Turkish Ambassador Calls Assyrian Genocide ‘Masturbation’

Egeman Bagis

STOCKHOLM, Sweden—Turkey’s notorious Genocide denier and its European Union ambassador Egemen Bagis has compared the Assyrian Genocide, known as Seyfo, to masturbation, during a discussion with a Swedish parliament member at an event earlier this year organized by Assyrians, reported the Assyrian Television Channel ACSATV.com.

Bagis, who was attending an event organized by several Assyrian organizations in the Swedish capital turned to Swedish member of parliament Yilmaz Gerimo and said: “What are you Assyrians looking to gain by using the Seyfo question as masturbation and trumpeted it in the media and the Swedish Parliament?”

According to reporter Dikran Ego, who first reported the incident, Bagis himself broke the uncomfortable silence that ensued, by apologizing to Turkish Ambassador to Sweden Zergun Koruturk, saying that perhaps his remarks were inappropriate to say in the presence of a woman—the Swedish parliament member, Gerimo.

This is not the first time that Bagis has insulted the victims of the many Genocides committed by Turks.


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  1. zohrab said:

    and with this mentality they want to become europeans can u beleive that

  2. Krikor Kukeyan said:

    There is an Arabic Proverb that says: If Shame comes from Shameful People, it is not shame. ( Il 3eyb min ahl il 3eyb mish 3eyb).

  3. Tony said:

    European Union ambassador Egemen Bagis has no respect to the other peoples sufferings; specially the former and the current minorities in Turkey. It’s time for Turkey to recognize, appologize and compensate the Genocide victims and Descendants of Assirian and Armenian Genocides including the other ethnic communities that suffered under the Ottoman Criminal Rule.

  4. Kevork said:

    That being the case, I would say it’s time to ejaculate on Turkey.

  5. RIta said:

    Someone has to put an end to the stupid acts of turkey. I can not believe EU is thinking to make turkey join the union. SHAME ON turkey. turkey has to pay respect towards every single person taht a genocide was committed against.

  6. vartan said:


  7. Vazken said:

    This little twirp pretends to care about insulting a woman while insulting a whole nation. He does not mind a bit that such a perverted comment desecrates the memory of all who have lost their lives at the hands of his ancestors. Do turks care about other peopele’s lives? No, they do not, because you have to be a human being to show any iota of decency, turks and their azeri cousins are incapable of showing any decency because they are sub-human,

  8. David said:

    Erdogan/Davutoglo/Bagis, also known as; Mo, Larry and Curly. Better known as the 3 Stooges.

  9. Yenok said:

    The turks need to men up accept there barbaric acts against humanity. Masturbation? are you f*** kidding me?

  10. Arziv said:

    Bagis has concrete sociapathic weaknesses . The sociapathic condition does not detract him form speaking frontally and directly, althoug he has no diplomatic lexicon whatsoever, that is to his credit. He is not a Dvotogly , another sociopath , well versed in the diplomatic linguistic gymnastics who can keep his audience three hours listening to his disocurse and at the end of it one understands nothing. Bagis is straight to the core. Deny, Deny. You won’t change Bagis outlook with platitudinal flim flam and diplomatic niceties. The irony is that in spite of hi sbrazen insolence, no one in the diplomatic orp refutes or rebukes or condemn his attitude and statements. Bagis language can only be answered in the same way. Someone must descend to his own basement level and have it out with him in basement language. Bagis is no worse than any of his contemporaries in Europe. Remember, after all his audience is European, and his colleagues give him a wide berth for his circus antics, coupled with insults and intelelctual obscenities. Another point to remember is that Turkey is already within the EU in a de facto manner. The imigration of turks into the EU continues unabated. The only aspect which requires honing is de de jure recognition. While we are discussing historical genocides and catastrophies which happened in 1920, the turks are advancing forcefully and subtly into Europe without practically any opposition. Neo ottomanism has become a resurgent force. The Aegean, formerly a Greek lake, is under dire threat from turkish encroachment to the extent that Turkey is already laying claims to tracts and aereas ( where the hydrocarbon lie) of the Aegean. Turkish warships loiter around Cape sunion, while the Greeks look on, turkis airforce violates Greek airspace 20 times a day, while Greeks look on; pressure intensifies to build a mosque in Athens, while Greeks look on; turkey continues to vomit thousands and thousands of illegal human traffic ont o the Aegean islands and across the Evro, flooding Greece with an insurmountable demographic crisis—- invasion by stealth—, and the Greeks look on. Albania has almost become a turkish proxy, Skopjie is under turkish influence. Turkey, the genocidal Turks are advancing, and they are advancing because there is no opposition. Bagis, Davotoglu and company are changing turkish history, deny and show other facts on the ground.

  11. GB said:

    I wonder this funny man wants to guide all his masturbated race into EU standard…

  12. Gary said:

    I like the coment from “bayrakiniyakan” “31 Suratli”, but I can also add that he looks like a monkey.

  13. Gary_S said:

    The Tuks are funny. They think the Armenians, Greeks and Assryians are all lying about our genocides.They think they are the only ones telling the truth.

  14. Garo Yeghichian said:

    I can not undersdand how an unfair person like Egmen Bagis can mixed with decent people in european
    union as ambassador.?

  15. Alex said:

    The hell with him. Who cares what an idiot says. For all I know he can massturbate all over his Embassy.The important is what the other party replied there and then!! Unfortunately the same happens over and over all over the world and no one has the balls to stand up to them; and we know why: Turks and Azeris are buddies with we know who.

    The one country that stood up to these bastards is France. Merci

  16. George said:

    The morality of the humankind has sunk so low that oil and money has a higher priority,