepared to kill the person because he will try to kill you first

  5. GB said:

    Once again turks proved that they are not part of civilization, or even OSCE, never mind EU, this will be a huge set back for turkey in the future negotiation with Kurds. Only the language of force will settle the matter between Turks and Kurds. for sure instead of 3 Kurdish activists, there will be 3000 activists in European countries. Europe has no other choice, but to take away PKK form terrorist listing and soon after, US will follow!! Good luck to AKP government. The world will witness next showcase showdown in Turkey between Kurds and Turks, with no sympathy, for Turkish population!!

  6. Varouj said:

    Another fine example of so called Turkish “diplomacy.” Who knew Turkey’s “zero problems” policy was going to involve eliminating its outspoken critics?

  7. ohannes said:

    my grand father says to me my son black yellow brown gray dog is a dog same reply’s
    to Turk’s after all they are like dog’s they are Turk’s all ways blood thirst human dog’s
    killing is a very normal in the pass in the present and in the future

  8. Alexander said:

    US media has taken position that these are Kurds killing each other, because some Turkish MP said it… LOL… USA FOR TURKISH TERRORISM… CALLS IT… Ahhh who gives a damn, the plans have been made, lies written and repeated…executions begin… If this was a Kurd killing a Turkish activist, they would shut up about it and call it terrorist act against saint Turks… SCREW WESTERN MEDIA AND POLITICS, Watch Oliver.Stones.Untold.History.Of.The.United.States on showtime, where they show how USA started the COLD WAR and not the USSR, how USSR was stabbed in the back by so called ALLIES, and how the nukes didn’t win the war in Japan, but simple USSR declaring war on JAPAN ended it. US and TURKEY share this type of propagandist B.S. history they write in their books and feed it to the sheep called citizens. There is no democracy in US, just predetermined political theater that gives and illusion of so called “democracy”. When we the people will take back the government and purify it from corporations/politician with one goal, screwing the masses out of rights, and the responsibility to their job, which is pass laws that are progressive for majority of the population and not select few. American Spring (or what ever season you chose). Limit every politicians max. terms, no pay, can never be rich, it should be a public service and sacrifice for life not to have any personal gains forever, period. GREED IS WORST SIN OF ALL.

  9. Anders said:

    People rush to point fingers on those who maybe aren`t involved in this shootout at all. One should not jump in to conclusions. It is obvious that radical extremist parties are against any peace solution between Turkey and the Kurdish minority, and the assassination of these party memmbers is nothing more but a provocation to brake a peace process and start it all over again. We have seen it in the past, this will go on and on.

  10. Hratch said:

    How do we know who really did this? Since the PKK is currently in negotiations with Ankara to establish a cease fire, it is also plausible to think that other Kurdish groups opposed to these negations ordered the hit. Before acting in our usual borderline disorder approach, let’s wait for the French investigation. Otherwise, we may have egg on our face!

  11. Lewis B. Sckolnick said:

    Not a very clean job. The Kurds helped the Turks in killing the Americans (a Turkic people like the Jews) during WWI in the Armenian Genocide that most of the world refuses to recognize. Due to US military ties to Turkey the US Government keeps skirting around that Armenian Holocaust that killed more than 1,500,000 human beings simply because they were Armenians.

  12. Alex Postallian said:

    How many times,do I have to repeat the animalistic behavior of the jerkies turkies. When the mongols left Anatolya,they left behind their cowards,deserters,criminals,the nucleus of modern turkey.In WW1,they were part of the axis(enemy–Germany/Austria). After being soundly beaten on two fronts by equal forces,they begged,on their knees,to be accepted as an Ally; then they took their frustrastion out of the UNARMED,women,children,old people.THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE.They will never attack an equal opponent,always twenty times smaller and unarmed.They will usually be way behind,a braver force,carrying the toilet supplies. I use alphabets,only in respect.

  13. George said:

    While Turkey negotates with Kurds, uses negotiations as an opportunity to liquidate Kurdish opponents, this is the result of Erdogan’s failed policies in the Middle East, Turkey can’t be trusted, Period.

  14. Tigran said:

    Turkey tries to solve Kurdish problem lately. However some Kurds are not happy with that because terrorism is their only resource of living. Therefore I believe that this assassination is within the PKK group and there is nothing to do with Turks.

  15. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Kurds are Sunni Muslims aren’t they …???

    Arab poets wrote poems about Turks
    I don’t think anyone can write even the
    Armenians who suffered the most…
    I was able translate few …

    Assad Rustom He wrote from USA
    when his friends were hanged by Jamal Pasha al safah in May 6,1916
    ” The sons of Turks you are never muslims”

    Some Armenians and not all use Turkish muslims …Please don’t use religions
    Arabs are kindest people on earth…They love us…They respect and trust us always…
    Religion nothing to do with ethnicity…and never forced us to change our religion…
    The culture and genes of killing says a lot …
    Turks are migrants from Asia
    They have their own attitudes towards killing …
    For them to kill is a pride… and praised by their fans…!!!

  16. hayocpashpan said:

    Could be a traditional Kurdish honor killing. They are “famous” for it all over Europe. But probably the deed is carried out by Turks. In that case the EU bears responsibility since EU supports Turkey’s “war on terror” i.e. oppression of Kurds, to use a phrase by the zionist author Andrew Mango.

  17. George said:

    Don’t bet much on France, they ar in business as usual OIL, $$$$$$$$$, OIL, $$$$$$$$$$$

  18. Arn.Sweden. said:

    I Quote –

    The Turkish government and the jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan on Tuesday agreed on a framework for a plan to end the Kurdish-Turkish conflict envisioning Kurdish disarmament in exchange for increased minority rights, the Turkish Radikal reported.
    The newspaper said senior intelligence officials had held meetings with PKK chief Abdullah Ocalan in his island jail near Istanbul, yielding a four-stage plan to halt the conflict.


    Are Öcalan only showing of or is He that stupid to allowe PPK to disarm ?.
    Surely the Kurds in Kurdestan will not allowe themselves to be disarmed,
    if they would be executed.