Two Armenian Women Attacked in Istanbul in Past 24 Hours

Two Armenain women were attacked in Turkey in two days

ISTANBUL—Two elderly Armenian women were attacked in Istanbul’s Samatya district on Jan 22 and 23, less than a month after an 84-year-old Armenian woman was brutally murdered in Istanbul, raising the number of violent attacks against elderly Armenian women to at least four in recent months.

The Jan. 22 attack happened around 5 p.m. when the victim, 83-year-old Sultan Aykar was about to enter her ground-floor apartment. She then saw an intruder, frightened, she fell. The attacker proceeded to kick her. Hearing her screams, neighbors came down, scaring off the masked man, reported Bianet. The neighbors described the attacker as a male between the ages of 35 and 40, with gray hair, and dressed in black. During the attack, Aykar suffered damage to her eye. She has now lost sight in that eye, despite surgery on Jan. 23. The victim’s daughter, Menzar Etik, said her mother did not have any enemies, as she was a quiet woman. Etik did not believe the attacker’s intention was robbery, as the attacker did not attempt to steal her purse, and there was nothing more than a broken TV in her apartment.

Today (Jan. 23), another attack was reported on yet another elderly Armenian woman. This time the attack happened on the street, near the Samatya High School, sources reported. The two assailants ran away.  The victim’s was covered with blood. Shortly thereafter, she disappeared.  Community members and plainclothes policemen have been unable to find or identify the woman.

The Armenian Weekly could not independently confirm the report on today’s attack.

The Samatya area is home to many Armenians. The community is weary of these attacks, and there are calls for caution have been made.

In recent years, there have been several attacks against Armenians in Turkey. In early December another Armenian woman was attacked and robbed; while months earlier an Armenian woman was attacked by a taxi driver and called an infidel.

On Jan. 6, three assailants tried to kidnap an elderly Armenian woman, according to Turkish sources. The attempt failed.

According to human rights activists, the common thread that runs through all of these crimes is not just their being motivated by hate or being committed in an environment that breeds intolerance against Armenians, but also the efforts of the authorities to play them down and cover them up.


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  1. RAY said:

    Why are people suprised? This is a nation and race that takes pride in there Turilic history of of murder and rape how do you think they invaded and took lands from Greeks,Persian,Armenian’s and Kurds?
    I know Turks are very proud people but what they are proud of is my question beating and murdering up elders women?

  2. Jazmin said:

    That is what happens under a racist, fascist government. We can’t expect a rabbit to be birthed from a snake.

  3. hagop hagopian said:

    are these turks animals ? now they are going out killing Armenians in Turkey .. the genocide hasnt stopped , really .. and i wonder what the turkish people say about this .. like im sure they are against this all , but they have to stand up to this brutality . this is more proof of the Armenian in Turkish lands .. if a Turk cant see this now , then they are just blind like a bat in the day ..

  4. Alex Postallian said:

    Why dont they move out of that swine animal sewer istanbull,again out of jerky turkey.How can you withstand that animal abuse,and that putrid smell,its been their heritage for centuries.

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  6. Ari said:

    The Genocide continues while our “just” American government remains silent on the issue.

  7. Satenik said:

    I see that Turks are up to their old dirty tricks again. It’s interesting to know how the authorities are going to deal with these horrible crimes. These stories should be published in international newspapers so Europe will think twice in letting millions of criminals let loose in their streets. Already the crime rate has gone ten folds in Europe because of these undesirable elements . Only cowards would resort to such base crimes…not much change in Turkey in the 21st century!

    • vrejepashpane said:

      denial of genocide goes along pride in it. they don’t actually deny the genocide per se, they deny that it was unfortunate.

  8. George said:

    Erdogan’s government in Turkey is making sure that the Armenian Genocide continues into the 21st. Century, almost 100 years of Genocide while the Int’l community with it’s silence is participating with these crimes.

  9. Dino said:

    Turkish bravery at its best. Either it’s beating 80 something Armenian women or hacking to death a soldier in his sleep and declaring the hacking murdering a hero, no a national hero! Let’s not forget the murder of a turkish soldier of Armenian descent on April 24. And so they wanted to kidnap an elderly Armenian woman on January 6, Armenian Christmas. Such hate that they wanted to torture and kill an Armenian woman on Christmas. It’s a pathological hatred of Armenians and Christianity. Let’s not forget the fact that Armenian women are raped in brothels in all the major cities of turkey. That the grey wolves murder Armenian women in human sacrifice rituals and they transport Armenian women from turkey to azerbaijan to be raped at brothels at army bases. A couple of years back I saw the web site of a young azeri doctor,rabidly anti Armenian, originally from Armenia, whose specialty and love was doing autopsys and actually had photos of his work done on who was an obviously young healthy Armenian man. During the Genocide they threw us from cliffs, drowned us in the Black Sea, burned us in our barns, slit the throats of sons in front of their fathers,gassed us in caves, made necklaces of nipples, sold women and children into slavery, impaled women on wooden spikes buried in the ground after being raped. They take our ancestral patrimony which is the heart of Armenia and destroy our material culture and claim there was never an Armenia or Armenian civilization in eastern turkey. They make ludicrous claims that the Armenian Genocide was a civil war…completely delusion or is it a fact that a thief and a murderer will lie about the crime fearing justice? One day Turkey may not be on the european side of the political equation and the west will use the Armenian Genocide to it’s benefit.That is what turkey is afraid of. That is why the turks will deny and come up with the most absurd thesis of their treatment of the Armenian people. The turk is a barbarian who has a keen bloodlust for Armenians and Christianity, whether it be elderly Armenian women, sleeping warriors or denying the colossal crime of the Armenian Genocide.

  10. HAIG said:

    George, not only is the genocide continuing in Turkey, but in Syria as well as Turkish agents are killing Armenians and other Christian minorities. In addition, they are trying to destroy any traces or proof relating to the genocide. We have non other than the West to thank for this as they continually fund terrorist activities in Syria today. Iran will be next unfortunately. Who knows what will happen to Armenia which has a non-existent foreign policy.

  11. hrair said:

    The Armenian genocide continues…
    1,500.000.00 +1 (Hrant Dink)+ 1(the armenian solder named Sevak) +1(an armenian lady)+ 1(another armenian lady) +(the Turkish teacher who was teaching in Armenian school) ++++++++ numerous others last several years…
    Armenians all over the world should mobiliz and attract public opinion on this new crimes commited on Armenians in Turkey and tie it to the up comming 100 year Anniversary of the Armenian genocide.
    In addition to the on going deliberate destruction of the Armenian historic cultural monuments in Turkish occupied Western Armenia. Surely this new campaign is designed so terrorize the remaining Armenians in Turkish republic , so they can run for their lives and will not demand their real and personal property confiscated by the Turkish republic.No Armenians no owners of the property as it was at the time of the 1915 genocid
    We have to thank our beloved president Mr. Barak Obama for this new Turkish campaign. After all we have to thank him for encouraging the current rulers of Turkey for their most humanitarian and democratic governance. Bravo Mr. President, you are a champion of human rights. Hope your friendship with Mr. Erdogan encourages him for better newer genocides, new attacks and atrocities on Christian and Muslim ethnic minorities .The Armenian genocide continues…

  12. vrejepashpane said:

    Since the Budapest murder in 2004 Turks and Azeris have become bolder. I noticed that ever since that disgusting murder took place Turks and Azeris first laid low then saw that no revenge came, and ever since we have these “regular” attacks and killings. Dink, Sevag, Manvel, the attack by Turkish hooligans on an Armenian shop in Belgium after “anti-PKK” rally and now these butcherings of elderly women.

    I predict these attacks will continue.

  13. ya right said:

    The Armenian genocide continues …
    This is the direct result of President Obamas policies that have kept silence on genocide and additionally spoiled and rewarded the Turks.
    President Obama is now a party to the Armenian genocide. So much for America’s claim to be a human rights champion in the world.

  14. Taparagan said:

    Would have the international Media kept silent if the cowardly attacked Armenian ladies in Istanbul were jewish ladies attacked in Germany? This show only one thing how we Armenians are unable to make our voice high when it comes to our interrests! It is time for us to own international Media like jews and amplify worldwide our realities and make the entire world says Never Again another Armenian Genocide instead of hearing it only from our lips. It is time for us to say this year in Yerevan Next Year in Van!

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  18. neal said:

    Erdogan must go!!!! Obama must speak up!!! I love Armenians! And some humanistic Turks!

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