Gor Sujyan will Represent Armenia at Eurovision

Gor Sujyan will represent Armenia at Eurovision 2013

YEREVAN—The Eurovision Production Team of the Public Television of Armenia announced that Gor Sujyan, who is the lead singer of the rock band Dorians, has been selected to represent Armenia in the 2013 Eurovision song contest, reported Marco Brey for Eurovision News.

Gor Sujyan is the most popular rock singer in Armenia, and he is famous for his unique voice. He is 25 years old and the son of an Armenian jazz musician, guitar player Mkrtich Sujyan. In 2010 he was crowned “The best male singer” in the annual Armenian National Music Awards.

Earlier, we reported that the song to represent Armenia in the contest that will held in Malmö, Sweden will be chosen in a national final on March 2. Gor Sujyan will sing all the songs, and in the end, the winning entry will be chosen by a combined vote of the TV public and an expert jury.

Last year, when the contest was held in Baku, Armenia pulled out of participating after Azeri President Ilham Aliyev announced that “Our main enemies are Armenians of the world.”

In a statement issued last year, Armenia’s Public Television citing the Aliyev remarks as its impetus for withdrawing from the contest.

A group of Armenian pop singers also launched a Eurovision boycott campaign at the time, saying: “We refuse to appear in a country that is well known for mass killings and massacres of Armenians, in a country where anti-Armenian sentiments have been elevated to the level of state policy. “There is no logic to sending a participant to a country where he will be met as an enemy.”


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  1. Hrant K. said:

    Good luck To Gor, hoping he gets the best award, a first time in Armenia’s history of Eurovision
    for adults!!

  2. zara said:

    Once more a wrong and arbitrary decision.
    Gor Sujyan might have been a good candidate but his nomination has no credibility as it is fixed and based on “who knows who” and not on free competition…
    Undemocratic, ordered, fixed based on what works best in Armenia, that is connections, money , interference of top officials..etc..
    The candidate should be chosen in open, free and democratic competitions and not by who knows who…
    This is ridiculous already…then they will peach the diaspora and play the “we must steak together” card… AMOT E ARDEN… AVERETSIN YERKIR@, TNTESUTYUN@, HIMA HERT@ HASEL E ARVESTIN…

    • Hayk said:

      Are you talking about this news or some thing else?
      because it’s weird to react like that, like you do.
      Eurovision is corrupted from top to down anyways Who cares.

    • Hagop hagopian said:

      Get a life. Stop blaming everyone except yourself as if younger so righteous. No one destroyed the country you also should take blame. “be the change you want to see…”

  3. Gevorg said:

    Ok, one, neither Eurovision nor whoever this guy is can be called “arvest”. By doing that you degrade the meaning of the word. Number two, this is Eurovision, which has nothing to do with Armenian culture, so who cares how the contestant is chosen. Third, stop complaining every day of your life about how bad the country is. Remember, we are landlocked, we went through a war, two borders are closed, we revolted twenty years ago, and half the population left after that revolt. All those things combined never lead to a good economy. Fourth, we still have the Communist generation ruling, so theyre used to having a centralized economy. Fifth, the only way the economy will ever grow is if the government loosens up its restrictions. Sixth, Eurovision sucks.