Turkish Court Rules Armenian Soldier’s Death an Accident

Sevag Sahin Balikci

ISTANBUL—A Turkish court on Tuesday ruled the 2011 shooting death of Turkish-Armenian soldier Sevag Sahin Balikci as an accident, reported Today’s Zaman.

The court sentenced the accused shooter Kıvanç Ağaoğlu to a four-year prison term.

Balıkçı’s family and lawyers contend that Balikci death had racial motives..

Earlier this month, a military prosecutor asked for a two-and-a-half year sentence for Ağaoğlu. In Tuesday’s decision the judge ruled for a lengthier four years and five months of prison time for Ağaoğlu. He will serve three years of that sentence, since the judge ruled that his time awaiting trial would be included in the overall sentence.

Balikci was killed on April 24, 2011 while stationed in Batman Province. Members of his unit who witnessed the shooting said it was accidental.

However, earlier reports on the trial indicated that the suspect’s family had pressured witnesses to provide false testimony to cover up any notion of a racially motivated crime.


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  1. Serop said:

    “Accident” ehh?

    Agaoglu’s family should be ashamed of themselves. Another fanatic hot head Turk has showcased his intolerant hatred towards Armenians. Add kivanc agaoglu’s name to the growing list of xenophobic turkish cave-dwellers unable to deal with reality.

  2. Satenik said:

    Well what’s so surprising. Turkey still insists that the death of over 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 was just an “accident”! Good old Turkey. Not much change there!

  3. Zareh said:

    if it was an accident why would he go to prison.
    Obviously it was not an accident.
    No accident of this sort can happen to an Armenian soldier in the Turkish army on April 24.
    Armenians are so weak and desperate that our hands are tied. Meanwhile President Sarkissian and Raffi are playing hide and seek.
    So pathetic……..

  4. COHEN said:

    Accident on April 24 ? Sounds fishy!!
    If it’s a accident why is the accused going to jail for four years?

  5. Ara said:

    Bravo to Turkish justice . If it’s up to Turkish courts they will conclude that the 2 million victims of the Armenian genocide were also do to an accident .

  6. SA said:

    Yeah right! it’s just a coincidence the “accident” happened on 4/24. Barbarian Turkish dogs won’t change.

  7. George said:

    April 24 is a meaningful date for Armenians, the message is clear you Armenians are not safe in Turkey, LEAVE Turkey, to the Turkish court 1.5 million Armenian Genocide too was an accident, it isn’t realistic to expect Armenians to have justice in Turkey, the Armenian Genocide continues unpunished, while the world is looking other side.

  8. kevork halablian said:

    no one armenians shouldnt live in Turkey living in Istanbul for armenians slavery when turks conquest the city turks bring armenians anatolia to istanbul for service the turks as a slave,and today istanbul armenians mostly betray us they do everything against diaspora armenians and never buy gold from their jewelry.

  9. Roubina said:

    I have read the comments!! Well, for all things, currently I am sorry to say that the Armenians of Lebanon go to Turkey and buy all kinds of goods to sell them in Lebanon!! Well, I am very much against this kind of trade. I do not buy any one product that says ‘made in Turkey’
    In this way, the ‘Armenians’ are giving the ‘money power’ to the Turks (enemy) and that enemy is getting more and more stronger to later kill us once again!
    So stop buying from Turkey and helping them to kill us!! Wake up!