Putin Authorizes Defense Manufacturing Deal With Armenia

Presidents Sarkisian and Putin in Monscow, August 2012

YEREVAN (RFE/RL)—President Vladimir Putin has formally authorized Russia’s government to negotiate a new defense agreement with Armenia that should lead to joint manufacturing weapons and other military equipment by the two nations.

The RIA-Novosti news agency reported late on Monday that Putin accepted a government proposal to hold talks with the Armenian side on the signing of the “agreement on the development of military-technical cooperation.” No further details were reported.

It was an apparent reference to a draft accord that was approved by the Armenian government last November. The government said at the time that it commits Armenian and Russian defense companies to supplying each other with equipment, assembly parts and other materials needed for the production, modernization and repair of various arms. It also reportedly stipulates that the jointly manufactured weaponry cannot be re-exported or transferred to third countries without the supplier’s permission.

Artur Baghdasarian, the secretary of Armenia’s National Security Council, told reporters last week that the deal has already been finalized. He said it will allow the Russian and Armenian defense industries to “establish direct links and deepen cooperation.” Baghdasarian did not specify when it will be signed.

A veteran Russian lawmaker, Nikolay Ryzhkov, said late last year that Putin plans to visit Armenia at the beginning of 2013.

Yerevan and Moscow had already agreed earlier to step up cooperation between their defense industries within the framework of the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). Nikolay Bordyuzha, the CSTO secretary general, said in late 2011 that they are setting up joint ventures in Armenia for the “maintenance, repair and modernization of some types of weaponry.”

Also, Russia is supposed to provide “special military hardware” to the Armenian military in accordance with a Russian-Armenian defense accord signed in 2010. The deal extended the presence of a Russian military base in Armenia by 24 years, until 2044.


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  1. John said:

    The Russian government cares more about Armenia than the Armenian government. What I like about the Russians is that they are very patriotic and nationalistic and that is why they are a powerful nation. It is this unitedness that is the greatest strength of Russia. A few CIA paid stooges like the punk band Pussy Riot and those Anti-Putin protestors are outsiders or paid agents of foreign interests. God Bless Putin, Love live Russia.

    • Tsayt said:

      Russia is patriotic, nationalistic you are right. It is exactly for these reasons that Russia does not give rat’s ass about Armenia. Russia “cares” about Armenia only to the extend of how Armenia can be used for its political ends.

      All those who think “what would we do without Russia” is to ask themselves, if it is so, then why then the Kremlin has refused to recognize Nagorno-Karabakh, and as late as 2009 was hinting to Yerevan that Artsakh issue might as well be resolved within the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. An outright blackmail to gain more political/economic and even social-related concessions from Armenia.

      This is a great military-related news, and soon we’ll find out how much of Armenia’s already feeble sovereignty has been hijacked by…the Russians that we, or some of us, don’t seem to understand “what would we do without”.

      A patriotic, nationalistic country such as Russia is a Machiavellian partner (remember 1905, 1917-23) to have and Armenia, unfortunately, has her as a “friend”.

      • Avetis said:


        You should leave historical matter to those who actually understands them.

      • john said:


        You should leave historical matter to those who actually understands them.

  2. M.S.K. said:

    Russia-Armenia’s brotherhood for centuries is welcomed by the majority of Armenians – Long live Russia and Armenia. Good Luck to both of countries.

  3. George said:

    It is the legitimate right of the Armenian people to defend their mother land,against Turkey and other uncivilized hostile neighbors and countries after going through the experince of giving 1.5 million Genocide victims perpetrated by Turkey

  4. Avetis said:

    Where would Armenia be without the Bear constantly watching her back? God bless Mother Russia and our Hayrenik.

    PS: It’s only a matter of time now until one of our many ignoramuses brings up the topic of Bolsheviks, the Western-financed-Jewish-led movement that was designed to destroy the Russian Empire.

    • Alexander said:

      (correction) German financed, everyone know that, to pull the Russian Empire out of WWI, hence causing more deaths to Armenians in Western Armenia, when the empires southern Armies pulled out, without leaving any important military hardware for Armenians to defend themselves, since their arms have been confiscated by Turkish Republic…

      • Avetis said:

        (another correction) When the Czarist armies were forced to pull out they left behind very large quantities of arms for the Armenians. Ultimately it was Armenians that who refused to fight the Turks and the arms in question fell into Turkish hands.

  5. Arziv said:

    excellent news. Armenian scientists and engineers will be working for the good of the motherland.

  6. George said:

    This is a great news! Not only, Russia is helping us to defend our motherland, Armenia and Artsakh, but
    also helping to create jobs and improve our economy.

  7. David said:

    This is good, but just curious about where these weapons will be manufactured and how many jobs will be created in Armenia….

  8. Vahan Vanagan said:

    Այս կը նշանակէ,
    Պաղ ջուր Ազրպէյճանի գլխուն եւ ապտակ երեսին.

    Բայց, եթէ Ազրպէյճան բարի կենայ, եւ զէնք գնել ուզէ իր հաւագածոյին համար, Հայաստան կրնայ վաճառել իրեն Իզրայէլէն աւելի նպաստաւոր գիներով.

    Վահան Վանական

  9. Vahan Vanagan said:

    This means,
    A cold shower and a slap to Azerbaidjan.

    But, if Azerbaidjan stays SAGE and desires to buy weapons for his collection, then Armenia may sell the weapons he desires with competitive, cheaper prices than Israel.

    Vahan Vanagan

    • Tsayt said:

      Yes, indeed. Just as it was a cold shower and a slap to Armenia when the same Russia sold Azerbaijan advanced S-300 air defence systems.

      • Vahan Vanagan said:

        Further with our arguements:

        On one side: Armenia will produce the arms in the country, in Joint Venture with Russia,

        On the othe side: Azerbaidjan has to buy from Russia.

        In the case of war, the gas and perolium platfoms destroyed, Azerbaidjan will not have oil and gas, so no money to buy more weapons. And, there will be no weapons on credit. Or, Russia will stop the supply to Azerbaidjan.

        This is the weak point of Azrebaidjan, and reason of cold shower feeling.

        Let’s see the reaction of Azerbaidjan.

        Vahan Vanagan

      • Avetis said:


        It’s better you leave military matters to those that actually understand them.

      • john said:

        its the money Russia gets to help setup manufacture and and R&D better weapons costing very little for armenia and providing for future security and high tech employment and the basis of more victories to come

        This proves how little you understand anything. i’m sure that wouldn’t stop you from droning on.

      • john said:


        It’s better you leave military matters to those that actually understand them.

  10. John said:

    Armenians need to understand that Russia is afraid that Azerbajian might start to support the Chechan and Dagestani terrorists again. Turkey is actively involved in supporting these terrorists. Russia is one of the few friends we have so we can’t complain that the relationship is not perfect . General Lebed who was based in Baku saved the lives of 300.330 baku Armenians during the Baku pogrom. Poor general lebed was assassinated by the western intelligence . Furthermore Russia brokered the NKR war ceasefire which was a big deal. Russia is helping Armenia more than it is helping the Azeis and Armenians need to further enhance cooperation by allowing Russia to build a radar site so that they can close that stupid Azeri radar site reducing the importance of Baku. The communists were horrible monsters but Russia is a very different country than the Soviet Union.