Hovannisian to Address Glendale Rally for Armenia

Rally for Armenia

GLENDALE—Opposition leader Raffi Hovannisian will address, via Skype, participants of Rally for Armenia, which will take place on Sunday, March 3 at 6 p.m. at St. Mary’s Church in Glendale, announced organizers.

The rally is organized by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Western US Central Committee and the All Armenian Student Association, the Armenian Bar Association, the ARF Shant Student Association and the Armenian Youth Federation, and will feature speakers and a performance by Harut Pamboukjian.

The rally was conceived to show solidarity with the people of Armenia, who have created a movement since the Feb. 18 presidential elections to reject election violations and fraud and demand the establishment of democratic norms and social justice in Armenia.

In joining the movement, the ARF has said that it remains with the people and will work hard in helping the advance the aspirations of the Armenian people and restore faith in Armenia.

The public is urged to take part in this important community event and by joining the rally raise its voice of support for the people of Armenia.


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  1. Steve said:

    At this point Raffi Hovannisian is the President Elect and Mr. Sargsyan appears to be the opposition leader since he is opposing the will of the majority of the Armenian electorate.

  2. George said:

    Armenians should be carefull not to go overboard, and should make sure that only peacefull means will be used, Armenians should remember that the enemies of Armenia are ready to devide armenians with the pretext of Democracy and Justice,

  3. HYE MNA said:

    I think we as Armenian’s need to understand what role Russia plays it part in Armenian politics!
    We need a president that is not just a puppet of Russia but someone that can balance Russia and the West to the advantage of Armenia not Russia or the west!
    In order to do that we need a new game plan this one for the past 22 years has done it’s job!

    • Durgerian Mihran said:

      I agree with your thoughts that person may indeed be Raffi Hovanissian if he can provide undisputable documents ANY TRANSITION WILL NOT BE SMOOTH listen to the head of the republican party’s representative Mr GALESTYAN as if nothing went wrong and raffi is guilty of trouble making ….complete arogance sad sad sad

  4. Dvo said:

    Armenia shuld never break their friendship with Russia they are the guardians of our borders.

    Hayer hishek esents ke sharnanek hayastane ke kortsanvi Adherbaijan hents esa uzum vay paterazm ani

    Iank karabakhi paterazmum kervan revulotia patcharov.

    Hayer imatselelq Raffi pro Turka menatsatse sax derasanutsuna moratseleq vor Ia hayrike Turkerin vontser pashpanum,

    inke inch vor adherbaijanum arets derasanutsuner

  5. zograp said:

    Raffi djan, lav gorts es anum, zguysh exir, hachoxutyun em qez maxtum, du mer verchin huysn es kargavorelu mer hayreniqi kyanqn, mardkants nerkan u apagan, qani vor du toxetsir Ameriakan ir bolor shraylutyunnerov u lav kyanqov u gnatir tsarayelu mer tshvar hayreniqnin u joxovrdin. Joxovurdn qez shat e sirum u hargum, maxtum em qez kanach chanaparh u heru mna xarnakich levonakannerits. Sincerely, gyumretsi Zograp

  6. Durgerian Mihran said:

    Raffi needs to provide concrete numbers and documents I personally agree with his statements elections were rigged….we all know that hayastantsiner in general are numbers one to simulate victory…they have fine tuned their skills…unfortunately Sargesyan has won the sympathy of the west in order to keep the upper hand after the elections
    Raffi during those many years have studied how the govermnt tampers with the final results but he needs to come up with concrete proofs in order to stop SARGESYAN’S OFFENSIVE Raffi shouldn’t become the victim of his honesty….

  7. Ohan said:

    I have been just few weeks in armenia as turist and do nt have any intrest in one or other political party or movement. My understanding is that a 100% clean election in Armenia is impossible. Evev US can not make it!
    I can not understand the oposition leaders logic. Are they bad losers?