Davutoglu Proposes Two-State Solution for Cyprus

Turkey's foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu

TBILISI—Turkey wants to negotiate a two-state solution to the Cyprus issue, if according its foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, reunification talks between the two sides fail and no agreement is reached for the establishment of a joint commission on the island’s gas resources, reported Hurriyet Daily News on Thursday.

It seems Davutoglu is unhappy that Cyprus has offered rights to oil and gas exploration around the island as collateral for an international bailout package from the European Union without taking into consideration occupied Cyprus.

In 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus, which has effectively become a divided island. No country, with the exception of Turkey, recognizes northern Cyprus as an independent nation. Yet, the Turkish foreign minister insists that its occupying forces on the island must be taken into consideration by the sovereign Cypriot government.

“We have three paths ahead … The U.N. mission should be accelerated and the sides should talk on a comprehensive solution and the resources should belong to a united Cyprus. A new state, which Turks are a part of, should be able to use them,” Davutoglu said speaking in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, where he is attending a meeting with his counterparts from Georgia and Azerbaijan.

The United Nations envoy to Cyprus Alexander Downer said earlier this month that a bid to restart stalled talks to reunify the divided island would only happen after the country concluded negotiations with prospective international creditors for a rescue loan that it needs in order not to go bankrupt.

“If this does not happen, then two sides should establish a body over the usage of resources that should jointly manage the marketing and extracting. The fund should be blocked in an account and should be used for peace process and the period after peace,” Davutoglu said, referring to reunification talks.

“If these do not happen and Greek Cyprus says ‘the resources are ours’ then it means tacitly that Turkish Cypriots own the resources in the north. If they behave according to this claim, we are ready to negotiate a two-state solution. Then these two states will meet in the EU,” warned Davutoglu.

Turkey’s bullying continues.


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  1. Hrant K. said:

    An illegal northern Cyprus will remain illegal as long as there is one turkish soldier in the northern Cypriot soil! Ahmet Davutoglu can shove his proposals up his rear end . The Europeans know the turkish intentions very well! He may try to
    fool himself, but no one else would buy him… He is so cheap and reeks worse than his masters and racoons!!!

    • kevork halablian said:

      dont trust europeans if they were be trustable they never deal,business with turkey look french,german,english investment in turkey they open their factories there,they buy alot of things from there mostly textile europeans going to turkish beachs in their holiday antalya,istanbul for taking a photo front of hagia sophia and grand bazaar and 9-10 million turk in europe 5 mil only in germany… I say Europeans are Self-seeking

  2. sam said:

    i have a suggestion how about 2 state solution in turkie with the kurds . just to be fair .of course after pulling out of the armenian land .so every one will be in peace.

  3. GB said:

    Now, that Israel apologize to Davutoghloo’s party, he is back to his old clothing once again, and blowing his old Ottoman made horn!

  4. Kevork said:

    What the hell is the matter with these Moronic Turks?? They are so delusional they actually believe that with all the genocides and thefts of lands they have committed, they did the world a “favor” and the world is eager to reward their crimes? Man I dream I see the day these arrogant legalized terrorists eat the dirt they walk on.

    • Yalçın said:

      Your wording about Turks is very humiliating. We lived together for over 700 years and got on well. We never insult Armenians and we expect you to do the same thing.

      • Avery said:


        we did not live together for 700 years.
        Indigenous Armenians were 2nd class subjects, gyavurs in Ottoman Empire.

        Your Turk ancestors invaded the homeland of my ancestors: the Armenian Highlands.
        Your Turk ancestors exterminated about 2 million of my Armenian ancestors (1895-1923).

        We did not live together: the progeny of your nomadic invading ancestors destroyed a 5000 year sedentary civilization of my ancestors. They stole our lands, our property, out boys, our girls, our young women, our genes, our culture.

        We will never forget. We will never forgive. The Armenian Genocide committed by Turks.
        God help you guys when we become powerful enough to exact righteous retribution.

  5. R.S. said:

    Cypriots should not have let a single Turk on their soil, where ever Turks are allowed to settle they cause trouble and as their numbers multiply they speak of take over. All of Turkey is occupied lands. Turkey is based on genocides and stolen lands.

  6. kevork halablian said:

    charm and orient population and trade economy and tourism cheap labor workers self interests business finance construction,fix every problem I think and how they deleted greek population in istanbul they want to make same think in cyprus turks,arabs,iranians make alot of child everywhere same as in germany england switzerland. armenians of middle-east as a hopeless waiting to move armenia

  7. An Armenian said:

    Turkey’s bullying continues with the full support of the so called democratic European Union and our own State department and Mr. Obama.

  8. lobo said:

    I suppose he will support Artsakhs independence all the more next too then. Oh wait, consistency and coherence have never been a trait of Turkish policy. Ayo, how is the ‘good relations with all neighbours going, Ahmet’? Not so well? Pity and so surprising too.

  9. AraK said:

    Very clever move. While Armenia is rotting in corruption Turkey is moving forward. Why? Because they are true nationalists! We have a lot to learn from them. We, instead of gaining land are “leasing” part of Armenia to Iranians. I wonder how many deputies/ministers have been bought to bring forward such a dangerous nonsense!!!

  10. George said:

    Turkey condemns Israel for grabing Palestinian land from Palestinans, while he’s trying to grab Greek Cypriots land from Cyprus, How can Turks immigranted to that land can opt to devide and have their own independant country, whyle Kurds in Turkey on their own father land, they can’t have their own independant country. How can the West expect to have peace if every move they make is full of contradictions

  11. Alex Postallian said:

    The swine herd from jerky turkey,and their mouth piece davutugly,are still on their delusionary path,and the coward onlookers still blinking at the sideshow.

  12. john Ahmaranian said:

    Davutoglu will be a gentelman if he proposes two state-solution also for Karabagh as he proposed for

  13. Barkev Asadourian said:

    They are in a deep sleeping, THEY ARE JUST DREAIMING NOTHING ELSE!!!!

  14. Samuel Darbinian said:

    In 1974 turks by sense of an opportune with political crisis grappled both Greece & Cyprus, invaded Cyprus &
    occupied Nothern Cyprus,Davutoglu comments envisages the same turkish opportunistic sence, by exploiting both countries disasterious economic collaps for turkish expansionism, warning cypriots share there belonging otherwise partition the country.
    This must be taken a very series warning lesson realize to see how an in competent government will destroy a country & nation.

  15. vartan said:


  16. helen takessian said:

    i propose a 2 state solution to Turkeys problem –divide turkey into turkey and also into western armenia