Amnesty International Calls On Turkey To Investigate Attacks Against Armenian Women

Amnesty International

LONDON—Amnesty International called on the Turkish authorities to carry out a prompt, thorough and impartial investigation into the series of attacks on elderly Armenian women in Istanbul.

In the last two months, four attacks, one of them fatal, took place in Samatya, an area historically inhabited by Armenians in central Istanbul. All four women are Turkish citizens of Armenian origin.

The Turkish authorities have an obligation to investigate any alleged racist and/or religious bias behind the perpetration of these crimes. A failure to do so may amount to a violation of the European Convention of Human Rights, ratified by Turkey, and the prohibition of discrimination set forth by it.

Hate crimes constitute a serious form of discrimination. State authorities have not only to refrain from discriminating themselves but also exercise due diligence to prevent and combat discrimination from private parties.

It is regrettable that Turkish legislation does not foresee any legislative and policy measures ensuring that hate motives are systematically and thoroughly investigated and duly taken into account in the prosecution and sentencing.

Police insist that they are investigating the cases thoroughly. However, Amnesty International is concerned at public statements made by the authorities discounting the possibility of a racist motivation to the attacks.

Amnesty International believes that the authorities must carry out a thorough investigation into these attacks without discarding the possibility of hate motivation from the outset and take steps to prevent further attacks.

The incidents
In late November 2012, an 87 year-old woman was physically attacked in the street. She was severely beaten and as a result of the attack lost the sight in one eye.

A group of three men allegedly attempted to abduct another elderly woman while on her way to the church on the occasion of the orthodox Christmas on 6 January. The attackers reportedly fled after the intervention by other church goers.

On December 28, an 85 year-old woman was found stabbed to death in her home. Her jewellery was stolen.

On January 22, an 80 year-old woman was attacked and beaten as she was returning to her home.


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  1. George said:

    Turkey used to be semi-civilized nation before the Islamist government. Hate xenophobic Islamic ideologies imported from Saudi Arabia has took away whatever little civility Turkey use to have. Now, they are in bed with the barbarians, and no one should expect any less than barbaric behaviors from them.

  2. George said:

    …..Amnesty International Calls On Turkey???? To Investigate Attacks Against Armenian Women….. ??
    This is not a brainer, This is the continuation of the 100 years Armenian Genocide which never ceased,

  3. Vazken said:

    The cowardly bas-tards prey on elderly women? Not men enough to confront someone younger who could teach them a lesson?

  4. GB said:

    Amnesty International members very shortly will get an invitation. Free Turkish bath and it’s especial body massage services in Marmara hotel, is a dream trip, for the honorable members!!

  5. Helen said:

    Well we can be cynical about Amnesty but at least they are trying to create awareness about this.To murder elderly women who are also belong to minority is despicable and cowardly and this needs to be exposed. Amnesty for all of its faults has achieved much in the domain of highlighting human rights abuses over the years. If you are so critical of Amnesty then ask yourselves what exactly are you doing for your fellow human beings? We live in a very imperfect World but if each of us raises our consciousness about these issues and we agitate for a change its a least better than being an armchair critic.

  6. john goncuian said:

    Turkish authorities detained a person commited these attacks against Armenians, and in Hurriyet newspaper
    announced this person’s origin was an Armenian descent.How about that..?? It is so hard for the Turkish authorities to acknowledge the truth: therfore, they play truth switching game. I am sure he is NOT Armenian descent otherwise the same authorities would have announced his last name, mother.s name etc Nevertheles .these authorities deserve credit for putting this criminal behind the bars.It’s impossible to admit anything good about Armenians and bad about Turks inTurkey.

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