Turkish Ego

Garen Yegparian


Once upon a time, bands of marauding horsemen started moving westward across Asia. They gained infamy for their brutality and established dominion over many native peoples.

Eventually, these horsemen became known as the Ak Koyunluh, Kara Koyunlu, Osmanluh, etc. Turks, or in other places Tatars, and eventually, in our time, even Azeris.

Of course they eventually settled down and, to maintain control, viciously assimilated the indigenous populations they had conquered.

Over time, the momentum and control generated by massacres and destruction faded. They actually had to govern, but weren’t very good at it. So while people outside their oppressive rule flourished, they languished or came to be ruled by others, some of whom were their former subjects. The best known example is the “sick man of Europe” as the Ottoman Empire came to be recognized.

In one last massive act of brutality, that empire committed genocide in a misguided effort to “save itself” from its own people! Then a world war came along and provided an opportunity for some enterprising Turks to reestablish their “glory” by taking advantage of the opening provided by the aftermath of that war— the beginning of the end for traditional empires.

Thus were born Turkey and Azerbaijan (T &A). But, they had a severe problem. Most nations, as they constitute states, have a history they can look upon with pride. What did T & A have? Murder and destruction and the abhorrence of all those they had mistreated for centuries. What were they to do?

Humans being creative, they came up with the idea of fabricating a totally non-factual history— something that their people could at least be proud of, a narrative that could be passed on to children who can sense bad things and avoid them. Unfortunately, such mythology cannot last, so a huge dose of pride- and ego- building accompanied the introduction of the new “history” so that people would fight to protect this concocted past.

Now, T & A have a double problem— a phony past and incredibly delicate ego, hence things like Section 301 of Turkey’s constitution (that makes it illegal to insult Turkey, the Turkish ethnicity, or Turkish government institutions) or the mistreatment of Ekrem Eylisli, the noted novelist who was stripped of his honors by Azerbaijani authorities when he dared write the truth about Azerbaijan’s murderous anti-Armenian doings, thereby “insulting” the country. This is also why megalomaniacs like Erdogan and Aliyev end up as leaders of their countries.

T & A are in the unenviable position of having to try to perpetuate the unsustainable. They have to whip up propaganda non-stop. They have to create enemies, internal and external. They have to feed their populace a constant diet of hate— hate against truth tellers, hate against Armenians, hate against minorities, hate against gays, hate against Jews, hate against Kurds, hate against… well, you get it, any target will do.

This frenzy of ego, fallacy, and hate is a toxic brew. You can see it, taste it, firsthand if you read postings by Turks (of either country) on various online sites. You can perceive it in the example a friend from Turkey once told me. Supposedly, the best way to drive a Turk into a fit of rage is to claim that Ataturk, the “founder” of today’s Turkey, was gay. Imagine the cognitive dissonance occurring in someone’s head who has been taught, simultaneously, to think of Ataturk as something like a god and of gays as people to be hated. Think also of the disconnect that any human will perceive when being taught how glorious his/her nation is, while seeing helpless people being murdered for no other reason than they are Armenian. Similarly, think of the disconnect when someone is taught how great their country is, while that same country glorifies someone who axe-murders a sleeping colleague.

I pity these poor people, but also extend my hand to them to come clean, with our help, so we can all return to our homes, rebuild our nations, and live decent lives.


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  1. Rif Raff said:

    You Armenians need to shut up and leave your neighbors alone. The reason why your neighbors don’t like you is because you want more land. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET AN INCH OF SOIL YOU WARMONGERERS!

    • Alex Postallian said:

      Proof positive the turks are real COWARDS,they dont use their real name when making STUPID comments.

    • Andranik the Turk slayer said:

      Funny coming from the worlds number one warmongers TURKS! One inch? If you want something, you have to want it really bad. We will get what is ours, like we did with karabagh. That’s a promise!

  2. shatlavasecir said:

    Very good article. Turks and Azeris in general are incredibly chauvinistic, I challenge anyone who questions that to show me another country than Turkey that ever in history engaged in such personality cult building (there is not a single town in Turkey without a statue of Ataturk, not a single hairdressing salon without his picture on the wall). Azerbaijan is trying to do the same with Sultan Aliyev I. Anyone who knows Turkish can also see how ordinary Turks spew hatred in the commentary fields of online Turkish newspapers. It is not entirely true that they deny the genocide, they just deny the term because it suggests shame, and they are not ashamed of having massacred Armenians and other Christians. In fact, according to Islamic law any non-Muslims who demand equal rights with Mohammedans in an Islamic state are to be massacred. Just look how Islamists refer to Khaybar – with pride.

  3. Alex Postallian said:

    LESSON 101—When the mongols left Anatolya,they left behind their COWARDS,DESERTERS,ANIMALS,that forms the nucleus of modern turkey.During WW1the turks were part of the Axis(Germany/Austria),they were defeated on two fronts,they grovelled,on their KNEES,and joined the Allies,henceforth the nom de plume,sick man of Europe.The young turks toppled camel attaturkey regime,turned their cowardly anger toward the unarmed Armenian women,children,old people. ARMENIAN GENOCIDE. A crime so hideous,they been LYING about it ever since,paying their stoogies to support them.They will never confront a equal foce,the cowards,only one that is twenty times smaller,unarmed women,children,old people.TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS.

  4. COHEN said:

    Well said Garen, as we can all see they are still living in the 11th century!
    We all know Turks are very proud people but what they are proud of is the question? Maybe in there culture
    Genocide and Axe killers are something they are proud of yes?

  5. Ararat said:

    Excellent article and I totally agree with everything you said about these carnivorous Turkish predators and the pseudo-Turkish Axerbaijani hyenas walking in their footsteps. These opportunistic and barbaric racist thieves will never change. As the old saying goes, you can take a monkey out of the jungle but you can never take the jungle out of the monkey!

  6. Silva said:

    Great article about turks history.I think they are the wildest in the world.Good job about introducing turks to the world.

  7. Gary_S said:

    Good article! There are accounts that Ataturk was Armenian and others that he was Jewish.
    The Turks had to create a founder who wasn’t directly involved in the genocide like many other founders were. However, he rewarded many of the perpetrators of the genocide so he shouldn’t be honored at all!
    The Turks are also living the myth of being Turkic. Through DNA analysis, they are 91% NOT Turkic–DNA from raping the native population–Greek, Armenian, Kurdish, Balkan, etc. This is why they don’t have Turkic features–asiatic features. Many of them are more Armenian, Greek, Kurdish, etc than they are Turkic!

    • Alex Postallian said:

      I dont buy camel attaturkey was Armenian,revising history,like the turkies,doesnt give it credence.

  8. Harb said:

    This article is an exercise in self aggrandizement through implied contrast with a set of pejorative generalizations of another group.

  9. Siamanto said:

    A very well written article.
    You just have to look at the statistics to prove how “people outside their oppressive rule flourished” more than them.
    Just before the genocide, most university graduates, lawyers, accountants, traders, etc. were Armenians, even though they were not allowed to hold position of high responsibility.
    No nation can face the future without accepting its past.