Agos: Turkey Silent as Attacks Continue

Agos: Turkey Silent as Attacks Continue

Heavy Police Presence in Samatya after Attacks on Armenians

ISTANBUL (Armenian Weekly)—The Armenian neighborhood of Samatya in Istanbul is now under heavy police patrol after a series of attacks against elderly Armenian women in recent weeks, the Armenian Weekly has learned from activists and sources in Samatya.

The Istanbul Aksaray Police department has announced that there are 20 police patrols in the neighborhood, and around 100 plainclothes policemen have also been dispatched to Samatya.

Police has also announced that one person might be behind all recent attacks, while activists the Weekly has communicated with question that scenario.

The Samatya area is home to many Armenians. The community is weary of these attacks, and calls for caution have been made.

The front page headline in this week’s issue of Agos, the Turkish Armenian newspaper founded by Hrant Dink, reads “Turkey Silent, Attacks Continue” (see photo).

On Sunday, Jan. 27, The Istanbul branch of the Human Rights Association, Nor Zartonk (young Armenians’ socialist initiative) and AKADER (Antolian Peoples’ Culture association) will hold a rally in Samatya in solidarity with the Armenian community there.

In recent days, a few media outlets and politicians have broken the silence on the issue, while overall, Turkey remains silent.

One murder, at least three other attacks in recent weeks

In recent weeks, there have been several attacks against Armenians in Istanbul, mostly in Samatya. In early December an Armenian woman was attacked and robbed; while months earlier an Armenian woman was attacked by a taxi driver and called an infidel.

On Jan. 6, three assailants tried to kidnap an elderly Armenian woman, according to Turkish sources. The attempt failed.

According to human rights activists, the common thread that runs through all of these crimes is not just their being motivated by hate or being committed in an environment that breeds intolerance against Armenians, but also the efforts of the authorities to play them down.


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  1. Hrant K. said:

    The other(flip) side of the coin of “only attacking women,whether Armenian or Kurdish” :3 Female Kurdish activists’ assassinations in Paris!!! All the traces lead to Ankara. Erdogan is hopelessly trying to divide the Kurdish Resistance and Freedom Fighters in vain!! Cowards, with no gutts to show their face, they’re only good at attacking helpless women and elderlies!
    It stinks and riecks so turkish!!!

  2. Hrant K. said:

    One lead is the driver of one of the activists called:Omer Guney, a turk, who has been arrested by the French
    Police and is being interrogated! And the turkish “Bribe Minister” has the audacity and arrogance to claim, that
    the 3 political assassinations are inter Kurdish Rivalries. erdogan, we are not in the Dark Ages!! You have
    the right to underestimate the IQ levels of your kinds , not others’!!!!

  3. George said:

    History is repeating itself, while Turkey continues the 100 years Genocide the world is looking other side, this is wake up call to Armenians that the West continues with it’s hepocracy and is only interested in oppening a breach beween Armenia and Russia.

  4. Norin Radd said:

    Let’s all take a moment to make an analytical comparison of journalistic integrity not to mention Europe and US response to these atrocious killings taking place within a NATO member state not to mention a EU member hopeful, namely Turkey.

    Last year, 3 Jewish children and one Jewish man were slain in France via a sudden attack by a crazed assailant. Please perform a search for “4 Jewish killings in France” and witness link after link after link of front page splashes of the NYTimes, LATimes, BBC, French papers, and many other major news outlets covering the story of said attacks.

    Now please attempt to search for “Armenian elderly women killed in Turkey” and nearly all of the search results are from Armenian news outlets. Many, myself included, would not even know of these incidents had Armenian news outlets such as Asbarez not reported it. An 85-year old Armenian woman was stabbed 7 times, her throat slit, and a crucifix carved on her chest and there is not a even a peep out of these scumbags in Europe nor is there any sort of mention of deliberate hate crimes being committed within the borders of a potential EU member state and a NATO member. 2 other women are beat nearly to death within a month of each other and a SCHOOL TEACHER has his throat cut, again Armenian victims, and continued silence by the international community and news outlets.

    And they wondered why it was that we set bombs and killed Turkish diplomats in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The plight of Armenians and the hateful crimes against us were ignored, omitted in texts, played down, and glossed over by the “civilized nations” because we did not control their banks and financial institutions. They glossed over us because we did not in secret develop weapons of mass destruction and did not form spy networks within our own host countries to aid our own ethnic nation.

    Everything that was happening to us and the down playing of our concerns on the international stage again is happening just as it did in in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s our passive aggressive stance all of these years that has allowed for the type of atmosphere to be created in which other ethnic groups feel it’s okay to butcher an elderly Armenian woman in the twilight of her life and it is okay for Europe and the USA to ignore such behavior and sweep it under the rug. After all, we have allowed ourselves to fall back into having a reputation of passive aggressive sheep.

    Let’s forget the “passive” part and let’s light up the “aggressive” part once again. We need methods of disproportionate response against those that would hurt us, so that the world again begins to understand that if you hurt a single Armenian anywhere on the globe, you will be dealt with severely.

    We don’t need roads in Arstzakh, we need Mig-29s and S-300 anti air missiles, that’s what they next 10 Thanksgiving day marathons should focus on, “ZENK HYERENIKI HAMAR” . Instead of formally protesting these recent killings, maybe it’s time to respond with an “eye for an eye” method. When a jew is killed, the assailant is targeted for assassination. After a few lessons such as these taught to our enemies, these incidents will not occur again and when we speak our voices will be taken more seriously.

    Enough is enough fellow Armenians, if we let these occurrences slide with impunity, how can we demand justice for 1.5 million slaughtered in 1915 when our grandmothers are stabbed 7 times and their throats slit in 2012 without adequate vengeful punishment from our communities? Stop trying to be intellectuals all the time, these types of assaults on us cannot always be solved with pens.

    • Kevork said:

      Best post I read in a long time, I agree completely. Armenia must turn into an aggressive militaristic country, because we are not among civilization, but savages. In addition, we must administer justice for ourselves instead of keep trying to please those Euro idiots on paper.

  5. nesusmasi said:

    Turks and Turkey are anything but silent. They are aggressively denying that the death marches and killings of Armenians in 1915 were what they were, namely a genocide. They say that Armenians “had it coming”. And that’s probably what they think about the attacks in Samatya.

    Ever since Turks and Azeris detected the lack of Armenian reaction to the 2004 axe murder they have grown bolder in their neverending aggression against Armenia and Armenians. This article is wrong, Türkiye susmuyor!, AKP ruling party holds rallies in Istanbul calling Armenians “bastards”!

    Genocidal Turkey is at it again!!!

  6. Sylva-MD-Poetry said:

    Mr. Turk
    I am human
    I’m like you a human
    I was never born to hate anyone
    I want my people’s rights
    As you want yours

    I never lie
    I never curse
    I have honest genes…
    From well known ancestries,
    Before Christ…

    Respecting everyone giving their rights
    But I want everyone who genocided my race
    To say, there was “Armenian Genocide”
    “Our forefathers slayed your forefathers
    With enjoyment…By many ways…
    Confiscated their gold, their lands
    We left you in Arabian deserts…
    Without food, without cloths

    Goodbye Mr. Turk
    If you deny
    You are godless

    January 27, 2013

    • Alex Postallian said:

      Sylva,my dear,you are wasting your words,genetically,the mongol turks will never change–A dog always will be a dog,a pig a pig.Isnt that genetics.

  7. Alex Postallian said:

    Who in their right mind,would want to live in swine SEWER turkey,oink,oink.If the Armenians want to be productive,instead whether the LYING turks are going to reconize the GENOCIDE.Help the Armenians to get out of the sewer,and come to America,like the Espanols do.

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