Tankian Dedicates Song to Armenia’s Popular Movement

Tankian performs in Yerevan in August 2011

LOS ANGELES—Armenian-American musician and human rights activist Serj Tankian has dedicated a recording of Komitas’s “Garoun a” to “all those in Armenia fighting for positive change.”

Tankian, who is the front-man of the band System of A Down, recorded the song with pianist Tigran Hamasyan. Listen Now.

Tankian said the song will be part of an upcoming album “Jazz-iz-Christ” due out this summer.

Immediately following the contested presidential elections in Armenia on Februrary 18, Tankian wrote a letter to President Serzh Sarkisian demanding an end to corruption and injustice in Armenia, asking the president to unite and inspire Armenians instead.

“Like most Diasporan Armenians, I have always been reluctant to criticize your government directly and publicly. But the avalanche of people suffering under your rule due to corruption and injustice is tipping the scale for us all,” Tankian said in the letter.

Sarkisian responded to Tankian’s letter, prompting a second letter from the rocker urging Sarkisian to not use notions of security to distract people from injustices taking place inside Armenia.


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  1. Sona simonian said:

    Serj,you are unique and thank you for sharing it with our’ AZK’

  2. Avery said:

    Maybe ‘ human rights activist’ Serj Tankian can dedicate a song to {Armenian military serviceman Gor Ghazaryan, 19, who was killed at the posts, had returned to Armenia from Russia to offer his military duty to the Motherland}.

    btw: Gor Ghazaryan was killed on February 19th, the same day the Barevarevolutionary and one of his sons were safely in Yerevan, with raised fists, protesting against a genuine war veteran, duly reelected President Sargsyan.

    Or maybe Mr. Tankian can dedicate a song to the 250 or so Armenian young men killed by Azerbaijanis past several years while on duty at LOC, while protecting Barevarevolutionary’s and his son’s right to stand in perfect safety and security in the middle of Yerevan protesting the against the same men who risked their lives for the safety and security of RoA and NKR, while the fake revolutionaries were doing what ?

    Or maybe Mr. Tankian can dedicate a song to the 4 sons of the Barevarevolionary who are safely hiding in Yerevan, avoiding service in the RoA Military, while true patriots like Gor Ghazaryan leave the safety of Russia and pay the ultimate price for their Armenian Motherland.

    • Satenik said:

      Avery ,

      I like Serj Tankian and he has done his best for the recognition of the Armenian genocide, but on this issue, I agree with you entirely. I think what he does now is not at all constructive and at this time we should unite not divide the nation . We must accept that the present president is the legally elected one and stop this obnoxious power struggle. I think Raffi Havanissian has become a joke with his yoyo dieting. He has now become a complete liability. he won’t be changing anything, it’s false promises to some naive people.!

  3. Fred said:

    Dear Avery.
    The brave boys who are giving their lives to protect our freedom do deserve songs and recognition. But they also deserve the country they have died for to be free from corruption and have a powerful government which would punish Azerbaijan for what they are doing. A government that would officialy recognise Artsakh as part of Armenia. A government that would teach Azerbaijan and countries that support Azerbaijan that our brave boys who are deying will be avenged.